#4 Avril

    "Dang...... Dang......"

    A set of saddle impact sound in the ears, when Lorrain woke, he felt a sharp pain in abdomen with the palm of your hand to, can not help the low hum, but the eyes are surrounded by a wet cloth, and hear only the voice of the horse's hoofs in the wet on the ground of the sound, and knocked on the grass the sound of rain.

    From the voice can tell, this is a cavalry squad, hundreds of people around, hoofs quite messy, and came in front of a burst of curses:

    "Damn, this rainy day stretches actually began! Well, if because of rain delayed our back to prison time, I'm afraid and began to scold the above!"

    "Hush, hush! If there are those people in the castle to hear, we might be in trouble."

    "Speed forward, must arrive at the front of the town before dark, if not, then we can camp in rainy days."

    "Accelerated march!"


    The nose, came to earth and the smell of rain, Lorrain also recovered a little effort, his hands tied behind, in the rain moisture, shoulders also came the intense pain, that is in the Knight Sword Handle the consequences, perhaps good luck, just contusion not that serious bone fracture.

    Do not know how long, with a curse, Lorrain suddenly was up from horseback, followed by a rotating body was thrown on the ground, under the rain, wild ass feeling, followed by side also came a sound of someone was throwing in the fly who, along with the young girl, hum.

    "Camping, minions of an immediately Zagreb tent!"

    Ears came the rough bark, followed by a man walked up, "" look off the eyes of black cloth around Lorrain, threw on the side, looked at Lorrain in appearance, sneered: "boy, I thought you were dead, it can really make the white man a busy!"

    Have this aspect of the sword cuts face, let Lorrain my unforgettable, he is killed his mother!


    Lorrain mouth stuffed with cotton, struggling to climb up, but was a knight heavy tread on the knee, "Peng" sound fell to the ground. The pain was almost fainting.

    At this time, a man wearing a linen servant came, holding a saddle, with a face of a smile, the knight laughed: "Lord Gray, your tent erected on this piece of bamboo, you can see it?"


    Gray says with a laugh: "prepare some honey baked ham and wine, I want to drink a little."

    "Yes, lord!"

    At this moment, Lorrain opened his eyes, and looked at the servant knight, also remember the name Gray, secretly vowed that life must hand the culprit.

    The rain xixilili from the face down, far away, a servant of Gray has been laid out the horses, armor, sword, it sets up a simple tent, and sitting in the bamboo forest edge and a few boys and girls together with Lorrain, no one seems to know. From another village.

    Among them, a clothes full of blood of the young was trembling, glassy eyes, has been completely scared silly, perhaps his relatives have died in front of him, causing some trauma to him, but more distant, is a girl wearing a beige skirt, skirt is covered with dirt, even her face is covered with dirt, and a thorn scratches, blonde hair is rain and stick together, don't look good, but this did not affect her a pair of beautiful clear eyes, this is a very nice girl.

    Lorrain eyes and Gray took a total of eleven children were from several horses carrying, at about has gone nearly all day, and these children may be different to the village, this line, Gray did not know how to kill wild border village civilians, from afar Lorrain, see Gray's sword, a cross symbol clear sword, it is a symbol of bright Vatican's Knight, the legend of the Knights of the light, now his sword was stained with the blood of civilians.

    A group of children will look somewhat at a loss, most of them shivering lips were white.


    Lorrain's stomach came the sound of gently, almost all children are the same, hungry and cold, physical strength has been close to the limit, but not long after, the rain stopped, the sky is dark, the edge of the woods raised a fire, a servant is baked ham, also topped with honey and cumin, fragrant.


    Gray stood up, full of blood still stained with before the sword cut a large ham on the plate, then grabs a bottle to another tent not far away, laughed: "like adults, this time you can harvest is not small ah, gentlemen...... A total of 14 prey, I returned to the Red Castle, not without some reward!"

    Another bearded Knight stood up, holding a Roasted Chicken, Gray laughs: "adults have a lot of harvest ah, ha ha...... Those of us who can really work hard life, those people there like bloody expatriate Knight castle, all need to release those kids can, where we like, do not complete the task if brave the wind and dew, late, and without a scolding."

    Gray "hush", laughed: "these words were not heard of those days Knight blood castle? If you let them know, don't scold, I am afraid it is possible, don't forget, we are just a group of expatriate Knight."

    Picture a smile: "you say it, but I think the Red Castle in the Lord Catherine, hey hey hey...... Not a few days, but I felt a little miss, even if just to see her back or ah!"


    Gray snorted, mouth bite ham, touched a greasy mouth, smiled and said: "the little cat you dare to think? Hey...... Lord Catherine but cage camp the hottest cat. It is said that her strength has reached Xingyuan seven order peak, before breaking through only one step away, once the breakthrough can be ranked in the knight list, not like adults tired of living, dare to think of a knight instructor?"

    "Ha ha ha......"

    It laughed and said: "I just admire it, has never been what adults do not worry inordinate ambitions, Gray."

    "Ha ha ha ha, here, we propose a toast to the bitter cold is not a bitch, tonight will be a lonely night."

    "Is it?"

    It extends a head to look, eyes on not far from Lorrain's the girl with the flaxen hair on the body, can not help but look bright, Gray said: "Sir, you seem to have a delicious prey ah, since there is nobody knows anything, why don't you eat first? Perhaps, you do not give me the words......"


    Gray a Jiling, look dignified and matchless, frowned and said, "you are not forgotten before leaving what Lord Luke said, these animals belong to blood castle in training camp, in bringing them back to the cage before the hunt knight is not qualified to 'move' them, you want to know."

    It also seems to be frost on the Roasted Chicken to the mouth bitter bite, sneered: "a smug, forget about it, thank you Lord Gray remind."


    Gray turned and looked at a group of children trembling appearance, said several servants: "take a rough shelter in the bamboo grove, let them spend the night, and then burn a little gravy with bread, let them eat, back to the cage, let the people in the pick up before, can't let them just died."

    "Yes, lord!"

    Soon after, a servant at the side of a pot, cook a lot, then throw a few pieces of meat in it, it is some meat, very rough, does not look delicious, but in the hungry children's eyes, the meat is comparable to the sky dragon meat, plus those placed on the side of the cold bread, one can not help the pharynx slobber.

    Lorraine sat quietly in a dry ground, arms around her knees, and checked the shoulder injury, a bruising, fortunately did not seem to hurt bones, although there is a burning sensation when the arms move, but at least no injury to the muscles, but the right was slightly serious. The sickle is stabbed, meat are turned out, a touch of immense pain.

    When a piece of bread, a bowl of soup to pass before him, Lorrain immediately gobbled down, even after drinking the soup, the empty bowl gently lifted, to the middle-aged servant imploring eyes.


    Attendant shook his head, and gave him a bowl of soup, but this is only a few pieces of food, even a bite of meat are not.

    Lorrain was still a whole bowl of soup, the soup he needs to provide their own warmth, also need to add energy, let his injury also can quickly recover, it was possible to have strength to cope with the next encounter, even escape!

    That way, the girl with the flaxen hair has been looked at Lorrain, her eyes are very calm, and even can be said to be a bit dull, look after Lorrain walked a few laps, looked away, never again see Lorrain.


    A shabby hut built in the bamboo grove, the ground was covered with just cut bamboo, very prickly, but wet wet ground is better, in addition, also cut down some bamboo minions, sharpened into the ground, surrounded by young girls, built a high fence, Gray with a sword, standing on the fence saw their one eye chillily, light way: "if you want to run away, I will not hesitate to cut off his head."

    The children trembled, did not dare to speak.

    Until Gray walked away, then into the tent, a group of children was not so afraid.

    At this time, flaxen hair girl finally looks at Lorrain again, the general voice like a gnat.

    "My name is Avril Lavigne, what's your name?"
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