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´╗┐    The roar of the explosion mingled with the dust, the roof flying through the air, in a moment before falling into pieces, scattered in the ruins of the house in flames.

    No more screams, no time to escape, even those poor soldiers do not know what happened, all three teams of mercenaries became in the explosion and collapse of the housing or fresh, or coke like bones.

    A dark haired wizard in the explosion before the moment of first hid in the house next door, if not just with the "rock" will prepare a stone wall blocking the crack aftermath, now he and those pieces of the roof, fly to the sky to fall.

    Patted the dust, up from a pile of rubble in the plain is just like Loren look after a cup of tea in the afternoon, when the explosion just ended, three teams were killed. The mercenaries there was no collapse performance, it is re lined after a brief panic, continue the direction of double up.

    The black witch has yet to retreat from the alley, rushed in front of the crossbow soldiers have pulled the trigger, a row of Nujian rubbed shoulders Lauren roaring, black cloak was ripped off half.

    Almost at the crossbow empty lane at the same time, both ends of the mercenary and wandering knights rushed towards the central. Is a good time to escape the first second rows of Loren Nujian vigorous as climbing on the eaves like ghost.

    "He's here!"

    Standing on the roof of the crossbowmen rushed to see a figure, while shouting while lifting the crossbow shooting at lauren. One fall immediately threw the heavy crossbow, just want to pull out the sword, was rushed to the Dark Wizard grabbed the block in front of.

    "Puff! Poof - on-!"

    How many countless branches Nujian before shouting crossbowmen was shot into a sieve.

    To fight now, black wizard had to admit these mercenaries, was really real "knife edge licking blood" business people. Not only because the understanding of the extent of their strength and coordination, even the fighting will also not far from the guard "fake" can.

    But whether they are, no matter how well equipped to what extent trained with regularity, these mercenaries are still only a group of ordinary people, rather than simply can not use some common sense means to get rid of the evil, or to the point mutation kichiku monster.

    As long as the person will have weaknesses, will be thinking inertia, fear will be excited, and can be split by steel sword, flame, was the collapse of the housing fell into a pile of meat.

    And god...... If there is no as Gabriel help, don't even have Loren and Maizika one-on-one, was it the ogre army into a pile of rotten meat, then eat even the bones are not left.

    Of course, he is also a common to hold more ordinary human beings, but can and ordinary group with their own "human", rather than kichiku gods fight, in a sense, it is a relief.

    The running of the black wizards a kill with the roof of the crossbowmen, judging from the footsteps of the mercenaries in the same close to his side, and soon he was to be surrounded by.

    Lauren counted the remaining equipment firelighters has been used up, three knife sword and a left, the enemy is too tight, let him have no weapons recovery time, can only take off the body of the makeshift grab.

    As for the "rock" will have been used for two times, before and after "Turin fire" has been used three times, not as Gabriel with the situation, the spirit of Loren are not without limits, from the beginning to now he has to control the power and amplitude of high order magic, not once own empty.

    If all, can of course be half Loren direct blow - but that a lane is the result of the entire event in uncontrolled development, such a strong vanity power traces, nine star wizard tower and the Free Council can not be put in the past.

    The current position, he will be very reluctant to contradict himself and the Bellini family, became the watchman and the Eboden, and half the wizarding world of contradiction.

    Not to mention do not guarantee that there will not be left to live, and the black wizard is completely...... Sigh gently, Loren's face more than a touch of helpless.

    It can be a quarter of an hour to resolve the fighting, they seem to be playing the same time in the cover the face and creep away, surrounded and surrounded on both sides of back and forth.

    The sound of footsteps gradually stopped, the judgment is accurate, it should be in their own right below the alley.

    Well, take a gamble. Expression of frustration Luo Lun Ping raised his left hand chuckle, mocked his opinionated and timid like.

    Wearing "caster" palm down a drop of blue "drop", nine star on his feet again appeared out of nowhere.

    .................. Ebo den Yesi is very upset, Weirlo face anxiety like carriage, but also from time to time to look outside one eye, lest they miss a Lothar.

    Sitting opposite him but Peter Farshal is very calm, even the mood straightened his clothes -- if it is usual he may not care too much about his dress, but on this day, this time is very special".

    "Are you sure he went to the Fleiss Walker estate, rather than south of civilian areas?!"

    "Of course, Lord Weirlo Bellini, which he told me." Peter smiled and blinked, still puzzled asked: "the other...... Why do you think Ain Rand will go to the South?"

    "Well... Of course, this is because...... I'm just for example!" Once again aware louzui said Weirlo quickly added, drenched in cold sweat on tenterhooks: "how long does it take from here to the Fleiss Walker estate?"

    "Have a period of time, we are sure to catch him." Peter comfort said: "you do not have to worry about, even to the Fleiss Walker estate and how? But you are a Bellini family of wizards, or Arto Bellini's mentor, Fleiss Walker is also the master does not let you through the door?"

    "It is of course no, in Eboden manor, will say they don't welcome the Bellini family!" Weirlo heard these words to your chest, like to cheer myself up like, desperately looking for reason: "I only think of Fleiss master Walker...... If you bother to master the experiment, that is my duty."

    Damn, I don't have to tell you I'm going to kill the Lothar Hillbillies, so don't let him run to Fleiss Walker Park?!

    On the surface, pretending to calm Weirlo, my heart had scolded one thousand times ten thousand times. Just now he suddenly thought of that day, the Summer Festival dinner, Loren and Corona family is Allie miss together.

    Although not what impression of the "Allie" Miss, but since the other side is a Corona family, it can be proved that the wizard has black hair and the Corona family have a certain relationship, once they come to complicates matters!

    Croce damn it, this little girl is sent home Coronado what faint, was actually a hick to cheat? Perhaps this person has two......

    When Weirlo Bellini was still full of the body under the carriage make blind and disorderly conjectures, a sudden violent shaking, the window outside the screams and the horse whinny, the carriage was thrown out!

    Their hands, is now!

    Look suddenly a cold Peter Farshal immediately rushed up and hugged at barking Weirlo rushed out of the car, with his own body when the buffer, try to put him in the body care!

    Two people flying out in the dust on the road was tumbled several times before it stopped, a human pad inertia and Weirlo Peter was almost hit the weight of a coma, but still stubbornly did not let go, childish face is full of ferocious.

    This is my prey, is the only way I can make up for the last chance of failure!

    Before from his mouth out everything he knows, before he lost the last bit of use value, absolutely can't let him have any risk into the body!

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