#139  (on) me

    "The people here, I just saw him!"

    The voice is not down, carrying crossbow guards toward the alley pulled and pulled the trigger. The ghostly ghost in his eyes twinkle over, howling with bolt nail in the wall behind his shoulder.

    A moment of opportunity, with a hood will face the man pulled out after the waist knife, cut off the crossbowmen still to cross bow, was flying in the face of the blade in the face!

    At the same time around the patrolling guards rushed to the door, the knife in the body fell to the ground, the alley had no figure, the mercenaries still hear footsteps.

    "He's on top!"

    "Really fast reaction." With a wry smile and grumbled, just climb up the roof yet Loren probe, the first out of three branches sideways to shoot down the bolt, then carelessly threw a pot "native": "this is your prize!"

    The guards although don't know what it is, but also alert immediately toward the spread around, but hiding in the above Loren faster hand crossbow took away the alignment, firelighters falling to a hair.


    Spark burst, use a shield to block the vision the guards could not wait to see what is going on, the moment was like water drop like "rain of fire engulfed.

    The first time around two guys threw the shield, but the middle one was not so lucky, screaming into a fall on the ground, turned into a burning torch "".

    Very good, and find a "firelighters" new usage, dark haired wizard nodded slightly. Although some might just passable, that really good luck to the destruction caused by the point, but it is convenient.

    If more powerful, he did not dare to bring in the body.

    Not far from watching the explosion attracted the guard, dark haired wizard could not help but frowned from their dive here so far have lost their two squad, but a lane mercenaries still holed up in the cane help stronghold, never out of it.

    They must have found, why did not stop to let these guard "fake" came to die? Is to test your strength, or intend to use the wheel tactics?

    Loren turned against a wall jump under the eaves, landing firmly and climbed into the depths of the alley, ancient wooden forest and dancers to learn there have been able to do the pace, Loren point fall silent.

    But this is not the ancient wood forest, his opponent is not only stupid ogre instinct. In the complex terrain, undulating roof alley, stand high and only one end.

    That is a live target.

    The footsteps behind more and more intensive, the fall has two people in this assembly, there should be at least one team, which is about ten people.

    Although the liberal parliamentary guard are often said to be "fake", but also enough excellent equipment, and in the street, they have many advantages: incomparable to myself.

    In the not to expose the identity of their head and face the premise. Alone hold in this aspect in the absolute disadvantage, once surrounded, fate is being crossbow shot to pieces.

    Footsteps getting closer, more and more intensive, holding a shield against the wall, there are people on both sides of a crossbow, hiding in the corner of the alley overcautious.

    This group of people has been just two teams body scared, did not dare to put up, trembling from the corner of the slot black wizard every act and every move.

    It was expected, Loren mouth casts a sneer. Look at the Bellini family told them he was a wizard, but she did not say he is the caster.

    The difference between the two call is a world of difference as you can say, elves are humanoids, humans are humanoid, but I'm afraid that both sides will not feel each other and their is a species.

    Hiding in the alley Lauren did not continue to wait, the left hand had been replaced by "caster", red runes floating in the palm.

    Before he may also think of as much as possible without causing too much movement; but now...... He's not going to let anyone left alive a lane.

    Can be sent to a lane, all is the Bellini family's most loyal henchman, any one left is absolutely trouble -- even if they don't see your face, I will also identify the court said to see themselves in a lane.

    Also, even the Bellini family, such a loyal henchman is absolutely dead a little one. Since the other side has to kill his honesty integrity, it will no longer continue to go on.

    "Things to this point, it is regrettable."

    A dark haired wizard himself slowly open the palm of the left hand, bright red runes has turned into a vibrant flame.

    ............ Helmeted crossbowmen lying in the corner behind, holding the hands of the crossbow to move, trembling hand gripped the trigger, looked as if a wind sways grass will let him press down like.

    Like from that ghost people, have before and after nearly twenty guards were killed. This "emergency" is really beyond the scope of crossbowmen to understand, don't even dare to imagine what is the reason.

    No matter who, the other just alone!

    They heard from now may even two quarter are not actually being fully blocked a lane, like the slaughter of animals like killed nearly twenty people, and they even who it is, what does it look like are absolutely ignorant of.

    There are more ridiculous than this thing?!

    Just now, he was continuously killed four person, but until that few poor guy was alive, they found that the people's movement, and he stuck in the alley.

    He had an illusion -- each of these people do not want to kill myself what is reason to now there is no hands-on, is going to guard people as bait, put those mercenaries from the house out.

    In addition to this, it can have other reasons?

    When "make blind and disorderly conjectures", behind crossbowmen somber captain suddenly forced patted his shoulder, silent with sword alley pointed toward the.

    The meaning is clear, is to want to let him into the alley for a movement, but also led the people out of the bait.

    Dare not disobey command down crossbowmen crossbow, sword and shield up gingerly into the alley, staring eyes, as if on the front steps carefully nail.

    Slowly raise head, feel alarmed crossbowmen froze.

    The man stood in front of him, slowly raise left hand, foot out of the emergence of a painting of nine star ring, dark pupil and his gaze.

    "He appeared, shooting -!!!!"

    Behind the sudden sound frightened the captain's orders, the crossbowmen back immediately: "wait a minute, I haven't......"

    He was also the voice did not fall, the two lane suddenly rises two walls, was blocked after a previous attack guard.

    And in the next moment, crossbowmen swore he definitely heard the man behind a snap.

    "Boom -!!!!"

    No screams, no superfluous sound, both ends of the sudden explosion alley all surrounded by guards all devour. Crossbowmen almost instinctively squatting on the ground with a shield to protect themselves. By the burst of stone continuous burst of gravel, the wooden shield hit a pit trap and hole.

    "Protection or not ah, it seems even the magic spell is, engraving and simple use is still a world of difference."

    See the stone wall was shattered, very dissatisfied with the dark haired wizard Staveley, eyes on the living body guards patrol.

    Heard the voice, the frightened crossbowmen looked back and saw the people closer to home, until the front of their own, under the hood a pair of dark pupil, like staring at her like have a keen insight into matters.

    "Still alive?"

    These men suddenly nodded, his eyes didn't blink.

    "Very good, because I must trouble you to help me." Loren cold face, voice no feelings:

    "Would you go to tell the hide, let you die the mercenary, the Bellini family's dog.

    No matter he is not waiting for anybody, or just full support.

    Tell him......

    I come!"
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