#2 parting

    Kendo mystery, the second in the speed, angle, force in the third."

    Aierke gently put the palm of your hand, your palm as a sword in the air, so gently stroke, was also a cut all the momentum, his hands slender and good-looking, but looking at young appearance, Schmidt smiled: "Lorrain, I ask you, have you recently Xingmai not a hot feeling?"

    "No." Boy shook his head, blinked and said: "without a tiny bit of feeling, aierke teacher, I have no opportunity to mark the awakening of Starbucks?"


    "But...... I heard the village elders are rumors, when a person over the age of 16 but still no Starbucks mark words this awakening, it is almost impossible for the awakening of Starbucks mark, unable to grasp the source of force."

    "Not so." Aierke a gentle smile, said: "everything in the world is not absolute, just like a reason some people half life can not insight, to age naturally insight, Starbucks mark too, your body flowing blood of Apocalypse Luo Yi, the future...... It will grow into a great knight."

    Lorrain wrinkled brow aierke: "teacher, I listen to the big sister of the village said, you cheated many blandishments big sisters kiss, say your mouth like with like honey, can let a person forget, you said that to me, is not lying to me, the real...... In this life I have no chance to mark the awakening of Starbucks,?"


    Aierke old face a red, said: "how can the rumors in the village to the letter? The girl is only active. I don't have to kiss, they have any word of encouragement, but Lorrain, you don't have to worry about, even life can also mark the awakening of Starbucks, Never mind, this does not hinder to become a great warrior in our country Starbucks emperor in ancient times, there is a a great knight, with powerful body strength eventually become a apocalypse, his name......"

    "Lin shan."

    Boy's mouth: "this story, you have said to me many times, but...... Lin Shan is a mark of the awakening of Starbucks acquired heterogeneous, and he has a strong fire power, but I don't have to, my strength...... Don't compare with him."


    Aierke a gentle smile, said: "I read in a book, Lin Shan master at the age of fifteen, and as you age, he only focus on practicing the body, can a fist hit 300 pounds of force, and you are not far away, so Lorrain, you also to be a great knight, for that matter, you don't need any doubt."

    "Yes, teacher."

    Boy: "then joyfully...... Can I try your sword chop practice today?"

    Yes, go, we go to the jungle sword practice and practice."

    "Well, thank you!"

    Young almost forget their awakening tread on air, not Xingmai thing.


    In this way, the days passed, the distance in the village youth selection of more recent days, there have been rumors outside, is said to be Lancheng AI will send light Knights part of the knight to the mountain village to select talented youth, let them free to enter college to accept Lancheng AI after the training, have a chance to become a glorious empire.

    Lorrain almost every day as usual, fencing, boxing, strength increasing day by day, but could not break the limit of the body, unable to awaken the legendary Starbucks mark.

    Finally, the selection of the coming days.


    An armor and a gray robe, handsome Knight came to the home of the Lorrain house, will hold the horse in the yard, go forward, the moon is shining on his chest badge, flashing a dazzling light, he was stepped up, one arm across the chest, a bow, for Leighton Road Mrs. Lorrain: "!"

    "Aierke teacher!"

    Lorrain's mother smiled: "you come so late today, Lorrain looking for something?"

    "Not what things, just came to see."

    Aierke also exposed a little smile, but then look dignified said: "tomorrow is the examination of the day, Ai Lancheng will send the knights who came to the village in the selection of young people, Lorrain he...... Still no awakening Starbucks India?"


    Lorrain looked at his hands, a little disappointed.

    "It's all right."

    Aierke smiled: "even if there is no Starbucks mark, you will certainly become a great knight, after all, and not all knights can control force, the Starbucks, you should seize the opportunity, we must study entitled to AI Lancheng college, then, when I come back maybe, you are already a trainee knight."

    How do you want to go, "the teacher?"

    Lorrain, a pair of watery eyes, seemed unable to accept aierke to go to the news.

    "Yes, I have received orders, leaving the city Starbucks mission to go tonight." Aierke frown, rarely revealed a worried color, said: "the church came the order, cancel all the Knights under the command of the Knights of the light off, so my vacation was over, must as soon as possible to the battlefield."

    "Battlefield?" Lorrain is not surprised: "Far East rebels appeared again......"

    "No." Aierke shook his head and said: "it is wicked, dormant in the northern mountains in the monster again ready to, a few days ago, allegedly killed three Knights of the bright sky Knight Lord, it shook the church headquarters, even alerted the goddess Temple of the big boys, so I will leave this time overnight. To accept the."

    "Since this...... The teacher take care!"

    "Well, you are!"

    Aierke turned around, gently rubbed Lorrain's hair, and with a warm smile, smiled and said: "boy, grow strong, the teacher wouldn't hear those uneducated village brats are on your taunt, these guys, or by your own hands to teach them better."

    "Well, I will strive to become strong!"

    After the boy clenched his fist and watched aierke away, Lorrain was sitting in the yard in a daze.


    Behind the mother's footsteps: "Lorrain, why don't you go back to the room, outside the dew, be careful not to catch cold."


    Youth looking at the mother, with a face of a little puzzled, aierke said: "the teacher said, his father is a powerful force source control, is it?"

    "He is a master of power source......"

    The woman's face filled with pride, and even worship, some said: "he is a powerful Apocalypse fusion god fire, Starbucks, few people look like, just...... He suddenly disappeared, suddenly without hearing a word about, never returned to the home, perhaps...... Maybe one day you wake up Starbucks mark, you can own to find him."

    "Next year I 16, the history of the Empire, there had never been any person in more than 16 years old can mark Starbucks awakening."

    Lorrain gloomy, said: "if not control Starbucks force, even the strong my body, but also in the eyes of others waste."

    The woman stepped forward, teeth, said: "no, even if you never awaken not Xingyuan mark, mother still believe that you are God your father and I treasure!"

    Lorrain continued to sit quietly in the starlight, not to utter a single word.


    The next morning.

    A village in the southwest of sacrifice on the square, the original sparsely here has been full of people together, people from different villages with their children came here, the selection of a child life.

    The distance, get out of the way people heavy hoofs, and a column from the AI Lancheng Knight entered the square, suddenly, a group of children including Lorrain, all showed a yearning for color, become a powerful knight, imperial force, and monster battle, become a famous people in the hero this is every continent, Xingyuan children dream together!

    Look at the Knights powerful armor, carve a bright Empire Knights badge shield, and a lance and sword hand waist heavy and sharp, and the color of pure pure blood horse, for a time, all the children with envious eyes, dream into one.

    Unfortunately, the Knights of the Empire requirements are very harsh, not only has a strong enough tactical skills, but also to grasp the strong enough Starbucks force, otherwise can only join the local forces, position and not the light of the Knights.

    A knight holding a sword walk in the front, dismounted, said: "the village, ready?"

    "Sir, all ready."

    The trembling voice said: "around twenty years the farmers and hunters, all school-age children have been sent out, a total of 83 people, the list here."


    The knight took the list, said: "so...... To begin, I Name, report the name, to accept the selection and evaluation."

    "Yes, lord!"

    A group of children issued a tender voice.

    The knight slowly removed the helmet, show a head of golden hair, looked at a group of children, the mouth smiled his quite strange smile, said: "the assessment is divided into 2 kinds, one is a test of strength, force is Xingyuan assessment, by any one, are deemed to be named the Ai Lan City school qualification well, it started!"

    Tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock, an hour more, 10 bursts, a total of 10 chapters.
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