#138  is "conspiracy" (below)

    "My dear Loren, when you prepare yourself before the trouble to think, do what is the reason for you, just a whim?!"

    A red small black dress Aas Muriel face hitherto unknown dignified, holding the shoulder and walked into the door looked at Loren: "I'll ask another way, now you know what you are doing?"

    "Of course I know." First, hold in front of young show a bland smile: "what's wrong with it?"

    "What is the right place?!" The boy angrily stared at her red eyes: "you know it's a trap?!"

    "This is certainly a trap, they must have guessed I will come - or, if I'm not going to be hanging on" gang leader "charges, and Eboden was thrown into prison, then I have to run this trip."

    The black wizard is "innocent" hands in surrender: "I'm sorry, I just a common man with best effort, what can not immediately think 'good way' genius, why don't you tell me a hard way and without them?"

    "You can let people go to die for you, the night." As Gabriel is decisive gives the answer: "and a group of elite mercenaries to pack a head-on, or by the reputation of the apprentice wizard easy?"

    "They are just a bit of my trust, how can immediately and would have killed?" Loren helplessly sighed: "let alone get under the premise of Weirlo, is the need to ensure that the Bellini family's attention on me."

    Now nine star wizard tower everywhere is the Bellini family line, if his sudden disappearance they will perceive as long as Peter Facha took the opportunity to take Weirlo away nine star wizard tower, the rest of the things would be easier.

    I believe my dear, Mr. Wei Pirlo beilini for their own life, would you mind.

    "Sounds very reasonable way, just sounds!" Boy pouted and a very unhappy appearance: "but not or should you go?"

    "Yes, this is indeed very dangerous......" Loren suddenly frowned and looked very fantastic:

    "What time do you care about me, so alive?"

    Aas Muriel's mouth twitched, just blink, bloodless cheeks again revealed that "refined and courteous" smile:

    "Why do you ask this? We are best friend ah, lovely as Gabriel has always been for your safety prevention remind it!"

    No, this is not the same...... Loren pupil slightly suddenly want to flex, from the front of the boy on the slightest answer, even if he knows this is only in vain.

    So he can't wait on time, even willing to take the initiative to help yourself, or because the ancient wood forest Maizika Cthulhu - only dread and fear, to let this never tell the truth a little guy, so a.

    This will not be the same reason?

    "Ah...... Is this look. I warned you, dear Loren, don't try to get the answer in this way." The young face smile gradually receded, become indifferent and cold: "can tell you when Aas Muriel will know."

    "Dear as Ariel, I have a book you read." Black haired wizard smiled pondering: say you always can meet any of the wishes of the people, but always want to let others pay the price, and realize that the process is not completely desire they want."

    "Well...... The evaluation is fair." Not even for a second, juvenile immediately restored the original "naive" expression, eating finger nodded: "but I helped those people just for fun, and not the same as they want...... Well, I don't need to care about how a group of human thought, isn't it?

    Don't forget, lovely as a devil's real genuine goods at a fair price!"

    The above said you 'lovely devil' keen to sacrifice and the body, this is your interest?

    "Sacrifice and the bodies?" As Gabriel body froze, innocent stare big eyes: "how can they be so slander me?!"

    "Defamation?" Skeptical lauren.

    "Of course it is slander! Ah...... Yes, lovely as Gabriel has never denied that he is a bad boy, whether it is a trick, or with some opinionated guys are very interesting." The young look very puzzling: "but I have a pile of corpses. What?!"

    "...... Eat?"


    Handsome boy right hand against his forehead, brow kept twitching, a depressed:"...... Is there anything else?"


    "What are you going to leave the nine star wizard tower, outside can be everywhere, not spies ran directly exposed?"

    "So from another path." Of course, Luo ethics:

    Of course the sewer ah."

    ........................ Break the intestines scream, steel sword penetrating to the heart cry, wipe the neck tear...... A help stronghold, a wonderful drama is staged.

    The name is called "drama" the end of a lane.

    In hundreds of heavily armed mercenaries, the external front trained with regularity an equal number of guard, needless to say a small stick help, even add up all the South Gang could not compete with them!

    Yes, only more than 200 people, even in the whole South throw waves are not up, if they go to the street patrol, not one day there will be half of the streets of violent death, the rest will probably be cut off his ears and nose, then dead, or hung in a tavern sign, as a warning to other the "fake" don't get outside of the.

    But if the two hundred clenched into a fist, that is completely two concepts!

    The first of these scum also try to resist it, then shot down down dozens of corpses, the rest is completely out of sight. Only some sewer or corner suddenly came out soon after the guy was stabbed to death a dozen not afraid of death, the rest have begun to "learn".

    It is not called the battle, called garbage.

    One hundred patrol guards blocked streets, one hundred mercenaries control Lane - and in a gutter lane outside the stronghold of large and small, there are other patrol guard control around, to ensure that no more waste rushed in trouble.

    At nightfall, the sewer lane ", all the gang take on an altogether new aspect", and robbers, thieves and beggars......

    All of the "social idle person" will become the overflowing sewage and garbage in the ditch, and then be completely clean.

    Clean the sword, the Bellini family leader into the crutch to help the mercenary camp, just to find a chair, panting while shaking his head.

    What is doing here?

    I thought these damn punk can have some ability, the results on this level? Alone and those same fierce mercenaries or zounanchuangbei wandering knights, even Lothar of rural agricultural soldiers are one hundred times stronger than they!

    Lothar was a lord hired mercenary leader, on the land of farmers -- impressed almost everyone is a good hunter, but also keen on the fist to solve the problem, the country farm landlords revolt is more common, even heard of a Deepwood old count also perennial to rebel music, until recently kick by Duke Lothar robbed.

    Compared with such fierce principality, ebden is really a peaceful, even the Mafia thugs can not see.

    "We have a team of Warchief, brother disappeared."

    Just extremely boring mercenary leader stopped rubbing sword hand, frowning at the back to run and the mercenaries.

    All of a sudden I kill a team? It seems that this group of scum has not been learned, has so much courage?

    "In what place?" The mercenary leader is casually asked: "no matter how many of them, put around the crossbowmen together, give me all to smithereens!"

    Not a few people "...... Warchief." Estafette haltingly: "but only one person, and even around the eaves responsible for warning the crossbowmen, have been killed!"

    The mercenary leader's face not too good.
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