#3 selection

    The examination room, quite simple.

    A knight with a translucent jade, placed on a table, another knight will be a half the height of the device is placed in the square, the examiner Knight announced: "Starbucks to two order, or punch strength reached 300 kg, as through examination, now first, to accept the assessment, Naik, the son of orion."

    Suddenly, the crowd, a tall Martha children walked up and said: "I choose Starbucks force assessment."

    Then, he stepped forward, will be covered in the jade palm, gently ponder a sound, a triangular mark appeared suddenly on the palm, a plume of starlight, is the legendary star Mark, for a time, energy and power source jade resonance in brightness, more and more high, the final stop.

    "Starbucks, first order, unqualified!" The examiner announced.

    Then, section two, section three, article four, more and more children can accept the assessment, but before the age of 16 Star source force practice to two order accounts for only a few.

    Soon after, the examiner finally report the name of Lorrain: "next, Lorrain, the son of orion!"

    For a time, the crowd came a burst of laughter.

    Lorrain saw their eyes, suddenly the crowd laugh a lot, but the one in the luxurious white boy with a sneer, said: "what are you looking at? The 16 year old still did not force the awakening of Starbucks waste, do you think you can pass the test today?"


    Lorrain gritted his teeth, but did not care about him, and turned towards the examiner, polite way: "Sir, I choose strength test."

    "Well, go with your biggest strength punching."


    Lorrain stepped forward, just like the usual practice, slowly legs, power sinking, followed by the arms penetration force, then Pactrometer to heavy power test instrument is a punch!

    Peng -- ""

    The crisp sound of stirring in the wind, Lorrain a 'bomb instrument sinks vigorously, suddenly one Zhan, and inside the instrument has marble collision, culminating in the 29 marbles in the groove.


    As the examiner Knight slight surprise, said: "the strength reached 290 kg, unfortunately, you have been eliminated."

    "Or not?"

    Lorrain stared in place: "adults...... Before the Lord Knight once said, the assessment by the standard, is 200 kg of power can be, why is this......"

    The examiner with mercy looked at him and said: "is the knight long adults just orders, not only will force the knight Starbucks awakening a brute force, can not play the real power of the White Knight various combat skills, so to reduce the power of selected places, will improve the selection criteria, you 290 kilograms force has been quite good, is transported from the point of difference, go back, baby......"

    "......" Lorrain left a face down.

    "Next, Fabregas, the son of a merchant!"

    "Yes, lord!"

    Fabregas proud face forward: "adults, I choose the Starbucks force test."


    The next second, Fabregas will cover in the jade palm, gently closed eyes, suddenly the palm of the Starbucks mark broke out in blue light, and in the next moment, the examiner knight with Tao: "good, Nikai Hoshigenna, you pass the examination, to stand behind me!"

    "Thank you, lord!"

    On the square, there have been through the inspection of the child stood behind the examiner Knight eventually, 83 children, 7 people have passed the examination, including Rehgar, and Lorrain is eliminated list.


    In the evening, from the carriage into the Lancheng Ai Village, the assessment by the children, and their luggage to go to Lancheng AI, and escorted by two knights.

    The starlight, outside the village forest.

    "Peng Peng"

    A kind of fall in the tree, Lorrain seems to have lost the pain, powerful shook the trunk humming, a strong sense of frustration with his whole mind.

    Starbucks, all with strength, respect, when the sky opens the door, let countless monster rampant in the continent, between man and beast of the Empire of the battle is not a moment to stop, and wicked against the people, the awakening has Starbucks, Starbucks mark, which is almost a prerequisite for a cut. Whether it is to become a knight of the future, or to become a wizard, or warrior, hunter, all this must be based on the mark in the awakening of Starbucks, Starbucks because of force, is the fundamental strength of the continent.

    Since the lost awakening marks the last chance that Starbucks, just an ordinary farmer, hunter, or even to become a mercenary have no chance.


    Play tired, fists on the scars, he slowly sat down, looked at in the distance under the tree in the village lights.

    Originally, Lorrain wanted to become a knight, supporting his mother through the purchase of Knight income, will never let mother every day to pick the wild fruit, but also for the village. Pulp laundry, and even unable to become a knight, at least one order Starbucks awakening, to become a qualified mercenary or escort as a man, and some of the responsibility to.

    However, all eyes are destroyed, without the force of his body in a tiny bit Starbucks, and also did not pass the test of strength, long-term lack of nutrition, let his cheekbones and arm muscles is not full, the whole people seem thin, if not a pair of eyes full of spirit, I am afraid and those passing through the village beggars have no difference.

    The weather is cool, seeing to the winter, if there is not enough income, I am afraid that their mother and winter coat is a problem.

    At this moment, Lorrain is determined to become a knight, it would be a real man, with bows and daggers, went into the mountains to search for the upcoming winter beast, play some prey back to their family, at least, the body strength can always come in handy. At this moment, his eyes gradually became strong again.

    But at this moment, suddenly distant strong hoofs, followed by the village appeared a fire, that is not loose lamp light, but...... The village is on fire!

    Then, far can hear the woman man cries and whining.

    "Well, the village!"

    Lorrain suddenly stood up, regardless of one's fatigue and hand injury, the whole body seemed to keep up with the clockwork, then suddenly bending straight, "Peng" sound rushed out, and went straight to the direction it is his mother's hut position: "it is wicked? No...... The monster has been bright Knights of the big knights to kill, not to the village, what would it be?!"

    He bolted side, while fast thinking, the mountains thorns on his leg to draw a wound, but then Lorrain already feel, in the shortest time rushed home, and then when he hit the eyes of their homes, but see the cabin had fanned the fire in Xiong Xiongda, outside the wooden fence the edge, a corpse lying there.

    It is...... His mother!

    Om "

    For a moment, Lorrain's mind a blank, like a mad little beast like down in the mother's body, looked up, but found the mother's head was cut to fly, not far away in the grass, as can be imagined, she was a severed head, and died in here, even the mother's body was slowly twitch.

    The murderer was not far away, a hand holding the sword, it will pierce the blade neighbor carpenter's chest, the sword suddenly, suddenly a fluffy blood spray out of that moment was killed in the carpenter, another knight reached out to a carpenter's teenage daughter caught, tied his hands on the skilled. The horse.


    With monstrous anger, but did not let Lorrain lose judgment and calm, he knew that he killed his mother, who was a knight, while a knight is not so easy to kill, at least your positive is no chance, so he didn't cry from first to last even a sound, but the flow of tears hand, hold the sickle blade, the whole people like a ghost like, not fast nor slow to is the murderer.


    The closer to the opponent's moment, Lorrain suddenly jumped, shaped like leaves falling rapidly, the right hand holding the sickle blade, arm strength has erupted, suddenly into a cold blade to wipe each other's neck.


    The knight turned abruptly, but see Lorrain's eyes filled with anger, and fast if the thunder blow, the sickle blade "shwoosh" just cut his neck between the epidermis, but as Lorrain continued to force when a star was covered in a layer of skin is the knight, the knight of the defensive empire one of the tactical, astral body, Starbucks will force to body force!


    A loud, Lorrain hands rusty sickle almost instantly broken, even hurt his hand, but Lorrain seemed to feel a pain, left hand, fingers like claw like to pull each other's eyes, quick and dirty!

    "It's a wild boy!"

    Have a knight, and a Starbucks force, head to speed suddenly a Lorrain to imagine, to avoid his attack at the same time, with a heavy sword blade Daochui, "Peng" sound hurled on Lorrain's shoulder, and even voice came out similar to bone fracture, followed by a knight suddenly a hand pincers fingers held out on Lorrain's neck, mouth full of sneer: "what you are, with your strength and wanted to kill a knight? It's really a joke!"

    Lorrain was silent, unable to breathe under the veins exposed, does not struggle, but suddenly the kick flying kick out, went straight to the Knight Helmet jaw position, "Peng" sound to kicked off his helmet, suddenly revealing a left cross sword scar face, for a time, the knight shamed into anger, said: "you the wild boy, if not to sell a few money, now let you executed Lao Tzu!"

    Then, suddenly he was once again hit Lorrain hilt shot down in the abdomen, the blow is heavy, and also has Starbucks force burns. Suddenly, Lorrain mind moment blank, just fainted in the past.


    Under the moonlight, the village was a bloodbath, knight took away the only wealth in the village, and with all the children left here, everything happened in the forest, seems to have only stay here, nobody knows.
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