Chapter 8 lucky

    At night, the moonlight fell down in the small room, there are two boys in the room, one is Lorrain, another is a blue eyed boy, the room is not too large, there is a table placed between two beds, although the condition is still rudimentary, but the basement of the trial a prison do not know how many times.

    After all, now Lorrain is already one of the bloody prison students.

    "Zhi ah ~ ~ ~"

    The gates opened, a knight came in, the small bottles and a roll of gauze on the table, the dull voice said: "Lorrain, this is wrapped with cloth and medicine, medical officer came for a while."

    "Thank you."

    Lorrain nodded, but not heartfelt gratitude, after all he had seen, bloody castle in the brutal rule, and all the killing of his mother, and in fact have to cut the associated blood castle.

    Soon after, a medical officer came over, is a woman with short hair, wearing a dark blue dress uniform of the imperial ladies, very able to help Lorrain medicine, bandage, there is a fragrance, her hair is very good, even when squatting forward to help Lorrain bandage, rounded hips curve, and slender waist line a glance, see two young speechless.

    After dressing, she looked up with a meaningful smile: "your wound is deep, so it is best not to hand in three days, and every day I will come to your dressing, if you can live through the course of tomorrow."

    Lorraine frowned: "thank you."

    "You're welcome."

    Female medical officer stood up, stretched out his hand to Lorrain brown hair gently knead, smiled and said: "today I heard you killed a student, good, hope to live."

    "Thank you......" This time, Lorrain's heartfelt thanks.


    The medical officer left little room again to restore calm.

    The blue haired young man lying in bed, looking out of the window after the moon, for a long time, turned to look at Lorrain, said: "Hello, my name is J Gareth. What's your name?"


    "Oh......" J Gareth smiled: "today I saw you fight, Fabregas is a gifted student, did not think you can beat him."

    "Well......" Lorrain was silent.

    "How did you come here?" Garrett, asked for a sentence, but suddenly realized that he was very rude to ask: "sorry, Lorrain, you must have some unpleasant things......"

    Lorrain was lying on the bed, looking at the dark ceiling, said: "I am from the north of AI Lancheng mountains, they...... They killed my mother caught me here, this is all."

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

    J Gareth sat up, said: "many people trial camp, as you have the same experience, but they are now most have become a corpse, even sad have no chance."

    Lorrain clenched his fists, my mind again and again play the mother killed the picture, after a long time, just deeply spit out a sigh of relief, said: "J Gareth, how did you come here?"

    Suddenly, J Gareth is a bit of excitement, said: "I come from Lancheng larger than Ai River City, my father is a blacksmith, and I was seven years old when he awakened a Xingmai, then have the ability to control the source of power, so the father in my adult. Almost sold more than half of the fortune, send me to this seat Red Castle."

    Lorrain was aghast: "unexpectedly...... Some people will take the initiative to be trained here?"

    "Of course."

    Some of J Gareth's eyes in a beam with joy, enthusiasm and hope, said: "there are many young practitioners cage empire's paradise, here had a strong character too much, it is said that every year to produce several days or even a knight, every five years can produce a bright Knight strength strong, ordinary people like I like this, if you miss the chance this bloody cage, I have no chance to contact the power, become the supreme being like that."

    Lorrain looked at him: "even if there is a great possibility to die here?"


    J Gareth Doug: "there are many bloody students every year to enter the cage, but can live out of people, less than 30%, so I believe that I will be out of here, and become a real strong."

    "That...... I wish you got it."


    J Gareth mouth with a smile, said: "Lorrain, you and I were in a group, starting from today you are my partner, only we can work together, go, live in this place so bloody prison law of the jungle, no matter how much you endured the pain and hatred, but also a certain to cheer up, strong will have hope, so we have to work together!"


    Lorrain nodded and said: "J Gareth, I am not a Starbucks awakening of the people, you are not afraid of me holding you back?"


    Firm, J Gareth's face said: "as long as you treat me as a friend, I will regard you as a best friend, even if you don't force we will Starbucks, survive together."


    Under the moonlight, the boys promise.


    The next morning, the warm sunlight fell down in the bed, as in Lorrain's face, a warmth, he almost had to forget the feeling of the sun, these days seems to be experiencing a nightmare, allowing him to see her in her sleep, returned home again, but the eyes when watching the gray student room, he knew that everything is true, never go back.

    A sharp whistle, let all the children wake up from sleep soon after, Lorrain hurriedly wash finished, wearing clothing collection in the dormitory students outside the square, and the number of the same yesterday, or one hundred people on the way.

    "Today, for you is a very important day!"

    A middle-aged man wearing Knight badge in front of students, he Yang, said: "yesterday the course is a test of your courage, then today's course, the test you will be lucky, all the people, according to yesterday's group, each group stood together, all separated well, immediately!"

    Suddenly, the square of the participants were divided into five groups, and among them, Lorrain and J Gareth stood side by side, two young face with both tension and apprehension.

    A few minutes later, a squire walked over, each hand holding a dark jar, and knight on the face with a smile, said: "this jar filled with two balls, one black, one white, white touch ball, touch the ball in the pass, sorry, your fate, and made a joke, let's start, the first group!"


    A group of teenagers very surprised.

    The first group of two young children came forward, one hand in the jar, a small ball is caught out, but found a black ball.


    His eyes full of horror, the people have to move.


    A jar of squire's right hand in a flash, directly into the sword child's chest, not the general methods of killing isspicy, but with a canheng, the first group of two people from the preparation of has become one.

    See this scene, all the people are shocked.

    "You...... You can't do this...... You can't do this......" A boy has a mental breakdown.

    "Well, not a strong willed person, want to be revealed?"

    The center of the square. A sneer, way: "continue, second groups began to choose your destiny!"

    The second group, and a black boy was stabbed out selected.

    A third group, in which a black haired boy a bite, never to touch the ball in the jar, but turned into not far from the wall, even to escape, "Peng" sound was broke out and Starbucks force, and can even jump jump out of Zhang Xu, but his hands still no, I heard the air "Puff puff" sound continuously, guarding the castle walls Knight already launched an attack, holding a bow and a gold arrow into the power source of stars in the boy's chest, shot on the spot!

    A third group, the rest of the youth became a lucky, but was scared silly.



    J Gareth gritted his teeth and face saturated with sweat, said: "we have only one can live."

    Lorrain frowned:"......"

    At this time, resistance is futile, a knight scene, more than a dozen big knights, a group of knights and on the wall, don't say this is a group of teenagers, looking from the Empire to break the siege and not too many people.

    Finally, J Gareth and Lorrain came to the front of the jar.

    Lorrain stretched out his hand.

    "Lorrain and so on!"

    J Gareth's mouth suddenly twitched, said: "let...... Let me take you?"


    Lorrain whipped his hand, step back.

    Garrett, trembling hands, as if the palm has lost all the energy in the jar groping for a pass, finally took out a gold ball, that is a dark sphere.


    His face was shocked to see Lorrain.

    Lorrain looked at him: "J Gareth, just let it go......"


    Knight Sword, a sword too fast, can only see a sword of light passing, followed by J Gareth's neck there is a red line, then the blood spread, began to spray out the blood and a buzzing, J Gareth opened his eyes wide, just feel in front of a blank, followed by vitalforce take away the body of consciousness began to disappear quickly, the whole people is more soft down, with a two order Starbucks force of youth, so lost their lives.

    Lorrain looked down at the ground like J Gareth, clenched fists, not to utter a single word.

    He knew, before obtaining enough strength, resistance is futile, but one day, he will overthrow the tyranny of all this, everything under his feet, crushed into pieces!


    The sun, a corpse lying on the ground, all the group into a single group, just one morning, living in the small courtyard of the students was reduced by half.
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