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    "Peter Farshal...... I remember you like Bird Lyle's apprentice is?"

    Look at the station in front of their own hands carrying a timid, also with a baby face Peter, escorted forehead trying to remember Weirlo Bellini finally remembered his identity, frowning: "don't you find your own teacher, I went to the lab to do what?"

    "Thank you for remembering me, but I have to finish school teacher in the name Lyle Byrd, is a real wizard not belonging to the mentor apprentice."

    Expression is a little nervous Peter Farshal shyly smiled, eyes more than light constantly looked at the "lab" silver plated octagonal chandelier hanging on the ceiling, the foot is soft to step up his voice no velvet carpet, on both sides of the bookcase also exudes a faint Phoebe fragrance, every book is new the like is waxed.

    Of course there are made of black walnut desk, candlestick and tobacco box silver the briar pipe, granite brick fireplace decorated with two paintings with a transparent glass and a bottle of wine, Eboden specialty pink Wine.

    In general, this room is more like a luxury to the orgy of study, instead of a wizard's laboratory, Peter Farshal once had the honor went to Fleiss master Walker laboratory, and Weirlo Bellini is just like the broken South beggar shack.

    "One day is your mentor, life is your mentor, this is the Nine Star Tower rule wizard." Every time when it comes to this matter, Weirlo Bellini's face will show a bit complacent, whether Bird Lyle or other wizards, as long as the genius of Artaud apprentice, they dare not reveal the slightest contempt in his face.

    "So...... Peter Farshal, Lyle Byrd's apprentice, what are you doing here?"

    "Well, is this!" Peter hurriedly nodded: "in about half a day before, Ain Rand begged me to find you about one thing......"

    "Ain Rand?!"

    He almost jumped up from the chair to hear the name of Weirlo. From the audit evaluation to help the staff fan Stewart Connaught, even by his apprentice to force this damn redneck apology...... Every time he remembered the crystal clear.

    Even in the nine star wizard tower, even Bird Lyle, that bastard, never like this is called Ain Rand. As a shame yourself, you are the face let his teeth, personally can not wait to tear him to pieces!

    Even if he knew himself impossible at this point.

    Just a few minutes ago he was there from the apprentice's got the news, the Lothar Hillbillies suddenly disappeared, never in his lab.. This let Weirlo Bellini tread on air.

    He was a crutch and lane to help, otherwise why hurry hurry to leave, he would never have thought of Artaud in the sewers Lane how is he going to a gift!

    But listen to the tone of Peter Farshal...... This guy does not seem to go to a lane, and had intended to ask yourself a few questions?

    "Do you know where he went?"

    Weirlo looked at her agitation, Peter was "terrified" slightly nodded: "we made an appointment in the evening school outside the pub before that meeting, he will first go to the Fleiss Walker estate, is said to be looking to master some things."

    Fleiss Walker manor, to what he did? Weirlo was shocked, then suddenly thought of a possible.

    Damn, this little thing I see through the Artaud plan, he wasn't going to die or stay in the Tower Lane a wizard to die, but want to Fleiss master Walker!

    One of the twelve founders of nine star wizard tower to vouch for him, even the Bellini family in the liberal parliamentary influence is also very difficult to convict him, not to mention one of the members of Parliament are free of master Fleiss Walker.

    Absolutely can not let him arrive at the Fleiss Walker manor, before that he must stop!

    "He is what you go?!"

    "Then, just before a minute, I did not see him leave." Suddenly the Weirlo Bellini Peter jumped, even nearly Betrayed: "he is riding a horse, should be going to the gate."

    Although guessed Weirlo would respond, but unexpectedly strong to this point, a lot of rhetoric was originally prepared all.

    Does he hate the dark haired wizard?

    "Come with me, we will leave him to stop now!" Suddenly from the chair up, Peter Fashana saw a face at the Weirlo immediately understood his words, quickly add:

    I said, "i...... No matter what Ain Rand had done, since he is going to ask me that you should not bother to Fleiss Walker -- not to mention the usual master of masters so busy, as one of the nine star wizard tower, which is my honor for him!"

    "You're a good man, Weirlo Bellini."

    Compliment Weirlo Peter Farshal smiling nod bow, his eyes flashed a kill.

    .................. "Boom -!!!!"

    With a roar, stop in front of the mercenaries, the highest of an old lane a wooden house in the fire collapsed into a pile of burning ruins.

    The mercenary leader's purpose is clear: as long as there is no this commanding point and block the bunker, the dark haired wizard hiding difficulty will be doubled, as long as one by one the rest of their alleys will have him out on the line.

    "This damn mouse has no hiding place, ready for all people! Blockade of crossbowmen periphery, continue to promote the rest!" The mercenary leader brandishing a sword shouted, still did not forget to wear a helmet on the stab in the back:

    "A quarter of an hour, arch-criminal kill the crutch to help drain lane! Again, no matter of life and death, cut off his head, you chop again in this life no worries about food and drink, do you hear?!"

    The answer is uniform and shouts, both fiery eyes.

    "I see!" The mercenary leader roared and shouted: "put the damn black hair to me when the cattle slaughtered the wizard!"

    With voice down, dozens of crossbowmen cohort from the central part, climbed up the drain Lane on both sides of the roof, watching from above the people do not see the dead, and the remaining few ground control.

    Give a shield sword mercenary and wielding Knight Sword wandering knights, towards both sides of the lane began to advance - already cleaned sewer Lane no obstacle.

    Next, the problem is the time in order to catch the mouse. Damn. The mercenary leader smiled very ferocious. This guy is able to hide a quarter of an hour or two minutes?

    "Here, I found him!"

    A hiding on the roof of the crossbowmen tread on air shouted: "hurry up, don't let him run away! I find him, you have to be my witness, I found him!"

    The crossbowmen screams of excitement, around the nearest mercenary and wandering Knights have his way over, with the fastest speed to complete the package before and after the clamp, the roof of the crossbowmen who have to cross bow at the lane space.

    Oh, actually so soon to be found? Aware of the mercenary leader trend face a disdain, he had to find each other again put a little while.

    Sure enough, the guard of the "fake" is a group of waste snacks, worn for ten fundamental -- team of hundreds of people was a wizard almost completely destroyed, shame!

    But the Dark Wizard does not seem to intend to give up resistance, after being completely occupied in the alley behind turned and fled into the house.

    "Let the brothers down, and then put the oil with the command crossbowmen house for my point!" The mercenary leader at estafette sneer waved his hand: "the fighting has ended, can tell the good news to Artaud Bellini"."

    "The......" Estafette face some embarrassment: "a wandering knight for the dark haired wizard's head rushed in, and then there are other brothers and crossbowmen...... There is also a lot of it!"

    This group of greedy fool, I will not tell them what the bounty!

    The mercenary leader just flustered toward estafette roar, a red light suddenly rushed into his line of sight:

    "Boom -!!!!"
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