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    The empty hall of the castle, the atmosphere is like substance like condensation in the air, there is a deep understanding of dozens of portraits, silent to have a voice, as if even the wind will stop at this moment.

    Too quiet hall, so that everyone seems to hear the voice of the heart.

    Fear, dismay, struggle, incredible...... Each station in the hall of the nobles to shake their heads bowed, did not dare to go to sit in that chair figure, in disbelief.

    Ruben Frider is still alive? He is not supposed to be dead?!

    Each nobleman in the heart desperately growled, recalling the whole plan of a seamless heavenly robe every step, it's perfect, why the result is and what they think is not the same?!

    Now the most important enemy is alive, who do not know the young Lord, what will be how to vent his anger.

    Tremble with fear in the long wait for the nobles, one of the two strands of the battle. If the old man was not Barry Sena, they had fled to their territory.

    Standing in front of the old man, his face without the slightest color of panic, but very calm.

    From the moment that Ruben Frider is still alive, the gamble has been lost, he pressed on all his bets, but still failed to take the young earl's life, but he survived.

    And Will Sena may have died, lost an important successor in prestige and money have battered the Senna family, had to temporarily stay in the family under the wings of flieder.

    But even Luwen won, it does not mean that he can get what. After all, he is from the hands of refugees saved his lordship's life, in the circumstances bendol has no power to punish him; as to leave the castle returned to the territory, in front of the life-saving grace is not what a serious fault.

    Not to mention the castle is now in control of his army. Even if the count to hard, he will have to consider the consequences of fighting the night guard knights, how long can in front of the armed forces?

    Another good thing in the elderly, is bearish on success. One failure does not decide what, as long as they are alive, will continue to lead the Senna family secretly against it, let the Frider family in Deepwood's rule never stable.

    The old man slowly raised his head, sitting in the same position in the Lord Ruben Frider looked at him. Two people look just looked at each other, Barry Sena humbly bowed his head, like a faithful servant.

    At the moment the young count on the face do not see his mood, cold eyes is like waiting for hunting lions, to find their prey weaknesses, wait for its lax moment.

    Reuven from his chair up, looking eyes of those nobles still fear: "you arrived, we defeated the rebel mob, and achieved a commendable victory!"

    The original nervous nobles finally relieved, stiff face a false, cater to the young count.

    "But before that, we must first end the riots, and behind the murderer to justice." The Earl of Schmidt: "it will be sorry those soldiers died in vain, absolutely can not let those traitors, crying for the dead when we were still unpunished!"

    "Therefore, I want you to see a person, one you know." Deadpan Luwen back, behind the wizard consultant nodded: "bring him right, let people see you."

    Loren slightly salute, mouth with a smile, walked to the side of the hall room. A pair of eyes staring at the door, even Barry Sena could not help looking.

    When the person holding the black haired wizard came out from behind the door, which can keep calm in the elderly, shocked eyes.

    Will Sena?!

    Like the living dead like a step by step into the hall, eyes dull and sallow complexion, slightly open with trembling lips can not be closed, staggering pace, as if at any time will fall down in the ground.

    What happened last night, what happened?! The old man kept eyes confound at will and Luwen two men face looked up and down, hoping to find what hidden clues.

    Even if Will is dead, not stunned Barry into this picture!

    "Will Sena, my servant." Bite Lu Wen, almost say a word: "tell you adults, who is planning the rebellion?"

    Will look dull very slowly raised his hand, trembling forefinger slowly straighten, to stand in front of him shocked the old man, Barry Sena.

    "My Lord, I am......"

    "Shut up!" The angry roar Luwen interrupted the words of Barry Sena, almost fiery eyes staring at the old man's face, said: "shut up with teeth! To my knees, Barry Sena! The public!"

    Shivering Barry hesitated for a moment, eventually chose knees -- since it has been lost, so there is no what dignity, even to endure humiliation is not the thing.

    "And you, you Deepwood great people, it will not feel very clean, I will not bring you what?"

    Lu Wen if not finished, hiding behind the nobles had collapsed to a.

    "I think for a long time, how to punish those who betray me." The young count showed that the nobles with hair standing on end smile: "my wizard consultant told me that the honorable Barry Lord Senna made a very interesting suggestion."

    The old man stayed.

    "Must be severely punished, deprived of their land and title, let these traitors deserve the end...... I am very agree with his opinion, this is indeed a very suitable way!"

    "Wait, wait my lord!" Kneeling on the ground Barry Sena quickly shouted, nervous even some incoherent: "we are being wronged, not the slightest relationship and the rebellion!"

    "All is he, he is Will Sena, for your grudge! Are you robbed him of the opportunity to inherit the title of count, so as to make this kind of thing, no matter what he said, are certainly the scumbag to live music and lies, everything is not what the relationship between the Senna family and!"

    "Yes, we are your loyal servant, how will betray you?!"

    "Is he, he is bewitched the mob rebellion!"

    "You must believe in us, and we have none of these little relationship!"

    ...... The nobles also get lousy choice of word to justify himself, put all the blame to Will Sena's body, desperately for their elution.

    The only pity is that Ruben Frider did not believe.

    "I will follow the Lord Barry Sena's suggestion, to punish your guilt." Luwen expression and said: "no good time for you to get their own fate!"

    As if they had not heard what he said Barry Sena slowly straightened, his face is also no longer just a frightened face.

    Now say, is a bit too early, Lord Ruben Frider."

    "You seem to forget that Deepwood defense in our hands. As long as the hall appeared a little movement, outside of the soldiers will rush in." The old man looked at the count and calm: "at that time, your guard knights can persist long?"

    "Not everyone to remain calm and rational, but we are also willing to pay some cost and surrender to you, it is good to all you say?"

    "That's a good idea, but I don't want to let you pay a price." Lu Wen laughed: "I want to be a real Deepwood count, so I won't compromise with any traitor!"

    Stand in the count behind Loren gently waving his wand, open the closed door. Dressed in dark cloak of Sir Aaron, in both eyes in despair, with dozens of Lothar Knights directly into the hall.

    "My Lord, please forgive us for being late --!"
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