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    "Peter Farshal has sent a message."

    The night watchman Eboden stronghold sewers, named Edward vigil in the hands of the note to the other three opposite: "the Bellini family has already begun, now a lane and they were everywhere.

    The Bellini family seems suspect Laurent Turin identity, ready to use crutches to help him with sewage, then hang a charge to the dungeon; and Peter and Loren intend to use this opportunity to let Laurent Turin to drain lane as bait, attract the attention of the Bellini family.

    Then we will cooperate with Peter, and took the opportunity to Weirlo Bellini, and then dig out something from his mouth, such as the whereabouts of Isaac Grantham, and his blood agents know exactly how much is this approximately -."

    Then, the indifference of the Edward looked at Ivan and Vera, Carmen: "what need to ask?"

    "There is only one problem." Holding the shoulder the girl with red hair is not too happy: "this is what the Peter plan, or the Laurent Turin come up with?"

    "I did not write, I do not know." Edward shrugged: "but I guess it is Laurent Turin Mr. Peter is a very easy to hesitate, always let us help him resolve; and I don't think Peter can persuade the Dark Wizard to die as bait, his eloquence is also not so good.

    But...... Who is the idea, really important?"

    "Of course!" The red haired girl Lingheng: "why is this guy not to confront Weirlo, but to let us do?! Now we are in the high streets and back lanes outside reward notices, is out!"

    "Vera, you made a mistake."

    "What did I do wrong?!"

    "Peter Farshal sent us is not what plan, but the task." Cold Edward frowned: "in other words, Laurent Turin you should now have arrived in a lane, I have in the family and the Bellini family's dog fight;

    Again, a little while Peter Farshal ought to be trying to give Weirlo leads nine star wizard tower; if we do not act soon, both sides will be dangerous!"

    The red haired girl's expression changed, eventually angrily gritted his teeth, suddenly turned back: "I understand, you can start at any time!"

    A deep look at her, Edward turned to the sky: "you and Ivan?"

    "I have only one problem." The Sorcerer's Apprentice named Carmen swallow slobber, asked some uncertain: "we really don't send a person...... To support the Turin Laurent you?"

    This is indeed a problem.

    Edward frowned, after a moment's thought slightly nodded: "mission is not written to support him, but we do not know the actual situation, fancy would be counterproductive -- so, as long as they follow the prescribed order, follow the plan on it."

    Not to mention the Dark Wizard of your strength, it is hard to believe that what will happen to him. Without the use of "premise beyond perception", is almost completely with their skill to solve six of the Bellini family collection network.

    Even if such a person is the mission fails, should also be full back to.

    ............ "What you say, say it again!"

    The mercenary leader faces a ferocious stare at the floor on this a heap of mud patrol guards, all blue veins stood out on his forehead.

    For hundreds of patrol guards, not only failed to catch the dare and the Bellini family against the wizards, was also killed before and after the three teams, but nearly thirty people!

    Now, this bastard is still outside continue to unbridled hunting, soon the entire sewer lane only more than 100 bodies!

    Damn, what emerged from where the devil? The mercenary leader could not imagine, for he even know what is next, I am afraid it will not deliberately drill into this trap is obvious place.

    This is of course, who dare and the Bellini family on ebden? Unless he is one of the twelve founders of nine star wizard tower, or Corona family.

    And now they do not come in, and has been in front of his face in a lane opened fire, like a mad dog fling caution to the winds!

    He is not clear and the Bellini family on the end?!

    The whole hall supremeheadquarters help crutches, silent and soundless. All eyes are staring at a mercenary leader, waiting for his orders.

    Damn, who can tell me what should I do?!

    The only reason told he could not continue indefinitely, even if they only come up with a good idea. Otherwise when the outside guard was killed all the madman, help in a besieged stronghold they were surrounded by.

    The number of hundreds of mercenaries were surrounded by a person, just sounds ridiculous to the extreme, but this is actually true!

    He is now in serious doubt, the Artaud Bellini you, is not really clear what exactly is his enemy.

    A death grip bloody sword, the mercenary leader such as frost rose from her chair and pulled out the sword in sheath:

    "Everyone is all ready, let all the crossbowmen blockade of the channel, before we go out with oil and then we start from a clear; the house, an alley an alley clean, until this damn mouse is no longer hiding opportunities!

    We don't have him alive! Artaud Bellini adults give orders of life and death -- whether do him, all of us will be able to get the full one thousand gold coins!

    But if anyone can get this wizard's head, but also get a bonus of five hundred gold coin!"

    Around the mercenaries and collapsed in as cheerful as a lark, but the guard to be frightened and change color hugged the mercenary leader, thigh:

    "Oil and bolt clearance?! So we are still outside the adults......"

    "Get out to the side of the child!" The mercenary leader growled angrily, the guards were kicked be caught off guard in the chest, the half-dead on the wall: "you guard the waste snacks have even stopped him to do, instead of letting them are the mad wizard killed, as the starting point, a little effect!"

    The mercenary leader said, black face behind mercenaries mercilessly stare:

    "Come with me, to get rid of that act recklessly and blindly!"

    Is gold tie the red eyes of the mercenaries in order from the base camp - cane help out rushed in front of the end is still a crossbow crossbowmen, second row is holding a shield and sword of the light infantry, then can see more than twenty waving the sword and the sword of the half flow wave knight.

    These people and soldiers patrol guards were not a grade.

    Not only between the tacit understanding, even can say it absolute trust in the moment, in the rear of the original Knights have been wandering in front of the light infantry under the cover of a lane on both sides of the lane toward the front of the opponent, and they march crossbowmen, open in crossbow and kerosene.

    Obviously, these people have no scruples, ready to direct the entire sewer lane to ashes and ruins!

    While their body also is a unified standard for silver armour - although most are just five most common buckle type, far airtight bolt can resist it, but do not use "in the premise of bright silver", the light with the swords and knives, Luo Lun is absolutely not smashed open these "iron shell".

    Well armed, trained with regularity, peihemoqi...... The Bellini family is really worthy of the mercenaries man Artaud Bellini you should spend a lot of money.

    In the limited cognitive Loren, only Deepwood Luwen Earl Knight guard, and the level of ancient wood forest warfare dancers over the rest of the mercenaries in front of this -- even if it is the Church of the cavalry is far better than.

    With a lifetime of words to describe it, this group of people is "occupation".

    It is true that knife trading, dinner on the weapon in the hands of working on a killer; they may also beat a thug gang in the top; but if the queue, array fighting words, ten times the mob only zuoniaoshousan!

    So...... How to kill many, you really feel afraid?

    Smile again with Loren left hand, palm jumping flame let his smile become very scary.

    Anyway, you are not afraid of it or not, away from here!
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