God: drowning pet magic wife

Lastupdate: 04-01

She is unworthy of human beings by the sorcerer, childe tease, ridicule, humiliation of death. Be thrown to the town demon tower, shiguwucun. Inadvertently entered into carry ring, have no practicing cheats. The body was eating? It is the soul to practice. The tower without aura? The practice of gas with demons and ghosts. He was born in the three family, was amazing, young and famous. Fifteen the Lord of a home, was cold as avatar, to expel the alien. First, she encounters the thunder robs, no five mana, avatar look like a little magician. Shaking the three hairy tail, spoiled sell adorable for away. Faced with such a request, he naturally disrespectful of it. This is a false form, the master of the house waiting for potential to guard the III, witch take home, pet heaven, by way of practice into God's story. Brief introduction of incompetence, more exciting content, male and female, double clean into the pit ah ~ ~ welcome

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