#145  makes it (on) villains are killing each other

    Out of the dust on the body, through the land remains Loren kick open the door for a camp, already crumbling doors cannot afford such a "bang" fell on the ground, into a two piece of rotten wood.

    The house is also a silence.

    Is to kill Gang thugs and minions are spread all across in confusion fell on the ground, death is different, but basically are directly wipe the neck. Messy body filled almost all place, did not look like is likely to fall for any one alive.

    Quiet like a grave.

    But this is not equal to not leave any clues, Loren frowned, carefully in the blood on the floor of a careful search, as far as possible, do not let off any abnormal, dark pupil zoom and focus constantly, trying to find what "is not the same place from the blood inside.

    The note to Artaud Bellini is intentional, but didn't actually cause the talented alchemist so intense reaction, is contrary to his expectations.

    Since the other side has done this step, it will certainly spare no effort will be replaced because of their destruction, so will their lauren. A potential, a strong hostile and threatening enemies if not temporary cooperation, it must be eliminated, otherwise it will leave serious trouble.

    After all, who do not want to have an all-weather deliberately plan kill your undivided attention, to the enemy, isn't it?

    So never leave any flaws to the enemy and opportunity, especially...... Huh? An eyebrow, aware of what Loren crouched a little dignified expression.

    Although the floor is full of blood, but it does not mean that each time the setting as like as two peas, will make the blood color change, fresh blood covered in the original blood above though will be fuzzy, but still leave traces.

    At the foot of this place is very obvious, from the location of the door extends by several bodies before and after blocking, then to the top of the stairs, the amount of bleeding is very huge. So the conclusion is, a gangster in the injured and not after death, but struggled for a long time, and after the mercenary they left, but also the way to climb the two floor.

    For a dying person, this requires a very strong will. He must be very clear, after climbing such a long distance themselves there is absolutely no way out, but still to be completed.

    So...... No matter what he wants to do what, this person is a potential threat to their own, a time bomb. Frowning at the house of the dead behind Loren, expressionless walking up the stairs, along with blood came to a house door.

    Lauren have to guess who's in the room.

    Open the door, the dark red blood extends to the housing inside, and a fairy war dancer called Luca's namesake, the scarred man was sitting in the chair originally belonging to Van Faith Teno, bloodless panting, his mouth for briar pipe, also hung a contented smile.

    "You can finally come, sir Ain Rand wizard." The scarred man gas if the suspension wire, hoarse voice with a touch of pride: "to you, I have been up to now"

    "Some things, before I die must tell you!"

    .................. The dilapidated cabin, strapped to a chair with his head down Weirlo Bellini in the chest, full of wounds still twitching her limbs.

    Standing in front of him the night watchman Edward holding the shoulder complex expression looked at the precious captive, the mood is bad to the extreme, even far beyond his expectations.

    "How does he know how much?"

    Originally should have been "hang" of Peter Farshal, at the moment but like meishiren stood there, staring at Weirlo has fainted, but also somewhat worried: "are you sure he will not suddenly wake up?"

    "This can be assured, within two minutes he and the dead have no difference, except the heartbeat and pulse." Edward casually replied, eyes still motionless staring at this Artaud's mentor, sir.

    Peter nodded, Edward was born a lane a few people remaining in the most proficient in the trial, since he made a promise that there would be no question: "your face looks strange."

    "I can not just some strange things, than you think, even more than any one of us thought to be serious too much!" Cold Edward frowned, then very helpless sigh:

    "A total of two messages, a good and a bad, are you ready to hear first?"


    "No, false. We have a bad news and bad news, and every one of you will not want to hear."

    Edward's mood is very depressed: "first is our top priority, now is already lost to the Isaac Grantham, or say anything about the blood drug information, you are absolutely ignorant of Professor Weirlo, even the most basic of all don't know!

    I also want to have with him out of some Artaud used equipment, borrowed books, formula of materials required...... But he is absolutely ignorant of the results. All of these things are all for Artaud personally, he even Pirlo Wei say there is no right!

    Of course, there may be he did not intend to intervene. But I suspect that the Bellini family, the blood medicine basically in the state of understanding absolutely ignorant of, they may not be nine star wizard tower wizards, just know that this thing is valuable. After all, the Bellini family, has never been a famous family of wizards!"

    "That is to say to get medicine, can catch Artaud Bellini himself?" Peter Farshal looks very ugly: "this is a cycle of death!"

    One side of Edward agree to get blood - nodded their formulations, must capture Artaud himself; but if I can do this, why should they do now?

    Light is to seize Weirlo they have to try, even Peter Farshal himself had to "death", never appeared in the nine star wizard tower, which is equal to cut them a source of information!

    Compared with Artaud's side defense will more closely than Weirlo, he also must be better than his mentor much more cautious, want to use one or two lie cheat him left guard Eboden and me, it is impossible.

    "The mission failed, so wylla prepare them to withdraw from here." Peter mood now than Edward also lost, waved his hand: "to the Bellini family has certainly got the news, then there will be someone to save Weirlo, we must leave as soon as possible, and then to help you Laurent Turin!"

    "Before that, there are second more bad news." Edward's face more than just dignified: "is about between the church and the Bellini family trading croce."

    Peter immediately tense up.

    "The Bellini family seems to have realized that they are nine star wizard tower how unpopular - wizards can tolerate them, is because the wealthy Bellini family, and the influence of the city in the mercenaries. As long as the Bellini family still can maintain prosperity and stability, ebden.

    But the Bellini family is not just the pursuit of these, so they are really going to the Holy Cross and alliance. Wait until the new bishop arrived in Eboden, the Bellini family will after their formulations, donated to the church, and they seem ready to use this drug in large-scale investment Eboden.

    This is a win-win situation for all two of them; the Bellini family will win great popularity, and the church will be in the hearts of the people, establish the authority of those at the bottom of the wizarding world headquarters in Eboden, to establish a positive image of the church."

    "This, this... What they intend to do?!" Peter was shocked to say: "here but ebden! Besides, even if they do, it's a new drug, not tested who know its effect is what?!"

    "So they started early."

    Edward: "how beautiful expression no greater as early as a few months ago, is that Root Infinit led us to compete for blood agents after the Bellini family had begun to do experiments in the living body, and on a very large scale."

    "Why not found... Wait! Don't they......" Peter suddenly guessed a terrible truth.

    "Yes." Edward nodded:

    "In the sewers."
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