Chapter 7 anti kill

    In a corner of the castle, arranged in a crisscross pattern lattice housing buildings, Lorrain and hundreds of young was brought into a not too large square, and in front, is standing a group wearing a dark blue pullover, young girls, who are the official student, a treatment seems better than Portland Shapiro et al. 10000 times.

    A knight with a sword, wearing a soft shoulder, wear the scarlet Knight badge, a short hair swaying in the breeze, his face with a lazy smile, a hand that Lorrain et al., nearly a hundred students in front of them, said: "today is your opponent, only to kill them to get to stay in the Red Castle accept trial qualification, well, now, you can turn to pick his opponent, with his death, if who is not willing to kill each other, the instructors don't mind helping you match your results."

    A group of students with.

    Also at this time, Lorrain saw a familiar figure, a group of students in the crowd from fabregas!

    For a moment, Lorrain is not confused, Rehgar has been selected and sent to the AI Lancheng College for further education? Why he will actually in the bloody castle?

    My heart has thousands of doubts, want to let Lorrain rushed to Fabregas before, asked him what happened, but here was incomparable, Lorrain did not dare to speak, Fabregas seems to have recognized Lorrain, just quietly watching him, the same silence.


    Then, in the first row of young students out of respectful way: "teacher, I want to pick him as my opponent."

    He pointed to the direction, is a skinny teenager, looks fragile.

    "Can be selected out!"

    The instructor immediately waved the lash that skinny teenager was frightened to step forward, came to the front of the young students.


    Two handle sword thrown between the two young instructors, light way: "you start fighting, only one person can live."


    Thin youth seemed to be shock, his sword distance closer, so in the eyes of surging a glimmer of hope, suddenly rushed out of a heavy body, the body toward the sword at the same time, in front of a young student binge drinking, was thrown up a plume of Starbucks, a stride rushed to the front of the skinny teenager the palm of your hand, and force split, low way: "sangrakwol palm!"

    "Om", broke his palm Starbucks, even a Canyue curdling image, followed by the "top" bang, directly to the other party split over, a moment that just skinny teenager sword has been lost, overturned on the ground, vomit blood, one is awakening the mark of the source, is not a mark of the awakening of Starbucks on both sides, speed and strength are too wide, and it seems to have a young student like combat skills.

    "Kill him." The instructor said coldly.


    The young students look cool, pick up the sword, sword suddenly falls through the opponent's heart, suddenly blood splashed, a life disappeared in the sight of the people, so.


    The instructor of a hand, ordered a squire dragged the corpse, then said: "the winner into the next challenger, can choose their opponent."


    Second students walked out, is a steady gaze of youth, reaching a mean one in the crowd: "you."

    The winner is a quite big boy, frowned, out of the queue, a slight bow, said: "I called the lake, from the clouds off the mountains of orion."

    "Cut the crap."

    Young students suddenly groaned, and burst Starbucks, right leg gently a hook, suddenly on the sword was flying, "they" sound across the Orion juvenile neck, blood spatter out, he is hard to believe that everything is happening, pupil severe contraction, slowly fell to his knees and then a knight was quickly dragged the corpse.



    Most of the selected children are trembling, some in tears, and said it was a test, rather more like a massacre, the gap between the two sides is too large.

    In this way, a young student to win, no one exception, then more than 70 students have won the young people around Lorrain, and less, only a handful of more than 20 people, also at this time, the young students in turn Fabregas, his eyes revealed a hint of chill, slowly stepped forward and said: "Lorrain......"


    Lorrain stood motionless: "you...... You are not going to Lancheng AI school? Why would be here......"


    Fabregas again before the title, mouth gradually brought an arc, a wry smile and said: "since we come here, I have to accept the fate, I think you should have accepted your destiny? If so, then I personally send you to walk the life at the end of a journey? Anyway, like you waste, dead nor the."


    Lorrain was struck by lightning, did not think he would say such a thing.

    The chosen, out of!"

    The instructor glanced at Lorrain, eyes in a ruthless and cruel.


    Lorrain gritted his teeth and went forward a few steps, and said: "you really Rehgar, want to kill me?"


    Fabregas lightly: "I wanted to kill you."


    Lorrain clenched fists: "so, I also have reason to kill you."

    "A joke!"

    He laughed suddenly, groaned, the palm of the Starbucks mark emerge out of dazzling brilliance, dripping Starbucks, a plume of powerful light way: "you are not even a Starbucks mark awakened person, I also want to force a two order Starbucks master counter?"

    Fabregas said, the foot gently pick, "Shua" sound, the sword to Lorrain's cheek.

    Electro-optical flint, Lorrain's response was not slow, body suddenly face gently leaning sideways, Campbell's escape into the blade, and the single hand, "pa" firmly grasped the hilt, follow aierke teacher training of fencing for more than four years, Lorrain of sword road the master is far better than fabregas.

    "Good! This is interesting!"

    He laughed, grabbed another iron sword rushed over, on the arms of the blade penetration force Starbucks, at around Janus condensed out a wisp of blazing light, face sword split to Lorrain, speed is very fast, can let a person become light source power, the speed is comparable to the Lorrain years of hard work train speed.

    "Li -"

    Lorrain sparks, hands it blocked Rehgar sword, but the other side of the force is like Starbucks red temperature as quickly passed, Lorrain hands burned hot, almost hold a sword, also between this stunned, Fabregas ferocious kick flying kick to Lorrain the abdomen.

    "Go to hell!"


    Lorrain cried, with two order force speed or Fabregas Starbucks beyond his superior, when Lorrain dodge has been slow, "Peng" sound to the leg position blocking Rehgar foot, suddenly a stagger back a few steps, his face full of incredible, on the body back, Fabregas the speed of the surge, sword wrapped Starbucks, no fancy sword when chest: "to Lao Tzu to death!"

    Electro-optical flint, Lorrain's reaction is extremely alarming, back at the same time, suddenly the blade from bottom to top a send, "clang" sound to withstand Rhaegar potential such as ponley the sword, while figure leap, flash sword with action between wrist rotation, bypassing the Fabregas sword, obliquely from above to harsh angle to stab go out!


    The sword Rehgar neck, pierce about a few inches, blood spatter!

    "Ah ah ah ah......"

    Thunder roar, suddenly kick flying kick out the direct hit Lorrain in the stomach, "Peng" a muffled kick him flying back out, awfuller is Fabregas body called a fist and kick, overhead, ready to put Lorrain's head in one fell swoop.


    For a moment, Lorrain suddenly conscious of a bow, as usual with boxing, when the blade cut off the moment, Lorrain was not injured left suddenly a hook, with nearly 290 kilograms of force in detonation Rhaegar's chest!


    A loud noise, this one not only scattered the body Starbucks Fabregas detonation force, is to break the detonation Fabregas ribs, "Peng" sound like a fly out of a person or thing gone beyond recall.

    "Ah ah ah ah......"

    He fell to the ground, constantly waving iron sword, shouted: "Lorrain, you little bastard, you dare to hurt me!"


    Lorrain also spit blood, viscera on the other side of the collision force Xingyuan seems to have been twisted, broken, but he did not hesitate, once Fabregas turn and has two order Xingyuan force can still easily Fabregas to kill themselves, then stumbled with sword rushed past it in the upcoming Fabregas struggled up when Lorrain suddenly blade in his neck and a splash of blood, suddenly a, directly cut Rehgar clutching his throat, hard kick, soon no longer move.


    "Now, I can be a formal student?"

    Lorrain raised his head, looked at a pair of red eyes of the instructor.

    Suddenly, the instructor frowned, he can feel strongly that this youth will to survive how powerful, and that his support behind what is it? To survive, or hate?

    "Go, stand to a column to students." The instructor gently waved.

    So, Lorrain dragged the disabled body, step by step to a list of students, and everyone looked at him, like watching a freak, a mark of youth awakening Starbucks, beat a genius has two order Starbucks force youth, this is what kind of power?


    Fabregas a knight's body was dragged away, like a pile of rotten wood like throwing out hauling car body, once the pride of the village, but now with no distinction between what grave.
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