#10 * Troll

    "Be careful!"

    Knight instructor walk in the front, with a sword, faint smile: "don't close to the right side of the cage, which keeps a four order wicked fiend dog can have a bite of your little head to your current strength, or not to go near it better."

    Suddenly, a group of teenagers panic at the past, I saw the cage flickers deep two flickering light orchid, a huge dog biological head at least one person high slowly walked over, all around the body prostrate, wisps of crimson light, the purgatory of dogs, four order monster of legend, even there are strong Knight are not necessarily a singled!

    Like is like Gray knight, basically meet the purgatory of dogs only when the dinner.

    (light knights, Knight goods order is as follows: the squire, from weak to strong, knight, Knight knight, knight, knight, Knight day long, which is the highest title of knights, the Knights of the white knight is the strongest of the Knights of the title)


    Soon after, more than 50 students came to the center of the wicked cage, he appears in front of a large circular cage, the cage in half a depression, like a huge arena, but this is not a spectator arena, there are some traces of blood on the ground, I'm afraid the other the group did not take long before the end of the trial.

    "Preparing for a test."

    A lazy Knight instructor face smile, said: "you are a new student, so you only need to challenge a wicked order on the line, and the first order Red Castle monster has 4 kinds, which are fire beetles, rabbit, turtle shell and antlers * troll, after each student admission, will open a cage, put a first order into the monster, kill the monster, then fight for the win, otherwise...... Can only become wicked food."

    "Now, No. 1 students, Chris, admission."

    "Yes, the instructor!"

    A boy holding hands sword from the door slowly into the cage, and after he is ready, in front of the cage open, suddenly a flame is covered in spots beetle chirping into the cage, it is a step in the fire monster beetle instructor.


    A long haired boy with a sneer: "fire beetle shell very thick, and the throughput of fire, this time on weekdays do not know whether Chris can admire itself as his mouth so calmly conceited."

    "Ha ha ha, Chris is the awakening of order two Xingyuan force, should be no problem."

    "Well, I'm afraid not?"

    A group of teenagers have some concerns, a joke like, it seems that many students are Lorrain had never seen before, while wearing their clothes, but a face attitude is undoubtedly pampered.


    Fire beetle suddenly beat their wings, speed surge, separated from the air, just like a rocket toward Chris, while Chris's reaction is quite fast, and burst Starbucks, suddenly turning body, to avoid fire a beetle impact moment arms, suddenly the sword fiercely split in the fire beetle on the back.

    "Keng ~ ~ ~"

    Sparks, although this sword sharp, but it is only in the back shell fire beetle left a faint scar, but suddenly turned a fire beetle body turned to a flame out, "Peng" is a Chris bomb flying out.


    Chris's face has been blackened, pain was trembling, hurried back several times to avoid the impact of continuous fire beetle, Starbucks force surging, again a sword bomb, but still only in the back of the fire beetle left a gully, couldn't hit.


    The instructor looked flustered, said: "fire beetle back carapace even cannot Knight sword cut into pieces, you're onions, you also want to break the fire beetle defense? Remember, when fire beetle flight, to attack his carapace under the wing of the fragile part!"


    Chris was a stuffy hum, fire beetle struggling to sprint to Jue turned over, but he is not stupid, just turn right when suddenly rolled out, although embarrassed, but escaped the fire beetle a deadly fireball, the next second, fire beetle again buzzing fly past, the Chris eye, groaned, suddenly the influx of arm force Starbucks penetration sword, a sword throw is suddenly fly out!

    Peng -- ""

    A loud noise, fire beetle body reduced to fragments directly by the sword, cut in half volley!

    "Shout shout......"

    Chris's face was black, look not say ugly, like from the cage came out, with a face of regret, said: "I'm sorry I underestimate the enemy instructor......"

    "Well, the crane family idiot, if I didn't remind you is a corpse."

    "Yes, thank instructors......"

    Chris gritted his teeth and face before born disappeared, never underestimate the enemy.

    Knight instructor coldly looked at a group of students, said: "I don't care you are from the bitter cold zone of the civilians, or from a noble family, but here, your identity is not the same, since there came to prison, death will be there at any time, I hope you received my pampered timid kind!"

    "Yes, the instructor!"

    A group of students fear.

    2 students, Paige, admission!"

    "Yes, the instructor!"

    A double dagger holding student admission, also seems to be a noble children, the forehead reveals an innate pride, stood directly after the outbreak of Starbucks, a brilliant Xingyuan over the body, the double dagger is covered with a layer of light.

    Bang when!"

    The distance, open the chains of voice, a small cage door was opened, only 1.5 high monster rushed out, he was covered with a stinger, and held a rugged bamboo monster, is a legendary monster order * troll!

    Wicked, haunt the Empire, from the wild west, although there are invaded the Empire, but basically are light Knights blocked out, so even the children of the nobility empire may not be really seen evil, even a wicked order is quite rare, also can see the Red Castle have the strength of the more abundant, can actually keep so many monster.

    "Be careful, * troll is very fast!" Outside, Knight instructor groaned.

    "Well, how fast can......"

    The page of a sneer, but said, I also saw a shadow over, * troll in a flash from his left side rushed to the right, and burst the continuous *, from the body of Badu thorn, then *, three consecutive stinger all put in page on the right side of the face, and even a direct pierced his eyes.


    Paige issued last miserably howl, just walk through life at the end of a section of the road, and then * Troll swooped forward, mouth to bite the body in the neck, the blood splashed directly, biting off a chunk of meat swallow down, very greedy.

    "Tidy up!"

    The instructor frowned, raising his hand, suddenly two men holding their shields the Knights into the cage, the troll * deported back to prison, and then dragged the corpse paige.


    In this way, a student admission challenges, most of them won, only a few unlucky is a wicked order to kill, finally, looked at the list of instructors told to Lorrain's name: "No. 22 students, Lorrain, admission!"

    "Yes, the instructor."

    Lorrain is carrying his sword and buckler steel stepped in and outside the entrance, the students have a look, There were many discussions.

    "This is not the awakening of Xingmai but beat two order force young students Starbucks?"

    "Well, is said to hunt the knight catch back from the outside of the savages, hey...... I did not think you take this step, but with a wicked order battle, impossible trickery, the boy has much strength will soon be exposed."

    "Wait, he will shoot * Troll wear that pretty little face with arrows, with Paige fate."


    Bang when!"

    In front of the cage, let go, sure enough, Lorraine's opponent is still * troll, there was blood on the mouth of a head * troll, seems to kill Paige that one, then after just tasted fresh flesh, this * is a troll manic phase, instantly open the prison door, "Shua" sound rushed out, with the most simple and fast way to Lorraine, and raised the mouth is continuous three * "burst out"!

    Lorrain would have to prepare, muscular tension, the troll blow out arrows * the moment it is judged that he * direction, an arrow aimed at his forehead, leaving two arrow at his abdomen, then suddenly a heavy body hair, a poisoned arrow flew over the same when the buckler right, "clang" two arrows to put * Troll fly.

    At the same time, Lorrain did not hesitate to rush to the front of the troll * buckler, struggling to push forward, "clang" two super close to the two * to top off, and his right hand rotation, and the steel sword into a white light sweep, "Peng" a cut in the * * * * Troll head, suddenly blood spatter, put a whole * Troll ears chopped off!

    "Squeak squeak -"

    Eat a pain, * completely mad trolls, painful legs flew at the Lorrain, while not forgetting the air blow out one again.

    While Lorrain spirit is completely absorbed in the battle, he always did not forget to beware of * Troll arrows, it is the worst way to attack the buckler in fast speed and a horizontal block off again * Troll arrow, but also at this time, completely abandoned the troll * *, even all the quiver throw open, sharp claws left a scar on Lorrain's right arm, and mouth to bite down.


    For a time, the crowd of students, many people have cried out, in their view, Lorrain has been hiding does not open this one bite.

    However, here, Lorrain's reaction speed is amazing, arms crossed, with round sharp edges "Peng" sound had short stature * Troll from her arm "cut" down, then suddenly broke down, buckler middle * Troll neck, "Peng" sound the fall in the right hand, while steel sword volley down!


    Sharp blade, plus **ailichen cut, suddenly blood spattering to troll head was * Lorrain to fly sword chop!


    "Beautiful skills!"

    Outside, Knight instructor smiled his smile.
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