#34  riots (four)

    Loren questioned many times, but never understand how Will Sena again find their whereabouts, and how do they disappear?

    The black wizards for their extremely confident, but Barry Sena and those nobles are just disappearing, escaped from the castle, but not the slightest notice.

    So he can conclude that no other conventional means of use.

    "Then I suddenly think of you, and I mentioned his magic for curious but Deepwood years and the Duke of Wim Parr's hostility, the wizard is simply not possible for the Deepwood service, how do you come into contact with the magic?"

    "Finally, I found that your stealth monitoring my method, where seems to be seen." The black witch eyebrow, with a funny voice said: "I would venture to guess, your supervisor...... Is not a guy named Karan?"

    Will Sena's face finally revealed the panic, is evidence that lauren.

    A silence of the castle hall, Will Sena face sweat body shaking back a step backwards, until the back against the door. Dressed in robes, holding the wand in the moonlight with Loren long shadow, he will be shrouded in dark shadows.

    "Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......"

    Fear will crazy laughter, laughing very happy, just like in the disguise of fear in his heart like.

    "Say so much nonsense, you can change what?!" Madness will stare at Loren: "do you think I hold it? Completely mistaken, Ruben Frider he was dead!"

    "Those are just the Senna family's elite, but no title.'! Regardless of our Lord hid there, they can put him out, and then cut his head off!"

    "I'll thank you and Luwen ah, those nobles are stubborn vitality, help me remove a lot of obstacles -- until the Senna family re mastered Deepwood, we will be strong hitherto unknown!"

    Gasp, sweaty Will Sena excited: "the LORD did not ask what I want? This is what I want, I am the right and proper Deepwood count!"

    Look at each other that the ugly, the twisted to molding appearance, the black wizard responded only a long sigh, even it did not desire.

    Well, let him as soon as despair, dawn.

    "Have you forgotten what?" Loren whispered, gently pulled his head hood: "since your steps I am clear, how could not ready?"

    He started up, exposing the forehead veins.

    "A quarter of an hour or two minutes? Make a bet." The man sighed and asked: "do you think they can insist on how long?"

    .................. Is still a quiet corridor, is still standing in the central, armed with rifles female spirits.

    The only difference is that her feet covered with blood, and two fell on the ground, the chest is constantly hematic twitching body, and was holed up at the end of the corridor, not always a step forward "refugees".

    From first to last, female elves are always abide by the contract, and Loren good guardian of the corridor, never let anyone pass here.

    So long as people rushed across the no, never any initiative to Leah will. From first to last stand in situ, only when they are close, will be waving guns.

    He did not hate at all and these people, as long as they fear it, elf woman think so, gently off the tip of the gun.

    "Are you still here, here is not the place to come." Leah as far as possible scare with each other: "even together, you are not my opponent, did not want to leave the castle!"

    But unfortunately, she was seriously underestimated the "persistent", and intelligence infinitely close to zero.

    "What this guy is a woman?!"

    "What, dare to look down upon us!"

    "Kill the bitch, give them two unlucky!"

    As a cross bow arrow flying locust, tall and slender figure in the air spring, a strange arc cut. In the eyes of private soldiers, the figure is like gone.

    The ghostly Liya has leapt to the other side of the front, pulled out guns from the other side of the chest. A back off, splash on the wall, leaving a string of red.

    Our bodies have not fallen, female spirits had his head turned from. The wrist light turn, silver spear into a circle, standing on both sides of the private soldiers would not pull out the sword, then cut the throat.

    Stand behind the fourth people finally pulled out a weapon, shouting to come. Put down the gun will receive pike female spirit in him, like a stroll away from the chop.

    While the other has no second waving chance. Remove the two step Leah single foot support body, with bottom-up, poked through his chin.

    Want to open the private soldier trembling, even did not see each other's figure, from the wound from the plasma has been deprived of his consciousness.

    Gently raised lance, the alignment still froze in place of private soldiers, female voice is calm to ELF like a very common thing:

    "Who's next?"

    Hold weapons Senna soldiers with a shudder, but the target is in sight, and soon another guy not willing to stand out:

    "Doing what? This bitch is a person! Do not hurry......"

    If not finished, a silver oncoming. A black soldier in front was pierced by the spear head, hot body twitching fell to the ground. By the inertia head and a break with the nail in the wall behind the.

    "Who is next?"

    Is still calm to no waves of sound, and bleeding lance.

    "Ah -- run!!!!"

    Don't know which frightened soldiers first shouted out, is just a blink of an eye, the corridor had no figure, only the ground warm body, and dyed the floor of the plasma.

    Recover the javelin elf woman turned back, suddenly stopped, pointy ears quivering a few, face more than a touch of doubt.

    Those deserters should not leave, do not hear their footsteps?

    Not only that, even the number appeared in front of their own, and not a beginning to perceive; they should not even have heard footsteps, should be at least about 1/4 fewer.

    Don't say that in addition to their own, the wizard is still left hand and other Castle trap?

    "Laurent Turin is really a smart guy." A wink of automatic speaking: "Liya do not believe he was right."

    Said, woman wizard also exposed a very confident expression, she nodded.

    "Oh...... Poor Laurent Turin was disgusted."

    In the shadow of juvenile mouth slightly tilted, right hand with a crooked head, red pupil, reflecting those soldiers fleeing confound, who.

    "It's sad, he never realized that his most trusted people should be lovely as gabriel. It has helped him so many times, but not even a word of thanks are not said."

    Boy muttered, seemed to complain, as red as blood eyes did not leave the soldiers, the tongue gently licking her pale lips, felt thirsty throat twitched.

    This is one of the drawbacks of the vampire, even do not need, the body will naturally produce the desire.

    "But that's part of the fun of 'alive'." As Gabriel chuckled and completely for once there is no real for him, whether it is pain or hunger, have incomparable freshness.

    "Although is always complaining, but who let my dear Laurent Turin, as is the only friend Gabriel? Between friends, should be mutual understanding, mutual support."

    Dressed in red and black elegant dress, white golden haired teenager suddenly appeared in the only way which must be passed deserter their backs, hands, like a good housekeeper, with impeccable manners, greet guests visiting "".

    Thank you for coming, get ready to enjoy carefully and treat as gabriel!"
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