#145  makes it (the) villains are killing each other

    Look grim Edward, Peter Farshal temporarily aphasia.

    Yes, Weirlo is likely to lie in order to survive, his words are simply not credible -- but Peter more clearly, this is their own self deception, not willing to believe.

    Eboden lived thousands of sewers, the poor did not muddle along without any aim, people care about their lives, and even many people don't know they exist, even if no one cares dead.

    Yes, there are better than the group "experimental material"?

    Just think this will let Peter Farshal felt with hair standing on end. Nine star wizard tower occasionally solution planing on death row, or some unmanned gathered bodies to do experiments, Peter himself personally solution planing before - though the wizard's tower is therefore church rap profane, but he also did not feel what this is, after all, is the only standard to test the experimental subject.

    But the Bellini family practice...... Even those who have a dead-alive person is general, but they are still living!

    But the living people!

    They do, and the devil's blood Cthulhu believers worship what is the difference?!

    Peter Farshal can even imagine those poor people in time to get medicine or profusely, the Bellini family as their benefactor and kind person.

    They have no scruples drank the potion is not perfect, completely unaware of the "good" Artaud Bellini, see their eyes is to see a group of experimental subjects"!

    "What do we do next?" Cold Edward is still so calm: "the Bellini family must have been on the road, soon will be found here."

    "Retreat, mission has failed." Peter tightly bite lips, salty blood oozing from the mouth: "but at least know in addition to the Bellini family's next move, to prepare for the next plan, rushed to the first sewer lane and Laurent Turin and you will as soon as possible, put the thing over!"

    "On this......"

    Edward suddenly said: "I was just a suggestion, but you'd better not do that. According to the original plan, tonight we should meet him in a stronghold of."

    "You still doubt him?" Peter frowned: "I thought you were the only one besides me willing to trust Loren Dowling."

    "This has nothing to do with and trust, and Vera to him vigilant enough."

    Edward face lightly shook his head: "I just don't want to see the accident. Now you are a dead man in which we are ebden, some wanted -- just kidnapped foreleg Wei Pirlo, foot appeared in the gutter lane, even a fool can perceive that there is not in the right place.

    Sir Loren Dowling is now the only one who can work in just ways in Eboden, any exposed his identity of things should be avoided, not to mention a lane itself in his trap, there is full of Bellini family.

    In short, we cannot let the Bellini family or anyone, sir Loren Dowling will contact us together, on the contrary, we must let him as much as possible and we will stay!"


    "Do you have anything to tell me?"

    The black wizard over the face of a little surprised, looked at the calm eyes already dying, sitting in a chair smoking scarred man: "you've been dying."

    "It is because the dying, to tell you." The scarred man puffed a cigarette grinning: "otherwise I also dare to talk with you, ha ha ha cough cough......"

    "If you have something to say."

    "Don't worry, my master wizard." Severely scarred man smoking a pipe hard one, the pipe end in feeble hands, trembling eyes staring at Loren: "right, people outside have all died right?"

    Loren did not speak, just silent looked at him, obviously is the default.

    "Ha ha ha cough cough...... I know... Cough...... I knew it! The nobleman, to fight mercenaries, they don't know what kind of person are you, they don't know... Cough!

    The noble Lord ah, they mistook you for what is soft, that no two of you and the wizard tower nerds, completely mistaken!

    They put you when the sheep do not know their own with a ravenous wolf, a terrible boss than van Stewart Nobel one thousand times, can put their devouring monster!

    They want to kill you, but you do not know the final will be burned to death, I can see, you can definitely not the kind of suffering, suzhuobozi Gouhuo eggs; as long as there is a chance, you will mercilessly bite them...... I told the boss Van Faith Teno for so many years, this point is most clearly seen!"

    The scarred man still mumbling Loren said, frowning slightly: "what do you want to say?"

    He has been impatient, right hand hold back the knife.

    Also, remember that you let us help you find that... Cough... The man whose name is Isaac Grantham?" The scarred man smiled very bright: "I tell you that we can't find him...... But in fact, I vaguely know where he is."

    "Do you know?!"

    "In fact, boss Van Faith Teno also know, but he did not dare to say...... He is not out of the master Artaud Bellini. But I am not afraid, I was a dead man walking stick to help out, what am I afraid of? Haha cough cough......"

    "So where is he now?" Loren faces more and more ugly, he felt like being fooled, step by step to the front of the man let his scarred face, as far as possible to keep calm.

    "In the port of Eboden, a particularly lonely cliff side... Cough... The inside." The scarred man wounds still oozing of blood, breath more and more weak: "the place I have been there once, you may find yourself, cough haha......"

    "...... Thank you." The black witch was silent for a moment, looked to have only one breath left scar face male gentle tone of many: "it is really important to me."

    If so, then you can promise me one thing?" Trembling looked up, stared at the scarred man gasped: "give me a good, drag here to die...... Too damn it hurts!"

    Gently nodded, drew back the knife lauren. The diamond knife spire on his chest, the position of the heart. The scarred man stared at the nose, breathing more and more quickly, the trembling of his pipe in his mouth, bitter smoke.

    Even if it is ready, in the face of death will still feel a trace of fear.

    "The last question." Dark haired wizard suddenly said: "why do you want to tell me this: anyway, you're going to die, even if you don't say these, I could not do to you. And you like this dross, should not want to return to?"

    "You're right, I'm going to die, then why not say ha ha......" Smoking a pipe scar face male hysterical smile, smile more brilliant than just watching, Loren eyes are beginning to become mad:

    "You or Bellini family master Artaud or you are eating people do not spit the bones, genuine goods at a fair price! Of course, we help drain the dregs of the roadway or where not to go, we have this in your eyes is on the earth, to crush can be crushed to death.

    Because of you, half south of scum are hell, yes, we serves, our group of scum with only when you hand these small pieces of monsters. You know what I want most to see what? I want to see you now is this group of monster dog, see you one by one by the other bite and then see what is badly bruised from flogging, which gave us the hell to help scum!"


    The point of the knife into the chest, scar face's body suddenly Yishan, delicate briar pipe from his mouth fell to the ground, gray eyes gradually, the face is a contented smile.
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