#149  "the accidental discovery (on)

    "Lord Ain Rand, who is here before the villagers said" the temple "."

    Torches of fear standing is peasant hunters outside the cave, clenched tight waist hilt, like to bring a lot of courage to him.

    "Well, thank you for bringing us here." Barely a smile on the face of the little wizard, frown but no moment to relax, even the right hand gripping his wand was sweat * *: "Reuben Lord will reward you."

    Carter, behind her "hat" immediately threw the hunter a purse. The man hurried to catch quickly into the bosom, desperately toward the little bow and scrape bow of a wizard, and then head back to the left.

    Wait until the hunter ran away, Ayn Randna will look to the depths of the cave again, as if the dark shadows lurk in what, patiently awaiting the moment she entered.

    In almost disappear after Lauren left Deepwood, the little wizard volunteered his duties as Deepwood count, plus Lothar heir Ruben Frider wizard consultant.

    The first Earl on the little wizard some doubt, but soon his concerns were dispelled -- although in the governance of territory can not help what busy, but if you compare all relevant knowledge and wizards, two people are not simply a level. In contrast the Loren is a knight in the wizard cloak.

    At the same time, because before Ayn and Morningstar Forest Elves friendship, also let her become the Lothar and the ancient wooden Forest Elves "bridge" between both sides, is responsible for the communication and exchange.

    In the words: "all female elves Liya tree in the forest of ancient wood wall blood elves, have the obligation to die once Ayn rand!"

    This is even Luolundoubu had been "treatment".

    Although Ayn is not good at these things, but for a "damn bastard", still have to take responsibility, even if they had no relationship with her.

    But she did not expect that, even just a month no, she met a she thought this life will not meet again, and make her countless times back place.

    An ancient pagan temple.

    Although it has been almost in ruins, but still well preserved even than she and Loren first acquaintance with the wild village, walk together the more integrity, even vaguely see the door along the ancient runes.

    Like the ancient ruins even in Lothar have seen, but each is very dangerous. Perhaps the powerful void residue, perhaps some ancient alchemical items may be a terrible, terrible monster...... No matter what see no surprise.

    Like when she and Loren meet, into the cellar of villagers and the robbers lost all in the "treasure", and can never leave from there.

    "Listen to the hunter said, he is followed by a caravan from Eboden to find here." Behind the hat suddenly said: "what seems to be a... What department......"

    "The Corona family, ebden giants, with nine star in the wizard tower pivotal position: Peter Dean had mentioned the name."

    Whispered little wizard expression was heavier, regardless of how the Corona family is found, and why they came here -- certainly not unintentionally passing, but non small.

    "Are you really going to go?"

    Suddenly opening beside the silent female spirits, like the eyes of the owl entrance stared at the temple: "I have a hunch, what is it...... Not too clean."

    "I am Deepwood wizard consultant, this is my duty." The little witch clenched teeth, blue eyes flashing his luster: "no matter what, I must make sure."

    "I go in with you." Silently open Liya upside down in the side lance: you are a person too dangerous."

    "Thank you." Ayn chuckled at each other, she knows the reason female spirits will protect themselves, simply because the Loren that damn guy, but still very polite to thank her with.

    "Then, I have to......"

    "You just stay outside." It's very casual towards have Leah legs tremble when hat and waved his hand, a sigh of relief and the boy sat on the ground, a very lucky.

    Look behind full alert female spirits, the little wizard hands clenched the wand in the hole, hit a record of the * * spell ", two people walked into the taut nerves of the ancient pagan temple.

    Almost just stepped into the door, a familiar oncoming chill!

    "Be careful!"

    The little witch waving a cross rod of expression of awe, stopped also want to continue in-depth female spirits, that nasty fought in the air, through the "firefly curse" white look around.

    Some wrong...... Ayn was frowning, she had entered together and Loren that pagan temple village dogs, the powerful forces of vanity can even distort reality, even befog the minds of the people!


    Because the Corona family will be here to destroy, or say what they take?

    Ayn once heard Dalton Kander mentor said, about nine Star Tower preserved a wizard called "Holy Grail" treasures, said it was only drift out of power is enough to form a distorted reality illusion, that nobody knows the real "Holy Grail" at what place.

    Don't say here have a sufficient and comparable to the Holy Grail of treasures, the Corona family is away?

    Lost in thought the little wizard looked around, like the night cat, staring her like sapphire eyes, carefully looking for traces.

    Compared to already had a "experience" Ai Yin, female spirits fear than she is much stronger, the kind of indescribable nausea, panic and confusion in killing almost every hour and moment Leah heart, let the past proud war dancer even trembling, clenched his sense of security can we have a spear.

    This is the guy in the night Loren, inside of the forest tree holes for the enemy?

    Almost instinctively, female wizard step by step backwards, he suddenly felt a touch what, after a burst of cold ridge!



    But...... Has been opened.

    "I, I am not... What's wrong?"

    The past always calm and dancers, like at the moment but confound is a shy little girl, pale at the open Sarcophagus, and the ground and broke into pieces in the coffin!

    "No...... Which things have been taken away, you just happened to hit." A check of the empty coffin, Ayn quickly comforted, then like suddenly like: "so here's vanity So that is what it is., power is only a little residue, because things have been taken away?"

    No, no...... If it is a treasure, why have to put in a sarcophagus inside? But not the dead buried but enshrined in the temple, is among the very old custom lotario one. As early as in the holy cross when the teachings spread so far, has been abandoned.

    Lothar Ain Rand native to better understand the customs of this land than a dark haired wizard, as well as the old and bloody Legend - hidden in the ancient temple of Deepwood, also suspected of being dedicated to the empty sarcophagus......

    Don't say what they found was not a "treasure", but the resurrection of a God?!

    Who has experienced big wall battle of Ayn some idea of "Maizika", she almost immediately thought of the use of blood sacrifice "comes" the gods of ancient wood forest!

    "This is the Eboden Corona family caravan." Suddenly remembered the little wizard what the staring eyes, frightened look to the side of the female spirit: "you said, the guy went to Loren ebden?!"

    "Yes, it is." Leah almost at the same time reflects over: "he is in danger?!"

    "He is not alone, and that damn arrogant Isaac......" Ayn Rand shivers stared at the empty sarcophagus:

    "The whole Eboden are dangerous!"
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