#36  "accident" (below)

    When Deepwood nobles of the army to join the battle, the refugees finally collapsed.

    Wailing scream civilians flee away weapons. While soldiers are no different Slayer every block in front of their people. Even if there are hundreds of thousands of these refugees are lamb to be slaughtered, without any resistance.

    Screaming and crying, cold-blooded...... This is not a fight, but out and out of slaughter.

    The walls of the castle guards watched, Luca also stopped their battle dancers, this is not their fight.

    Frowning elf princes, carrying their guns on the sidelines of the cold, look very puzzling.

    He really do not understand why these humans when killing his kin, can do so without envy?

    In the bloody slaughter of fear, the remnants of the refugees have no suspense to surrender -- even though the vast majority have been scattered to flee, only just a small part of it.

    While Deepwood nobles finally settled, and also took over the whole Deepwood defense, open the gate.

    As for the Knights and guard the elves, is very understanding together to the castle hall door, the soldiers wanted to take over here even with all their being driven back. Not convinced several directly cut the head, bloody bones fell on the ladder above the front of the hall.

    After several skirmishes, from all the family private soldiers finally gave up; and the Knights sword guard still protect the door, did not leave half a step.

    When the dawn finally rose, Barry Sena was in the nobles of the crowd, like the true masters of this land, through the land to the gate of bones, deepwood.

    Although the face is full of very sad look, unable to contain the heart of ecstasy elderly mouth continues to shiver. It is about to cry out in appearance, is completely conceal his smile.

    For such a long time for the little guy I respectfully serve, even to the point of calumny knees finally for the results.

    Ruben Frider finally died!

    For this moment, Barry Sena almost all the pressure on his bet -- wealth accumulated for many years, the family in Deepwood's reputation, precious heir...... Even to the end also mobilized troops, can be said to have reached the point of fling caution to the winds.

    The old man all night sleepless, from first to last are waiting outside came the news, but also because fear will be implicated and not dare to go personally, in the long waiting on tenterhooks spent a day.

    At the moment his dim eyes had bloodshot, legs are stiff with cold wind, extremely sleepy is completely strong spirit, did not directly fall from the saddle.

    But on the age of the only good is physical intuition is not too sensitive, just let the trembling of the elderly usually behave any differently and in the past, not being aware of some clues.

    Not to mention the victory is in sight, how is it possible to leave at this time?!

    Barry Sena's heart was like a raging fire. The shortness of breath, just let the heart out.

    After seeing the remains of Ruben Frider, see Will Sena sitting in the chair before becoming Deepwood nobles support count, he can't fall down!

    Excited to the hands and feet trembled man dismounted, and went out into the hall of the castle in the arm several noblemen, by two guard Knight stopped.

    "The two knights sir, my name is Barry Sena." The old man did not get angry, waving blocked wanted to soldiers, sincere voice asked: "tell me, inside the castle is all right?"

    "We don't know." One guard Knight shook his head, look like a stiff stone: "but before you have told Turin Laurent, absolutely did not allow anyone to enter the castle, we are in the following orders."

    "It is a loyal knight." Barry Sena also did not forget to praise a few, and then asked: "so, do you have Laurent Turin Pavilion who go to even see?"

    Two guard Knight also shook his head: "at a loss about what to do, Laurent Turin after hearing your side to support the enemy, then no one knows where he is, no one saw him."

    After the Barry Sena fight with all his strength to curb the urge to laugh - this is never to give them Deepwood created numerous problems wizard, can be finally finished!

    Although just a little wizard, but he will never forget this guy at that meeting, how to interrupt their own arrogance, let out the ugly.

    Not only that, it seems that even Ruben Frider's whole plan, and he seems to have inseparable.

    Although the heart or not, the old man's face is still the sad memory of the color: "Laurent Turin you are loyal to the wizard Earl consultant, a noble man like this is not likely to betray the count, escape from the castle."

    "Maybe he just was seriously injured, we must find it as soon as possible." Said the old man paused and said in a very sad tone: "if...... He has been summoned by a holy cross, we must also find his body, let his soul."

    His voice down, the hall of the castle door was opened.

    A creaking sound attracted all eyes, eyes staring at the can't help open the door, waiting for the door out of the dark shadow.

    Barry Sena stared, bloodshot pupil sharp contraction, incredible looking to go out of the dark wizard.

    A wizard's robes, wearing a hood involving his right hand holding a wand, step by step down. The elves and the Knights guard active as he cleared the way, like a stroll in front of Barry Sena.

    "It is a pleasure to see you again, Barry Sena." Loren sounds very calm: "since the last time you leave."

    Please allow me to apologize to you, we will get a temporary someone attacking Deepwood news, also to inform his lordship left!"

    The old man looked very regret: "when we heave great sighs bent back to their own territory, to summon the army as his lordship insurgency -- but no one can think of, it's going to become like this!"

    "But in any case, you still alive is the best news of the disaster. Thank you for the blessing of Holy Cross, did not let the people suffer like you loyal murderous gangsters!"

    "You say so, it is my honor." Smiled, black haired wizard eyebrow: "so, you and all the adults also just got the message, and the rebel refugees unrelated?"

    "It is of course, we loyal to the Lord, how could make this kind of rebellious behavior?!" Barry Senna unchastened retorted: "if you can catch the murderer's words, please must be severely punished, absolutely cannot tolerate this terrible traitor, otherwise Deepwood Never will there be days of peace!"

    "To be able to set off such a riot, certainly some of the count grudge noble -- I seriously doubt those who tried to set fire to the granary of the guys, and it absolutely inescapable relationship! Must be severely punished, deprived of their land and title, let these traitors deserve the end!"

    The whole castle echoed with the voice of Barry Sena, impassioned man regardless of physical fatigue, the emotional words into every person's ear, even the guard knights could not help but be moved.

    "Well, that is wonderful, Lord Barry Sena." Always silent Loren finally said: "I will consider your suggestion, let the traitors get what they deserve."

    "Now, please have all the adults come with me, someone wants to meet you."

    Then, the black wizard turned towards the castle hall direction.

    "We see? Who, who want to see us?" Barry Sena froze.

    Stop in place of the Loren slowly back, mouth also with a hint of irony to significantly more obvious:

    "Of course, Deepwood earl, Lord Ruben Frider!"
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