#130  and the watchman's battle (below)

    Peter Farshal collapsed on the ground shaking, but not because of fear and pain, but anger, incomparable anger.


    Just half a step, almost half a step...... All over!

    The wall suddenly rises, finally gather up around the guards Arto Bellini and blood drug together away from the banquet hall, Peter and the rest of the four night watchman at the moment completely surrounded.

    Very not easy to wait until the opportunity was to end in such a way?!

    "Ah --!!!!"

    The piercing roar, the mad dog Peter Farshal fling caution to the winds down the first rushing guards, waving away the sword to still stand in situ dark haired wizard.

    "I want to kill you!"

    Who is very calm Loren untied the ribbon and cuffs of the collar, and then it will be a magic wand "heart" gave Allie behind, look even do not see the slightest panic, as if it is ready for a friend.

    Of course, it is a friend indeed, but still a plan to kill him.

    Anger and use "beyond perception" of Peter Farshal swift wind, not the guards could stop the. While the four watchmen left at the moment from the four break, Peter kept most of the guards.

    A sword will last out of the body guards beheaded, stepped on the foot of Peter stared to kill red eye, face twitch uncontrolled twisted.

    The next one is you!

    Suddenly, in the shadow has disappeared. A murderous look, the girl pushed directly behind Loren snapped his fingers, just the "firefly curse" immediately turned into the glare of light, behind the left hand has pulled out the waist "bright silver".

    "Beyond perception" is a higher order spell enhanced senses and reaction and intuition, such words hinder the visual little charm to counter, even than normal people effectively!

    Of course, it is only for the novice.

    Small trick! A contemptuous disregard of the Peter closed his eyes, flashing a sarcastic. The use of "beyond perception" he doesn't need a visual, auditory light has been able to determine the location of the loran.

    But he did not know, Loren's purpose is to let his eyes -- when Peter eyes closed instantly, black haired wizard again took him from the Wim Parr Institute to take the native".

    The little witch Ayn Rand the most useful invention, not lit agent would explode.

    "Boom -!!!!"

    The sudden explosion of fire once again attracted everyone's attention, even had prepared to break through the watchman of assassins also couldn't help but look, understanding towards the center of the explosion came.

    "Stop them, absolutely can not let these people run!" Hide in the table below Weirlo Bellini once again played the role of "commander", probably feel safe enough, and that the assassins will not come to kill themselves, more triumphant.

    Although not the watchman's opponent, but the tacit and sophisticated security guards or stopped the assassin's footsteps, make them more anxious, and then continue to delay, they even can't escape it!

    Dust explosion rolled up block line of sight, let the people around to see what happened at that moment. What killed is the black wizard, or kill red eye assassin?

    For some people, this is not a problem.

    Smoke, Peter Farshal found himself lying on the ground was not dead, slowly open your eyes, dark haired wizard smiled and knelt down beside him, with a delicate dagger in his throat on the top.

    "Kill me! Or do I have......"

    "We don't have much time, so long story short." With the tone he will allow all doubt Loren plug back: "you now have two choices, either kill me here; or I give you the opportunity to take the opportunity to slip away, I need it now!"

    It has just finished, he took out second bottles of "native" plug in the arms of Peter Farshal, no surprise to ignore his stunned expression: "to choose it, wait until they see us, you have no choice."

    After a moment's hesitation, Peter Fashana childish face his expression.

    "Boom -!!!!"

    The explosion roar once again swept the entire banquet hall, before the guests come, the splashed flames will hold blown, side table smashed into a messy, but also the way to destroy the side of the window.

    Four the rest of the night watchman finally broke through the guards in the defense, they want to jump in, the bad hair when this wizard, but was stopped by the Peter hand.

    "Don't ignore him, so is of no avail." Expression of complex Peter Farshal refuse to watch their companions: "the mission fails, we retreat!"

    .................. After the assassins fled, most of the guards are left to protect the safety of the banquet hall, only a handful of people went to catch up.

    But this does not mean that the Bellini family had to give up after the assassin - before and after the two assassination attempt, and almost lost one of the most important members of the family, and so many guests face the danger, if not to give them an account of the Bellini family's face on the dirt!

    In addition to the palace guards, the Bellini family also control part of the guard, although these people are just like furnishings goods, but if you just let the streets blocked, hide the mice undetected, should still be able to do.

    Even if it doesn't catch the assassins, they must do so -- this is a question of attitude.

    For the banquet guests, if spend the night, is the real problem.

    Blood drug, and the sudden assassin, this feast for them is too "stimulus", so that a lot of people have forgotten the talented alchemist Arto Bellini, to focus on another called Ain Rand caster.

    The skill of the "magic circle", with high order and low order spell spell, timing clever, so many nobles and nine star wizard tower wizards noticed that another rising star, but also very concerned about his injury.

    More importantly, there are a lot of people noticed him the Corona family miss Allie.

    "Feel shy, but you can't go in there now."

    A banquet hall on the side of the corridor, the embrace of a magic wand "heart" of Alier Corona is standing at the door, smiling at a Bellini family's old housekeeper.

    "You misunderstood, I just want to represent the Bellini family, to express my heartfelt thanks to Ain Rand." In the face of the Corona family miss, even the elderly, the old housekeeper also dare not neglect the slightest heart: "the way you see Rand's injury, if possible......"

    "He ain does not need any doctor or pharmacist for help, he just need a good rest." Ai Lier's smile is inspiring, but rejected but very cold: "when the Corona family coach come, I will go with him, so don't bother."

    "The Corona family carriage? I ask the Lord Ain Rand and your relationship is......"

    The girl just smiled, did not answer. But the light is like "the answer" is enough to let the old housekeeper tremble with fear, Touyebuhui hurriedly left the corridor.

    When the old housekeeper walked away, Allie slowly look behind the door, gently push, behoove, empty inside.

    The real Ain Rand...... Laurent or Turin, are already in those behind the night watchman left the banquet hall, now do not know where the Department of.

    Really, they said tonight is her boyfriend, but actually throwing himself away, it really is too much...... Allie pouted, a very unhappy.

    But at least he also left his token - ring cross Knight of the church, and the "wand tree heart", it is enough to make the girl feel satisfied.

    "Well, just wait until next time again to him, to let him embarrassed about?"

    Allie's pale cheeks, more than a sly smile.
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