#5 storm Wolf


    His voice trembling, perhaps because it is too cold.

    Ewell a pair of beautiful eyes looked at him and said: "a good night's sleep."

    Then, she did not say what, just arms around his knees, sitting quietly in a corner of the fence, back to the fence, eyes constantly in a group of children who swept.

    Lorrain also sat quietly in a corner, he was gradually understand all of what you want to do, she observed, looking for help, only has enough strength and courage of the child, can help her escape, although this probability is very low, after all, Gray is a knight, powerful strength there, a few servants also covered a Starbucks, at least one order Starbucks force practitioners, ordinary people can not resist.

    This group of children, Lorrain only in Avril who felt the Starbucks force fluctuation, and very strong, seems to have reached at least second order Starbucks force level, but her arms and neck have obvious injury, should be resisted by Gray to still caught here, have to pay a painful price.


    Late at night.

    Only the wind fluttering around the bamboo overhead, a plume of cold air through the bamboo fence, blowing in the children, making them shivering, many children are crowded together, mutual heating, otherwise there will be people who will freeze to death.

    I do not know when, when Lorrain woke up, found Avril sitting by his side, leaned on him.


    He yaran.

    Ewell has a pair of beautiful eyes full of peace, a very low voice said: "do not want to be frozen, hold me."


    Lorrain opens his arms, and all will be the influx of arms, but my mind is filled with complex feelings, the hug, like death embrace before the advent of the mutual support between the two, at the same time, the weak is a kind of mutual advantage.

    Do not know how long, suddenly far away from a noisy, even people cry and scream -

    "Bad, wicked haunt, hurry up, defense organizations! The knights, pick up your sword!"

    "Damn, don't be crushed between the wicked northern mountains, how will appear in the imperial territory."


    "What yaoshou arise?"

    A group of children are awakened, Lorrain also raised his head, and then glanced at the arms, I saw all eyes, a pair of beautiful eyes actually without a trace of panic, on the contrary, she seems to have appeared as a monster is a chance.


    Gray suddenly stepped out of the tent, "clang" sound drew the sword, was surging with strong Starbucks force, said: "Pu Cong, the good game, I'll go and have a look, what is the monster dare to attack the light Knights of the camp!"

    "Yes, lord!"

    However, in the distance, suddenly opened up a growl, saw a man beast appeared in the moonlight, like a giant wolf, with blue hair, teeth flowing mucus, a pair of eyes through a greedy color, covered up with claws on gruesomely. Her breath, suddenly a loud growl will swoop to speed quickly, "they bite down, will be directly a servant card to give even head shoulder teeth!

    "The beast!"

    A sound card binge drinking, horse and sword, skilled sword, Starbucks force broke out continuously penetration into the palm of your hand from the sword, cold storm, low growl: "storm cut!"


    The storm cut bombs at the giant wolves, but only saw a piece of fur, a second giant wolf claw grip in a loud roar, pictures shoulder armor, "Peng" sound, even with a horse directly to take over in the bamboo forest, the claw quite embarrassed, how the power of terror, even as the big picture is also a knight of the fly.


    Gray rode to a low growl, left Starbucks endless outbreak force, sweeping the body, low way: "God bless!"

    God bless, a tactical light knights, with Starbucks force, makes itself more honest, can greatly enhance the strength and ability of self defense, and Gray has the tactical practice success, in practice is clearly in the picture above, the sword split out, "puff" blood splash directly in the giant wolf neck split a bloodstain.


    The giant wolf roar, and a plume of blue gruesomely, spookiness filled, the next moment, a plume of invisible storm directly to Gray "big bang, Peng song" fried without wind cutting in the armor and star body, Gray is tough, was shown to overflow mouth blood, but still swoop forward, a roar: "dead!"

    Surging arms Starbucks, penetration sword, "they" sound from the blue giant wolf eyes into the inside, into the skull, the next second, blue giant wolf fell to the ground, crazy pedaling four legs, it will not move.

    "Shout shout......"

    Gray jumped back a few steps, his face fell to the ground, has been designated to wind is full of blood, look upheaval.

    At this time, several other knights rushed over, one dismounted, glanced at the wolf's body, frowning: "is the two order monster storm, wolf, fortunately, only three have been killed for us, Lord Gray, you hard, is worthy of Lu Keda they call the knight, could kill a two order alone head monster, I'm afraid your strength distance not less the knight has."

    Gray look dignified, said: "did not think the monster footprint has been extended to the Empire mainland, north of the battlefield seems really is not optimistic, Sirs, we leave at dawn, arrive as soon as the blood Castle outreach, I'm afraid the next period of time, the light will have a new mission to teach ting to us."

    "Well, yes!"


    Inside the fence, all Lorrain witnessed Gray kill storm wolf, face slightly pale, he could feel the storm wolf are stronger than ordinary people, even perhaps one hundred is not a storm wolf opponent, but Gray was just a minor expense smote the storm head wolf, his Starbucks strong technical force, war, simply can not imagine.

    One side, all eyes clear, quietly watching the eyes of Gray, the far side of the silent, and the servant is holding a sword, quietly watching the children, that Avril soon after gently loosen clenched hands, gave up the escape plan, the opportunity has been missed, if again broke in and out, I'm afraid there a group of knights can not escape the palm.

    Lorrain, at this time there is no escape, he wanted to know how many years they light the knights to also want to know if you have another way to become strong, strong enough to hand Gray this enemy.


    In the morning, the fog rises, a wet feeling in the jungle.

    In under the command of Gray, minions again cook a pot of broth, then give the boys each baked a cake, and then starting again, all people blindfolded again, to stop it, throw it on horseback, horse each holding two or three teenagers, again on the forward the road.

    The ears, only the sound of horses, and the Knights' armor and the sound of metal friction.

    Lorrain V on horseback, can not see anything, only by hearing to determine everything from the knights in the chat that the purpose of it, called Red Castle, and the specific place is called bloody cage, who also don't know that is what kind of a place, even Lorrain so long and from the Bard and aierke teacher also heard many outside the legend, he knew the Apocalypse legend, know the sacred fire scattered on the mainland, more know some heroic anecdotes, but this bloody cage is unheard of.

    It seems that all children are the same, no one knew where to go, what is your fate is uncertain.

    So stop and go, walk for two days.

    When a third day afternoon, hoofs become clear up, the road is no longer so bumpy, the knight team has left the trail, and finally embarked on a smooth road, even when Lorrain carefully resolved, can smell the smell of bread baked wheat there by the roadside, can also smell the fragrance in the field, when the occasional, also heard the sound of Jingling blacksmith blacksmith weapon when casting.


    Soon after, the Colts began to walk on the road to rough up, tossed some children vomiting directly into one, obviously, a knight squad into the mountains, the mountain walk close to 2 hours, began to become flat again, then he stopped, came a high altitude a very loud voice: "what?"

    Just listen to the nearby, a familiar voice shouted: "the scarlet citadel stationed knight, and Gray was ordered to the distance like Nomura hunt back, please!"

    "Well, check the token, with prey in."


    The next moment, Lorrain was pulled down from the horse, but still not solved around the eye cloth, it is in the hands of the rope was pulled, and several other children together into a narrow space, followed by feet seems to start off, continue to rise, the ear is full of twisted cable the sound, it seems to be a lift.

    "Zhi ah ~ ~ ~"

    With a sharp sound, the elevator stopped, the boys were again pulled ahead, do not know how long to go, stopped.

    "Well, let them look at the place later in life."

    Gray's voice is very loud, then a servant came, the children's eye cloth torn down, the next moment, Lorrain wake up and see the glare of the sun, is surrounded by towering walls, the walls. A sharp knife, and in front of the wall of the pedestal, a woman wearing dress uniform with my arms standing there.

    Is this?" She said nonchalantly, voice with a sense of dignity.

    "Yes, Lord Catherine!"

    A thin goods order even higher knight in a polite way: "a total of 1457, including a part of the material can be made, and there is a part of training supplies, here."


    Catherine, a pair of eyes looking at the arrogance, the square, young girls, said: "the children, I don't know where you come from, or how to bear the hatred, but here we must understand that here is not the Imperial Knights, nor what city school, here is hell. Your future is in your graveyard, may also be the glory of life, starting today, body and soul you no longer belong to you, but to the bright Vatican, I hope......"

    Her voice sank, a pair of beautiful eyes reveals a complex look, then paused and said: "I hope you can live down."

    Then, she gently waved: "Luke, how to arrange them over to you, after that, until after they entered the high order training class I will come again."

    "Yes, lord!"

    Luke said no respect, but on his shoulders, there is a very beautiful badge, it is the mark of the knight, is also a symbol of the strength of strong.
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