Chapter nine heynea

    At night, the moonlight shone through the window again, fall on the ground, like a silver cream.

    Lorrain only one person in the room, J Gareth is not here, but he put on the bed of the black robe was the son of a blacksmith, just walk out.

    "Zhi ah ~ ~ ~"

    Gently open the room door, outside, a knight instructor came in and sat opposite Lorrain in bed, looked at the bed silly boy, could not help but smile: "Lorrain, the affairs of the day, you must be a big stimulus?"


    Boy shook his head.

    Knight from his eyes seemed to see a little tolerance and anger, just smiled, said: "it is called a bloody bloody prison prison, because it is worthy of the name, this custom spread down from hundreds of years ago, courage and luck, this is a must have strong elements, and you just have."

    He said, the drug on the table, a deep look at Lorrain, said: "the students live, you is not only a mark of the awakening of Starbucks, I hope you can survive, let me see a miracle, as long as you can survive in tomorrow's trials. In the future for a long period of time, I will be your teacher and instructor."

    Lorrain looked up, looked at him, it was discovered that the instructors is a man about 30 years old, looks handsome, brow with a heroic spirit, then nodded: "well, teacher."

    Knight smiled and said: "my name is heynea trijuga, you can call me heynea teacher."

    "Thank you, miss Miki." Lorrain glanced at the side of the mind, heart full of alert.

    Heynea seemed to see what, smiled and said: "Lorrain, you are alert to me?"


    Lorrain young has never experienced this about to speak, but saying nothing.

    Heynea did not ask, just a faint smile, gently raising his hand, promote the intangible force source, the creaking of the room door was shut, he faced Lorrain, said: "when I was in the afternoon has been checked, you come out from the trial chamber, expatriate hunt back Knight" prey ", these days you have experienced many unforgettable memories, but I can tell you that not all people are bloody castle in the law of the jungle beast, you only go to that point, can be released to the real red castle figure."

    "They killed my mother."

    Lorrain was silent for a long time, suddenly say a word.

    Heynea one Leng, immediately bite the teeth, said: "those who hunt the Knights are right enough, with mercenaries does not have what difference, in order to get more money, they become more unscrupulous, actually dare killing civilians in the Empire, hateful......"

    Lorrain faint at heynea trijuga, said: "teacher, do not indulge their blood castle to do so?"


    Heynea Zheng Zheng, said: "Lorrain, you're right, in order to get more fresh blood blood castle, have been banned, will not be held, command marauding knights to the borders of the Empire everywhere in search of talent, just...... One of them is the light of the knights, actually disregard papal mandate, wanton murder...... You should really hate them."

    Lorrain looked out of the window, the heart potpourri: "so, the idea is still blood castle, and even can be said to be bright Vatican idea, is a teacher?"

    Heynea surprised, his face has changed: "Lorrain, you're crazy, how can you say such things?"

    Then, he stood up, turned and looked at Lorrain, said: "I can tell you what has been said, the rest, are not important, I only wish for you, hope you can survive, from tomorrow's experience in go, go with me to pick a a handy weapon, this will be the key to whether you can live."

    "Yes, teacher."

    Boy stood up, follow heynea a way out of the corridor, then turned a few bends came to the Ordnance Department blood castle, a dozen large rider stayed outside to the hilt, neat blunt heynea nod, polite way: "heynea instructor!"


    Heynea return: "I take the students to pick them!"

    "Heynea instructor personally students weapon, is very rare, but this kid...... It seems that killed out from underground trial room lucky?"

    "It is."

    Heynea didn't say much, just sink a track: "Lorrain, come with me."

    "Squeak" sound, then pushed open the heavy door, heynea walk in front of a brazier in the Ordnance Department is burning, the release of heat and light, to illuminate the whole weapon hall, I saw a row in front of the display, filled the hall, look at least hundreds of rows, each weapon shelves are filled with a sword, a sword, a knife, a lock hook, double axe, also shields etc..


    For a time, Lorrain dazzled.

    "What is your habit of using weapons?" Heynea asked.

    Single hand sword." Lorrain added: "maybe, is two handed sword."


    Heynea nodded, said: "Lorrain, to hit me, test your teacher how much strength."

    "Teacher, this......"

    "Rest assured, full attack."


    Lorrain suddenly a heavy body, all muscles are instantly tightened, the whole person is like a Lacheng full moon bow, then suddenly thrown out, and the sea is a wooden hand, fingers around the Starbucks force, "Peng" sound is the understatement of the blocked Lorrain's one punch, this let Lorrain feel like a piece of iron on the detonation in general.

    "There are about three hundred kilograms of the strength of the."

    Heynea smiled, it seems quite satisfactory, said: "children, good, no wonder you can beat the official participants with the starbucks."

    Lorrain was silent, he knew that he has only reaction strength and muscle. The rest of the students, and the gap is still very large.


    Heynea grabbed a steel sword weighed, frowned, said: "your strength has been regarded as the leader in peer, this is your advantage, but your weaknesses is no mark Xingyuan awakening, so it must be more destined to attack and defense skills than others, and must train their own speed, Lorrain, the teacher give you a suggestion, give up two handed sword, with sword and shield, which could let you live through the test tomorrow."

    "Heynea teacher, what is the test tomorrow?" Youth asked.

    Heynea sink a track: "the first day of the test of courage, second days called lucky third days called the challenge, all students must challenge a head from a monster hunting wild order North Zone, if the challenge is successful, can become a real student bloody cage, if lost, too there is no need to waste valuable training resources red castle."

    "Yes, teacher!"

    "Go and pick your own good sword and shield."


    Lorrain walked up and looked down at the rows single hand sword weapon, uniform fine steel casting blade, eye-opening let Lorrain, in their own village, no chance to see such a wonderful sword, even with the Orion Gangcha, are actually poor iron. So, grab one of the short sword, gently waved, just feel a little too light.

    For one, the better, calm a lot, but does not affect the speed of Lorrain sword, took out the sword to the scabbard, sheath, in his hands, and then went to a regional emission shield, steel pick buckler, shield is not large, but not very heavy, to the power of Lorrain can be a very good control.

    "Heynea teacher, I want these two pieces, can you?" Ask lorraine.


    Heynea eyes through the faint praise, smiled and said: "Lorrain, you are very clever, know to choose suitable for their own weapons, not to choose some powerful weapons, shields also choose well, such a small buckler, force your muscles with reaction and speed, enough to keep up with the speed of a wicked order they attack and defend."

    Heynea said, ask again: "Lorrain, have you ever seen a wicked order?"


    "Why don't you ask me first Eudemons strong?"

    "Whatever I ask, I have to beat it, otherwise it will be eliminated." Lorrain road.

    Heynea smiled: "well, remember this sentence is good, you must go all out, the wicked as the strongest enemy, or you will regret, over the years, planted in the hands of the students a wicked order beyond count."

    "Yes, teacher!"


    Back to the room, a female medical officer and, after Lorrain's wound dressing re wrapped away, while Lorrain went early to sleep, the next day to accept the challenge to raise the full strength.

    The next morning, after a whistle, the students have to get up, with their weapons to dine, breakfast is very simple, still broth and bread, although the taste is a little rough, but can add strength to the fastest speed, when the students finished eating, and then rest for half an hour, an instructor along the way: "according to our prison, accept your challenge today!"

    Soon after, a group of students to follow the instructor through a long road, arrived in another area of the red castle.

    "Ho ho ho"

    Well, monster roar to make teenagers for a lot of people instantly pale, pale, and after entering the high walls, in front of the scene so teenagers more horror, I saw a head shape of the wicked is imprisoned in the cage, a terrible roar in some wicked the cage, there are some stumps of severed body, the human body is clear.


    All the children are very scared, including Lorrain, while the mind slightly a bit finer, most students have guessed before did not pass the test of the people's body where.


    Knight instructor in the eyes, sneer at a way: "the dead, their bodies such as ordinary carnivorous what is the difference? After these monster eat human flesh, to be fierce, is your qualified challenge."
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