Chapter twelve storm cut

    Red castle.

    The continuous rainy season is finally over, the sunshine was still damp castle walls, mapping a vines and moss, lift outside the castle continuously, a batch of goods into the castle, and the castle of the dozens of territory, a branch of the Knights of the light patrol team, formed a circle of martial law, no relationship makes people simply can not close this forbidden area.


    Inside the castle.

    In the morning, the first official students meal for breakfast, clean clean room, unlimited supply of each student enough food, and Lorrain to a meat, a fish and a bowl of soup and some potato chips, a person sitting quietly in the corner while Avril is swallowed, with several female students in the class together.

    "Hello, Lorrain!"

    Not far away, a group of teenagers came, one breakfast, with flaming red hair of the young face banter, lielie sitting in front of Lorrain, smiled and said: "very happy, you actually walked out of the three days before the trial, and become our classmates."

    "Thank you." Lorrain smiled.

    "My name is edmond!"

    Boy smiled and said: "now, can you tell us about the experience, the second day of trial, when you take the white ball feeling is?"


    Lorrain frowned, mind can not help but emerge out of the tragic death of J Gareth when the scene, can not help some stomach twitching, frowning: "Richmond, this feeling to ask me why, don't you have experienced?"


    Richmond put down the tray, taboo Mo deep a smile, lowered his voice and said: the country you don't think the dumbass, everyone needs to accept three days before the trial?"

    "What!?" Lorrain one leng.

    At this time, a young side smile: "ha ha, wood louse is the wood louse you probably do not know, right? True nobility, don't need to experience three days before the trial, especially second days of life and death, sitting in front of you but the valley family sent Mond young elite, before entering the castle had been hit by the family of blood clearance according to, the real strength of the people, can grasp the lucky unlike you, these lowly civilians."

    Lorrain, Zheng Zheng, hesitated for a few seconds, the heart potpourri, then quiet soup, eat, no longer ignore Richmond et al., is a girl wearing short skirts stood and frowned, said: "why do you say Richmond, let Lorrain sad? Stung him, it will make you happier?"

    Lorrain looked up, the girls say is a blond girl, holding a tray, a pretty face is full of anger.

    "Oh, I thought it was who turned out to be our seven class beauty Caroline! What, you want to protect this kid?" Richmond be neither hot nor cold smile.

    Caroline frowned: "Richmond, you talk too much!"

    "Well, the master will, none of your business?"

    Caroline gritted his teeth and said: "wait and see."

    Then, she turned away.

    Soon after, Kayla and assistant honey figure appeared in the front of the restaurant, an imperial Knight's armor, single hand fork waist, smiled and said: "students, there are ten minutes in class, don't be late, heynea instructors have been waiting for you."


    Ten minutes later, the training field outside the classroom.

    Heynea body armor, holding a sword handle, look deep inside, deep and majestic momentum, watching a group of young, said: "today is your first day of class, the course is very simple, I will teach you the light Knights entry attack war. Now, everyone is optimistic about the!"

    He gently lift the sword, and have a sound body, suddenly Starbucks force surge, a plume of star along the sword in the hands of penetration, the blade surface formed a very fine wind, then leap, sword to a block in front of about one meter thick rock, "clang" sound Mars splash, blade wear the stone, then half cut rock slowly slide down.

    Suddenly, a group of students are issued a voice exclaimed, sword split rock, almost everyone can do it, including Lorrain can also, but the sword cut rock one meter thick so neat, this is a test of strength and speed, and is not only the strength and speed, and tactical secrets.

    Heynea slowly stood up, relaxed demeanor, single hand sword will lift ride in the shoulder, lazy smile, said: "it is called the storm cut, almost become a bright Knights entry of war. The storm is cut, feel the wind breeze element spirit, grasp the wind the power of the elements, the insight fusion in your power source, source power into the power of the elements of wind penetration weapon, as a result, the wind element will wrap your weapon, the actual cut rock is the wind element, rather than the blade, a storm cut, a lot of people to learn, but can really practice your people are few."

    He said, referring to a row of rocks, behind the road: "this month, all the main lesson is the practice of the storm cut, can cut off the rocks until the sword so far, this is the first assessment you become official students, if not through a month, so no way to join the white Knight only the group outside servants, to repay their own practice work for consumption of knights."

    In the crowd, Richmond couldn't help laughing.

    Heynea Knight raised eyebrows, said: "what, you ask why laugh?"

    Richmond stepped forward: "teacher, my name is Edmond, I think...... This assessment is meaningless, because I can do it now."

    "Is it?"

    Heynea laughing: "honey Kayla, give him a training steel sword, if not cut open, Richmond, you within 24 hours and don't want to eat anything."


    Richmond a confident face, holding the steel sword, and the outbreak of Starbucks, and Starbucks force is very dark in color, the legend of the three order Starbucks force, a binge drinking, jumped up, blade covered with Starbucks, click sound split on the rocks, but the blade just split in an inch. Actually it will cut into.

    "No...... Can not ah?" Richmond face self-confidence, turning into a surprise.

    "Well, you've cut the ordinary stone, but our training is from the valley to stone mining black rock, hardness far is much higher than that of the ordinary stone, go down."

    Heynea look indifferently: "honey Kayla, record, student Mond 24 hours prohibit eating, or directly into the blood Castle law enforcement battalion, understand?"

    "Understand, heynea instructor!"

    Honey Kayla smile on his face, is proud of the stand in situ, in book painting to write what.

    Everyone is stunned.


    Heynea continue to carry the blade, smiling to the students said: "come on, close your eyes, to feel the wind rhythm, feel the wind element restlessness and quiet, if not do not have the induction element wizard, a real storm cut, this is the first lesson for you, also must pass through the lesson. What you do not understand, you can ask me, or assistant teacher Mikela."

    A group of students have to sit with the legs crossed.

    Lorrain is somewhat at a loss, carrying a steel sword himself, in situ.

    "Lorrain, you come with me."

    Heynea beckons, with Lorrain came to a corner of the training field, gentle eyes smiled and said: "you have not awakened Xingmai, also cannot obtain the source of power, so there is no need for you to feel the wind elemental power, but we need another way, because you are the advantages of strength and speed, the power of and the speed, no one better than you, so need to break the existing limit."

    Lorrain nodded: "teacher, what should I do?"

    "With more heavy sword."

    Heynea Muse 1, said: "I will let you take two big honey Kayla knight with the hands sword, the sword is very heavy hands, reached one hundred kg, if you would like the sword waving hands freely, then the training speed and explosive force, as long as the speed, angle, the explosive force is enough also, sword split the black rock valley."

    He said, a significant smile: "never underestimate the power of the flesh, but the human source of strength."

    "Well, teacher!"


    Soon after, honey Kayla sent a huge sword, at least, is a huge sword of Lorrain's body, hands sword knight, a full one meter five so long, and very heavy, to take up Lorrain's wrist is quite difficult, after all, a punched out the power of three hundred kilograms. But the pure wrist words, but not much to this level.

    But, Lorrain is struggling to handle the single hand to hand sword picked up, waving between very difficult, as if holding a mountain in general dancing.

    Heynea teacher has gone.

    Aside, honey Kayla will hold in Shuangfeng between the notebook, on the side of the battlements, watching Lorrain practicing sword, the mouth is full of smile, said: "if there is not enough power to the sword, try to get up and held swords, support too long, not too impatient, or you eat more breakfast is not so consumed, and your hand injury has not completely healed."

    "Yes, teacher."

    Suddenly, the boy's face was full of sweat, but he did not slack, still struggling to hand a sword two sword handle hands held high, motionless.


    Then, three days later, Lorrain is still in the training arm, wrist force level, while the body is also in the days of adequate sleep and good diet almost completely restored to the peak state, even in the constant practice, a wrist force has improved, and in the morning warm-up training, seven the student of the class from the center of the square flew over, Lorrain saw a familiar figure, let he almostthe teeth in Shenyang.

    Knight Gray, he appeared again, this time to bring is a mountain, deer and other carriage * prey, and Gray seems to have recognized Lorrain, a shock could not help: "the wild boy...... Didn't die!?"
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