#146  "return" Isaac (on)

    In the evening, ebden West door.

    In the nine star member of the wizard's tower, the Bellini family's Lord Weirlo Bellini encountered "unexpected", west of the guard immediately to the efficiency of hitherto unknown investigation, and the first time the message to the Bellini family.

    Only for a long time, guard the guards outside a dilapidated manor to find the clothes sitting in the chair is not the whole, full mouth foaming talk rubbish like crazy Weirlo. The guards spent a great effort to let the talent for the adults to keep stable, so as not to go crazy.

    According to the followers to pharmacists, sir Weirlo is likely being coerced criminals, accidentally fell into the "meditations", want to use a very powerful spell resistance, results "caused a very strong force, leading to" fall into the consciousness of the void ", will become the site.

    As for why those who have gone? Of course it is because they have been distinguished the caster, Lord Weirlo Bellini with high order curse Shenhuqiji from the world completely denied, even the soul is torn into one thousand pieces of hell, perdition!

    The only regret is that the Wei and Pirlo peers called Peter Farshal adult wizards, before adults use high order spell could have been the hands, the guards for a long time did not find his body, finally only to name the "missing" turn up nine star wizard tower.

    The dilapidated wooden door, look dull Artaud Bellini and it desperately not to utter a single word, restrain their emotion in the guards eyes, is the genius of alchemy in his mentor but don't want to feel alarmed, revealed performance.

    As the Bellini family's first heir, is the famous talented alchemist was also so human, so the guards can not help with longing eyes.

    "Feel shy, can let me alone for a while and mentor? Not for a long time, a little while."

    "Certainly!" In the face of Artaud that there is no shelf kind inquiries, two soldiers outside hurriedly promised to come down: "we in the carriage, as long as you need at any time we can call!"

    Then the guards will be toward behind a wave, with huts around the guards to leave, to continue to search for those gangsters left footprints.

    When the guards walked away, Artaud's smile was gradually faded, a hidden infinite anger cold, kick to the door!


    Rotten wooden door was crashing away, hiding in the house of Wei Pirlo was scared almost jumped up in. To see the door is his apprentice and later rushed out a smile: "ah, Artaud...... What are you doing here? This kind of thing just to find a servant......"

    "My dear teacher was caught, how could I not come?" Anger against laugh at contempt Artaud walked into the room, lying on the floor of the Weirlo: "if nine star wizard tower people know, that my evaluation of what will become?"

    "Yes, you're right, this is not good influence on you!" Weirlo hurriedly nod desperately with: "now your reputation on the family is too important, do not at this time who are not wrong!"

    "Is it?" Artaud like a dead man staring at him, continue to ask: "if someone bothers me, exactly how to punish him?"

    "I, I, i...... Not intentional!" See those eyes immediately Weirlo was scared silly, toward the back covered with confusion, not just two steps back Artaud suddenly rushed in, one foot in his belly!

    "Ah ah ah ah!!!!!"

    "You are not intentional? Yes, of course you are not intentional! You this rubbish, again let me try to deal with your troubles, again and again interrupted my plan! Or because your surname is Bellini, you should refuse to hell!"

    The piercing screams echoed around the room, angry to face became distorted Artaud grabbed Weirlo by the collar: "now tell me, about the wizard called Ain Rand what you did not tell me?!"

    "I, i... Don't know......"

    "I don't know? What do you know?!" Artaud roared: "you know just what happened?! We sent to a lane patrol guard and Trident mercenary group, actually died a left, you tell me this is an ordinary boy wizard can do things?!

    Whether or not the damn country dry, we all got into a big trouble! They can take a silent lane to kill a naked, can we put you into home when pigs slaughtered! See, the garbage?!"

    "Then, what do you do now?" Although the fear, but hear the words of Weirlo also panic: "you must have a good way to the right, you are the most clever child in the home, there must be a way of!"

    "Now the only way is to keep a low profile, before arriving in the new bishop ebden church, try not to continue to provoke anyone -- I don't want to hear what you fancy, or get into trouble again, do you understand?!"

    Is cold to hum a, slightly breathed Artaud restored the original Indifference: "as for the Ain Rand wizard, and the church until we reached an alliance, can find opportunities to get rid of him.

    So, please let the dying person satisfied for several days!"

    ........................ "What do you say? The Bellini family and the church alliance?!"

    Just go back to the night watchman in the sewers from the stronghold, Loren Peter heard the news, and his expression was not better than Peter to go: "but this is Eboden!"

    "I can understand your feelings, I believe, just when I don't know the results much better than you." He shrugs, Peter Farshal sighed: "I believe that even told the nine star wizard tower fathers who probably would make me crazy to see!"

    The black wizard nodded behoove. Don't say to Peter Farshal, even he that the stranger knows how important this city for wizards ebden is!

    Here is the wizarding world headquarters, the Empire was only a holy cross from the church to influence and control, and can give the absolute freedom of the city wizards.

    There are plenty of resources, as well as the absolute authority of the wizard and perfect structure of research and teaching unit, can support between the wizarding world and the church against only when Eboden, a commoner Magician (though this is basically impossible) to have the opportunity on an equal footing and nobles, even get a higher position but, as one of the rulers of the city!

    "Eboden is a bastion of the wizarding world, and always compromised from inside the fortress." Hold the mood is not very good, especially in the thought of a Wizard: "the Bellini family is Cleverness may overreach itself."

    "What do you mean?"

    "They think the church are blood potions and prestige, but in fact it really wants the church when Eboden defeated Eboden is defeated half the wizarding world. Wait until the Holy Cross took control of the city, and the nine star wizard tower as control after the Bellini family, they did not use value!

    I'm curious at that time, they also like so rampant?"

    "It is time problem, we have to focus on now." Peter looked strange to Loren: "you said before, the Isaac Grantham wizard, was Artaud secretly in a port area of the Hulk?"

    "But it is also a very remote place, I estimate may be looking for a long period of time." Loren strange to see his one eye: "do you know where it is?"

    "I don't know, but someone who might." Cheek spasmodic Peter forced a smile:

    "The...... Vera you remember? The red hair is not too friendly to you girl, she grew up in the port area, she must know where it is!"
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