#38  eradicate (below)

    Sir Aaron appears very suddenly, but also in the arrangement of Loren - if under normal circumstances, with a lot of baggage, at least a month is enough from Deepwood starting from the first time.

    But if in the case of cavalry only move forward, then this time can be greatly shortened, and even can be reduced to less than twenty days!

    According to Loren before his departure to his note, sir Aaron in the starting after dropped infantry and drag the cavalry forces led by the Duke of support, with the fastest speed to deepwood.

    After Deepwood nobles of the military control of the castle, did not even remember to close the gates, the cavalry unhindered took control of the castle, only insist on less than a quarter of an hour to surrender.

    The soldiers in front of refugees swagger before others, waving the banner of the cross in the sword of Lothar cavalry, immediately became a lamb to the slaughter, even a tiny bit of resistance had no thoughts.

    After all, whether it is Barry Sena or those nobles, it is impossible to tell the true intentions of these soldiers, they really thought just for lord help defeat, how could the Duke will stop the cavalry?

    Barry Sena and the All thoughts are blasted. nobles, also in the defenseless cases were all thrown into the dungeon, waiting for Ruben Frider to make a final decision.

    One day later, the Senna family will have a new home, Will Sena, and Barry Sena, is Lu Wen Frider personally cut his head off and turned into a corpse.

    The rest of the nobles, and Barry Sena went to see a small part of the Holy Cross, the remaining is completely new to Deepwood count surrender, handing over large tracts of land, hunting and farmers, and a lot of money.

    This lasted nearly four months, the marquisate of Deepwood was finally complete control of Ruben Frider, originally the arrogance of the nobles chose not to bow to surrender, is completely decimated.

    Barry lost the Senna family is the new home of Will Sena were unable to get up after a fall, the slightest authority are not entirely on the count with not only the overthrow of the Senna family -- even the people of the traitor hated, not to mention those remaining noblemen.

    Wait a few days later, Prince Lothar led the infantry who finally escorted food arrived at Deepwood. At the same time have paid a ransom of nobles, who will also be full grains of wheat and oat arrived, greatly relieve Deepwood food dilemma.

    A large number of food, land and Ruben Frider, finally got the opportunity to display their own - the refugees fled, and no more land was attracted to the poor land, as a farmer Deepwood count collar.

    These new farms, like this piece of barren land to grow seedlings, fragile and full of vigour. And wait until they grow into towering trees, fluttering in the deep forest under the dome, is the sword of the Frider family's cross.

    .................. Deepwood tower on top of the roof, leaning on the little wizard Qiangduo of overlooking the distant scenery, as if even the heart and the birds gone.

    Loren is carefully stood behind her, looking carefully at the face, say what words against their own wrong.

    "In your eyes, I am just a nuisance, right?"

    Although the voice is very quiet, but every word uttered with Ayn a desperate means: "never tell me anything, like in the treatment of child who has admitted Liya miss you, is specially entrusted to her to protect me."

    Loren silently took two steps forward, careful to appease the little wizard: "actually...... You can think so, who also has good and not good things, this is just a bump on what you are not good at things."

    "In fact, if not for you, I do not know that they made a serious mistake, if not know in advance how terrible this winter, I didn't even have time to remedy, is more likely to beat Barry Sena and those Deepwood nobles."

    "So this victory, half thanks to you!"

    "Is that right......" Ayn Rand's face was confused, teeth nibbling on the lower lip, like remembering something very old things: "my mother is a small daughter and the generation of Rand, a timid man."

    "She was Visalli Rand, the fat man to a farm to marry a man who has never seen, I have not even seen the 'father' eye, refused to remarry mother into the family burden."

    "Although the name was Rand, servant and family members free of bullying, in addition to what will not cry." Ayn tightly clutching Qiangduo, finger into the wall: "I have very little time to resolve, I absolutely cannot live like that."

    "She died, kneeling in the front for his visa, give me a better way, also warned me never forget their own name to death for the honor of the family, the fat man obsessed, he put hands I sold Wim Parr college, I became a a servant of the college."

    Ayn Rand look very lonely laugh: "things behind...... You must have guessed, right?"

    "I want to be the alchemist, because I can rely on their own strength to live in this world, and not like a mother...... She has never been a strong man."

    "On the contrary, your mother is very strong."

    "Well?" The little witch curious looking back.

    "Not all are brave, tangible." Loren long sigh: "there are always some people, give up everything for someone can sacrifice everything, even the status, wealth, dignity and life, and even make some crazy moves."

    "We will this brave, called" love ". This not only brave and noble, you have a love you and care about your mother."

    "You, how do you know......" The little wizard bowed his head, defiant tone light that only to catch mosquitoes.

    "Because of how we honored to have Ayn Rand as a gentle, kind, strong and always on goodwill, peerless genius of alchemy!"

    Raised mouth smile, as if feeling like Loren sighed softly: "it all came from a strong and great mother, the best gift in the world!"

    The little witch deeply bowed his head, even on the walls of the hands are trembling, cheek deeply buried in the chest, a pair of delicate small ears, have become pink.

    What this liar is going on, even if all of this how say?!

    When he spoke these words, a little bit of shame are not?!

    The body trembling Ayn Rand, did not even find his eyes full of tears have infiltration. In the mind is the mother's voice and expression.

    That always being, again and again even boring like that; holding his cry, kneeling in the dying inside before the visa, for when the fat man......

    What missed many precious things?

    "I have something to deal with, the count is waiting for me." Loren softly said: "today, enjoy the sunshine, also allows the next to leave."

    Loren turned toward the stairs went, somewhat disappointed, and compared the expression Ayn, he is not the case?

    Of course, the perceptual is always not sensible, always stupid, can not be encumbered with emotion, only to be able to keep calm......


    The little witch suddenly turned to shout him, eyes red cheeks have some tears, small narrow shoulders still trembling.

    "What to say?" The black haired wizard stood slightly bowed, quietly waiting for the opening of ayn.

    "Don't ever lie to me, don't leave me alone." The little wizard with no question replied: "no matter what the face to face together, fought together -- this is you promised!"

    His eyes flashed a stunned Lauren, or slightly smile:

    "I never break."
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