Chapter 6 lesson


    The dark corridor came a burst of unrest, Lorrain was almost a knight from the neck carrying in a very dry room, the shoulder, just hit the wound, he suddenly pain lightly humed a, then the room door was closed.

    Look out of the window on the door, saw a row of dense Lorraine small room such as the chamber of secrets, in general, and each room has a similar situation with Lorraine children, age 14-16, there are some injuries on the face, or face a hopeless, more crying.

    The entire corridor, full of loneliness and pain.



    Lorrain quietly leaning against the cold wall, trying to restore their strength, and began to carefully observe the room, the room is not large, only about a person to hold it down open limbs, the ground covered with hay, the side also has a window covered with iron bars, outside there is a layer of glass, almost with the outside world completely separated.

    But in such a small window, Lorrain was able to observe this strange world.

    Outside, a dilapidated and barren in the middle of a mountain, in front of a large maple forest, like blood, and there is a road in Maplewood, some cavalry and the carriage was through the carriage with heavy things, seems to be food or water, and the scenery is very distant distance, because Lorraine's Castle, located in the mountains, overlooking the earth to all.

    Here is a secret place isolated in general.

    Lorrain did not continue to see, but quietly lying down, will wrap the injured palm cloth opened eyes, the wound a bit scary, after a night of wind and rain, plus a bumpy road, it seems the wound has started to deteriorate, and shoulders also came the burning pain, injury more and more.

    About until the evening, finally, the distance came the sound of footsteps, followed by a loud voice from the depths of a knight came: "each of them has the power source power source, enter the second round selection stage, does not have the force directly into the Xingyuan trial room, they the only value is about to inspire others to courage."

    "Yes, lord!"

    The distance, coming from a door open sound, there is also a voice echoed in the night:

    "The first Starbucks, into the selection."

    "Not yet awakened away!"

    "It has been a wake up, then take away!"

    "Well, it is a waste, the Huntress Knight did not seem to find what good prey, is really a bunch of crap."

    "Why? Here is a three order Starbucks force the girl away, into the selection!"

    "Again, the next."


    Finally, the voice is getting closer, "clang" sound Lorrain the door was opened, followed by a big hand like claw like into the direct pulling his leg, drag him out, and one hand on the palms of Lorrain, suddenly a zhuoran warmth into the next for a moment, wearing a black robe a sneer: "another Xingmai had not yet awakened waste away, into the test room."

    "Yes, lord!"

    A knight walked up and reach out to lift Lorrain, a way out of the corridor, came to a very spacious square, Lorrain glanced at, could not help secretly scared, than a layer of tower building with ladder square, inlaid with a bright Knights of the ten word patterns. But in the huge stone pillars beside a hand on the hilt of the knight stands, like statues, and on the side of the high wall, stood a bow in his hand in hand, eyes first looked to be in the hands of the Knights of Lorrain, and some even smiled his ruthless sneer.

    Subsequently, Lorrain was taken to a large underground chamber, when entering the basement of the moment, a stench blowing, it is a mixture of feces, urine, etc. the smell of rancid smell, and in a large wooden cage, both numb and empty eyes looked at Lorrain. Those who are of similar age with Lorrain young, do not know how long to come in early, one seems to have been completely numb.


    Lorrain was heavily thrown in a wooden cage, then the door shut.

    Then, more and more young was thrown into prison, more and more people, each cage to accommodate hundreds of people like, but not long after the five or six cage actually began full.


    "Just in time for the time."

    A man wearing a knight armor with a booklet, said the other shoulder with a silver emblem, wearing a uniform of the Empire: "adult, this group of people and just delivered, almost put together 2000, for tomorrow's opening ceremony."


    The uniformed people nodded: "take good care of them, give them food and water, let them rest, recuperate, can not live tomorrow to see their own."

    "Yes, lord!"

    Two people left soon after, the guards carrying a bucket of broth, bread came to the cage of teenagers to eat, and eat is not limited, so far, that Lorrain devoured five pieces of bread plus three broth, then sat back in the corner quietly waiting for strength, and after the rest of the boys slept most of eating.

    Do not know how long, bang when sound the door opened again, the two knights walk in the front, holding torches, and behind a look cool middle-aged man wearing armor, holding a sword handle, eyes flowing wisps of sharp awn, is the name of Luke see the people on the outside.

    "The children!"

    Luke is a step by step on the basement at the center of the tower, eventually go to the top of the sword, leaning on the ground, looked at the children around the cage, look through some excitement, said: "I think many of you heart with confusion and anger, now, I will solve the doubts for you but, are you to defuse anger."

    He said, waving his hand, pointing to the outside world, said: "here is a secret base Starbucks Empire, and the Knights of the holy light training camp, we will be here to Red Castle, hundreds of years, almost more than half of the apocalypse and the empire is going out from the Red Castle, and you will become a part of the red castle."

    Suddenly, a boy stood up and said: "Sir, we...... Is there a chance to become a knight?"


    Luke nodded, mouth with a laugh: "harbour evil designs, but the premise is that you can live tomorrow."

    The boy seemed to see the face of dismay and confusion, Luke added: "the scarlet citadel, also known as bloody prison camps, Imperial Knights, those magic academy tedious and redundant rules here are not only in the cage, bloody life and death from the empire so we cannot accept the world by means of search talent, train them to become real strong, become the bright Knights of the elite, these people, we call the students, but you are not the same......"

    All the children are shocked.

    Luke laughed: "your strength is too weak, unworthy as students, so you are all students in the Red Castle on the first lesson of the supplies, the first lesson, we called courage, each student will give them a pair of opponents, only to kill the students, are eligible to 2 stage of the tutorial, you are students first to kill the object."


    A group of teenagers and even angry, shouted: "empire...... The imperial law is not tolerate you make such a cruel thing, you are under the light of bright Vatican knights, how can make such a shame!?"


    Luke sneer, eyes stare at the talking boy, reaching a mean north, said: "every year, you know how much light Knights killed the monster at the border of the knight? For hundreds of years, if not by such means of selecting talents, I am afraid the light knight has long become history!"

    He said, eyes cold, said: "however, you have another chance, that you will kill anti challenge students, instead, become official students bloody cage, or even replace their identity, this is probably the last night you, enjoy it, tomorrow morning, you will be to celebrate the battle of life and death, is to become strong, or become a corpse, his grasp!"


    After Luke left, the cage of teenagers is more silent, some in tears.

    Lorrain clenched his fists, still quietly on the wood pillars, cage, some children not to utter a single word, has begun to break down, each takes up more than that guards roar, then rushed into the cage from waving the whip, laid a whip, which even falls directly into Lorrain's face, left a hot mark, but Lorrain always motionless, once the resistance will lead to more brutal beatings, for him, every new injury means decreased strength.

    This night is too long, and some people even cry all night.

    While Lorrain sat quietly all night, I miss my mother, mother can't believe just leave her, let him silently tears, so silent cry to sleep in the past, in the morning wake up slowly, just feel the shoulder is no longer so pain, but the palm wound stops bleeding, healing has begun in the process of.



    In the morning, a team of guards carrying a soup eater and a pile of Steamed Buns into the basement, suddenly the children swarmed to Lorrain, quickly grab the two Steamed Buns and a bowl of soup, hide in the corner to devour, and alert stands in a corner, quiet looking at the other children who.

    After breakfast, the guards chased away, teenagers are divided into more than 20 groups, each group of about hundreds of people like, and Lorrain was assigned to the sixth group, a very young knight guard stepped forward, his shoulder wears a gray cross badge, it is a symbol of the squire, his hand the pike, cold eyes: "the sixth group of people, go with me, don't try to resist, or kill on the spot!"


    Out of the basement, immediately outside the strong sunlight and fall down.

    When a group of young Lorrain, looked up and found on the wall hung a corpse, and some blood work, and the leader of the Knights of mouth Yang, sneered: "this is trying to escape the fate."
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