#150  of accidental discovery (below)

    In the confirmation of the temple have been swept into the empty, anxious AI Yin and Leah immediately returned to Deepwood, count Ruben Frider report.

    "You mean, these people did not ebden have my permission to open a pagan temple, and took a very dangerous thing?"

    The study, the young count face unexpected anger, hands clenched fist bursts out of the blue veins: "and it is worthy of the famous wizard is noble, arrogant, arrogant to the extreme!"

    Bird Lyle wanted to ask why, but now he even want to all dare not to think.

    Needless to say, this group of people just open an abandoned pagan temple beneath him, and did not care about his feelings, and the whole Deepwood!

    "But...... The Corona caravan has left for a long period of time, I also can't use this thing to embarrass father, let him to find the identity of the Duke of Lothar Eboden's troubles."

    Despite the anger, but still Luwen only helpless sigh, this makes him feel incapable of action of frustration: "since they are silent, they also understand that this kind of thing is not see the light, even if we ask the Corona family, the other will only be estimated!"

    The little witch anxious silently nodded, some not in the condition. She was now the only one thing - Laurent Turin, and the arrogant Isaac they are in danger!

    Although the female wizard did not tell Leah Loren to leave Lothar to Eboden because what exactly is, Ayn speculated that this damn bastard did not completely tell her, because he has been like this: from the ancient town to the College of the vampire, Deepwood nobles, and the gods of ancient wood forest Maizika...... Forever is a pair of virtues!

    But it certainly is Loren's intimidating, and is a very dangerous thing, otherwise he would not even say a word not mentioned on the left, even a person.

    Now he is in danger of no idle left, even had to take care of the damn arrogant, but do not know another danger is quietly.

    Someone has to remind him!

    "So what do I do?" Ruben Frider frowned and asked.

    "Luwen my Lord, I would like to ask you to allow me to leave Eboden to Deepwood!" Finally according to the little wizard mood.according immediately answered: "no matter what the Corona family exactly what you want to do, we have to stop them!"

    "No matter what they take, since it originally belonged to an ancient evil spirit, it is bound to be dangerous and uncontrollable forces -- not even to Lothar and the Principality of Deepwood people, we must also stop them to Santa croce!"

    The little witch righteous jinjinzuanzhao Fenquan, qiyuxuanang said aloud, but compared to the momentum and her petite figure is somewhat abrupt.

    "...... Loren Dowling."

    After a moment of silence, the young count suddenly say.


    "You just talk, as in imitation of that guy, even in front of the place is also very like an excuse." Look at the little dumb wizard, Ruben Frider suddenly smiled:

    "In fact, you do not care what they took, you just worry about Laurent Turin. You really care about and love him, right?"

    AI Yin be frightened and change color!

    "It's not what you don't have to hide, I love this guy. Although he sometimes speaks very funny, especially opinionated right?"

    At the young count smiled: "but he is my friend, but I really see him as a friend. Without him, I can not be so smooth take Deepwood, or should prepare for the ogre invasion!

    For this bastard, and I can do whatever the ancient wood forest fairy war, how could not allow his friend to find him?"

    "You are too generous!" Ayn breathed a sigh of relief, sincere thanks to the young count: "I'll be back as soon as possible......"

    "Not what promised to me, anyway, when this guy wants to come back is sure to come back; and if I need this bastard, I will let Aaron Knight long tied him back to deepwood!" This is Lu waved heroic: "but ebden is a long way, I need to send a few knights to you when the escort?"

    "Thank you, but not really."

    Some complex eyes glanced at the door, Ayn Rand reluctantly smiled: "miss and I intend to go to Leah, in her words should not have what problem."

    "Well... Have the best war dancer Lin Morningstar, does not need another guard." The young count had also seen the Female Elf Shenhuqiji marksmanship, and the ghostly figure.

    "Then, please allow me to leave, Reuven excellency."

    "Well...... Etc.!"

    The little wizard turned a moment ago, Lu Wen suddenly stopped her face some inexplicable embarrassment: "you pass in the eagle hunting fort, is my father's castle, probably caught two people.

    Then...... If you talk to it, may wish to go with them, as far as I know, their next stop is Eboden to a goal should be."

    After listening to the general Luwen without rhyme or reason words, the little wizard had nodded, tentatively agreed: "certainly, please rest assured."

    .............................. "They find Isaac Grantham, miss Alier Corona."

    Dark room, Bird Lyle respectfully stand aside, also to huddle in a chair of the delicate girl reported: "the Corona family spies found them and burned Hulk in the port, and the rest of the ship's manuscript only dust."

    "They?" Allie was surrounded by his legs and slender limbs thin if withered.

    "Lauren Turin and Peter Farshal is a son, he is also a night watchman."

    Here the bird look slightly lysle convulsions, recall had first met each other on Loren skeptical expression, let him feel a fool of impulse.

    Since he is the watchman then certainly know their identity, so that it is all pack out?

    It really is...... Very cunning!

    "So, dear Loren cheated us, his goal is blood medicine." The thin lips pale girl raised a smile: "Isaac Grantham should be the key figure is."

    "The need for a warning him, miss Allie?"


    Why...... Bird Lyle's face flashed a fright, the reason is not obvious? This is called the Corona family by Loren bastard of friendship, but also deliberately conceal the identity, and the watchman Liyingwaihe, did not even notice the sound of the Corona family, which was......

    "Too much, right?" The girl suddenly said, it is difficult to see behind Bird Lyle: "I'm sorry, I was too weak, not to repeat it, you just want to say completely, but I think this is enough."

    A drop of sweat from the forehead down, Bird Lyle's calm cheeks trembling.

    "Since the father allows you to assist me, you do not need to fear me, Bird Lyle." Allie cocked her head, gently panting head on the back of the chair: "but you need to know, Laurent Turin is our important partner, not only can't hurt him, we must as far as possible to help him."

    Bird Lyle wanted to ask why, but now he even want to all dare not to think.

    Who has just returned from Lothair "miss Alier Corona", is certainly what wrong place on the body!

    What's more, now the real concern is not us." The girl said softly: "I originally wanted to please my dear Loren to Corona to come to my house, but I'm afraid he has got another invitation, find time to spend time with Allie."

    "What you say is...... Who?"

    He looked at the girl gradually become frightened face, mouth raised a very elegant radian:

    "Of course Artaud Bellini."
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