#148  is mad genius is (the)

    No matter what Isaac said is not what will happen "facts", they are unable to stay here after a Xiang and Weirlo both the accident, Artaud must be aware of the abnormality, guess the Hulk here is only a matter of time.

    In a communication, Isaac decisive abandoned their house arrest here Artaud, do not hesitate to hold out, didn't even ask them exactly where to go.

    Anyway, he is willing to help Artaud, but because the other side is willing to fund his research, but also provided a very interesting idea, not what he deserves "nostalgia".

    Not to mention the other had shut him up, even to his life -- although the latter is only one of that dark wizard.

    But...... Although Isaac can leave with them, but there is no way to take away a lot of.

    "How to do these things?"

    Stand in situ pile up like a mountain hand scroll, pointing to the cabin Vera parchment manuscript there filled with all kinds of "talismans" blackboard, looked at Loren: "we can't put them all away."

    Although only half of the wizard, but the red haired girl also clear the data and manuscript for the importance of a wizard, sometimes even more precious than their life!

    Because that they are a wizard life achievement, even the meaning and essence of all, lost their research results, you will lose the value of your life, and their significance.

    Because of this, any a complete manuscript wizard can often sold price, because it is hidden inside a wizard for more than ten years or even a lifetime of efforts, even if only a variety of experimental records, can make a just into the void gate of the Sorcerer's Apprentice less take many detours, no longer go groping alone.

    "Indeed......" Loren also slightly wrinkled brow.

    The first of these certainly cannot be left to Artaud Bellini, but if a fire burning ash, it is absolutely the irreparable loss.

    Two people watched the sad side of genius, the lips shrugged and went to pick up books by just throwing the manuscript into his arms, at Tan tanshou: "OK, let's go!"


    "You misunderstood what? Don't take me and those pitiful, holding his little things as not worth a hair should treasure small potatoes as well?"

    Isaac a helpless, also behoove looks stunned to the red haired girl: "just a few old books and mixed data, but often look to remember? Really...... Who do you think I am?"

    I thought you and those black hair like wizards, is a rather baffling Frankenstein, or a narcissistic extreme neuropathy -- especially to say it's finally Vera refrained, quietly turned off.

    Even now she let the face of hundreds of enemies, she doesn't want to stay and the two monsters in a house.

    "Did I say something wrong?"

    See the red haired girl's face, Isaac only to see to the side of the Loren: "you why she ignored me?"

    "We say after this." Stop Tucao desire is very awkward Lauren smiled: "I have a problem that must be understood on the whole blood medicine, basically are the results of your right?"

    "Not so...... Of course, the ninety-nine percent are my achievements." Tao acknowledged that Isaac "literally": "but if there is no creative and experimental Artaud's words, I could not finish these - after all, I'm not the alchemist, do not know what alchemy."

    "So, as long as there is a considerable level of alchemy research, you will be able to complete the entire blood medicine?"

    "Not what...... The level of the alchemist, the pile of potatoes at least nine star wizard tower and our college is absolutely impossible!"

    Isaac is very sarcastic said: "at least...... Have the level of Ain Rand -- although we ain stupid, but in the alchemy of achievements is indeed not negative."

    "Oh, I remember ain after leaving college does not go directly to Deepwood for you, how you are the only person here? Also, you are not in Deepwood when the wizard consultant why to do, ebden?"

    "Well...... The process and the reasons are complex, it may be difficult to explain. One thirty." In the face of a sudden reaction over Isaac a series of questions, involving only vague in the past: "but yes, I suddenly have some regret and Ayn again."

    Here, Loren mouth inadvertently raised a smile, just the smile seemed rather ferocious, as laid down in the jungle, gradually revealing fangs beast.

    He started to guess Isaac may and blood agents, but never thought Artaud was directly copied his results, but still not complete!

    Now the whole Eboden only one to complete its people on their side, and in addition to himself and Artaud who also don't know this thing -- in other words, if a night watchman leader also wanted the real "blood medicine ', must be from their own hands.

    Now it's my turn, want to get a potion ready to offer Root Infinit!

    ............... At night, Eboden civilian area south of the city, a lane.

    After the Gang be consumed, and to suppress the mercenaries and the strangulation danger, the sewer Xiang became ruins of an unmanned, black market merchants and smugglers is early to leave here, hiding in the other corner of the city to continue their "sale".

    But even in ruins, does not mean that this really can not see a person.

    Scavengers, beggars, greedy mercenary...... These people in a few days after the frequent ruins sewer alley, trying to find what money and lost treasures from the housing and the collapse of those bodies";

    Mitten is one of them.

    He is just a civilian area south was a beggar walking stick to help press, a few coppers by every beggar out scrape head hand. After a help finished, he also honored as a "free".

    Unlike those who always come in the daytime mercenaries and scavengers, Milton only dare to come at night, soso pick up look at those bodies is not what the things left behind.

    In the night a lane that had no lights, only the head of the moonlight. Along the wall like a beggar at the mouse left and right in the confirmation of Gu, nobody around after the sneak into a door, ready to go in.

    The cold moonlight, a stronghold as laid down in the help in the dark monster, so scared and Milton couldn't resist mercilessly swallowed slobber. Fear and greed while driving with his body, neither the front also don't want to leave.

    Anyway, there are dead, the dead will not move, right?

    With trembling hands, feet weak Milton duoduosuosuo near the house door, the original door has already turned into a debris, leaving an empty hole in there.

    A silence a lane, haven't walked into the room, lying on the edge of the door Milton heard a strange sound, like someone to eat.

    Does this place have been accounted for which group of beggars? The hearts of fear and confusion Milton mercilessly swallowed slobber, he also has several days not to eat a full meal.

    Perhaps he could rub into one or two pieces of bread, and perhaps what broth?

    Suddenly, the clouds parted, the cold moonlight from the door into the room as in. Just ready to leave the Milton only slightly back, instantly staring!

    Lying on the floor "beggars" are enjoying their dinner, Dakoudakou chewing the meat and bones, just tearing the ground already cold body, feet filled with leftover bones.

    But this is not the most terrible, these "beggars" are not actually a face!

    Bare like egg head, only with fangs, oozing blood plasma and roumo mouth!

    Moreover, they are also in the "see" their own!

    "Ah ah ah ah ah ah!!!!"

    A dead lane echoed the shrill cries, the moonlight shadow has not yet left the flight was down to the ground, torn, bite, ripper......

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