#122  invitation (below)

    Ebo den Yesi, nine star wizard tower.

    The summer festival approaching, weekdays in a peaceful and quiet, or like a pool of stagnant water in the castle began to appear a little commotion, the wizard tower has become lively a lot.

    This ancient festival can be traced back even before the establishment of the Empire, even is the origin of human civilization era, in order to celebrate the harvest celebration of birth. Taking people from abroad to make light of travelling a thousand li, on weekdays and they will spend in this a few savings, the nobles indulge in an inexhaustible feast of pleasure.

    From the summer of the first round of the new moon, until the next full moon for thirty days, during which there will be countless Carnival activities, the activities of large and small and every kind of performance will be all over the high streets and back lanes ebden. As a big city Empire to count on the summer festival, ebden even attracts around the Principality of Lords came to the ceremony is very grand.

    The nine star wizard tower wizards, the summer festival this year than in previous years will be more special, the Bellini family has announced, will be in this time of summer feast, Eboden announced formally to the whole research of Artaud Bellini, can cure all diseases, can even make a potion from broken limbs the!

    Not only is the apprentice, even many wizards began to gather in a corner of the castle is discussed, especially now holidays approaching, the Bellini family began to radiate the invitations to the party, can get an invitation, became almost between wizards and apprentices who measure their "sign".

    Whenever an apprentice almost "honored" like from the Bellini family servant hands, get the precious "invitation", immediately from around harvest countless jealousy envy hate eyes seemed to get the Crown winner for all kinds of people around to enjoy.

    Of course, there are also some natural "fever" apprentice to another way, try to ask about those who come to send invitations servants, on the day of the banquet is not also need some "waiter" - such as side dishes like, if close to the banquet center is better.

    ............ "Ancient Runes" classics "? Is this!"

    Peter Facha foot pad from the shelf under the dust filled with books, and a pile of old books piled on the table, round eyes looked at the desk opposite Lauren, long sigh: "this is all - if not those who have become pieces of antique. There are some wizards' possession of it."

    "Really feel shy, you came to help me." The black wizard wore a smile: "immutable and frozen what can you do?"

    "Thank you? No, no!" Peter is a childish smile, hurriedly waved his hand: "I in tears gates is idle, no things to do, just come and help!"

    "Of course...... If you insist." The young wizard's face suddenly Red: "can you lend me the black feather eagle for a period of time? A day or a few minutes. Just look at...... I look a little down! I will not move crooked mind of what!"

    "You're welcome." Lauren eye oblique laboratory side of the shelf, creaking as Gabriel staring eyes, like immediately cruel master abandoned pet cat, then Tsopeter gave a considerate smile:

    "No problem, as long as they can!"

    "Thank you very much, I will repay you!" This is Peter Farshal.

    "Too harsh, even to a little petty would betray me?!" This is Aas Muriel.

    Ignoring a piercing scream, Peter Farshal was a smirk at the side of the face hold "the youth", Lauren fully focused in front of the pile of books on, could not help but sigh.

    Just like when Wim Parr, want to learn to make progress on conjuring method only is to find all kinds of information, to find their own use examples and ancient runes.

    The only difference is that when you have the Isaac Grantham walking library, and now you want to own a look - in order to improve the structure of sorcery.

    The casters are if you want to use high order spell, methods a total of two - the first is the curse completely engraved in their spiritual palace, can be used at any time and place, greatly reduce the power void damage to the body, the disadvantage is the spirit of the hall space is limited, the spell will imprint along with the vanity of meditation and lower efficiency.

    The second is the Ancient Runes, that is by singing spell spell, the biggest advantage is that there is no kind of limit, the disadvantage is that the spell is very long, the void will cause serious erosion of power to the body, and the curse of the power of will be limited, it is very dull.

    Of course, in between there are third kinds of self - spell, like Loren "Turin fire", this spell is all part of a spiritual palace, not only receive control freely, and has a huge growth space, the disadvantage is the same with the first, will occupy the spirit of hall space.

    If you do a comparison, the first is to completely like a spell; the second is the advantages and disadvantages of two ways to echo what the books say, is very obvious.

    Magic is between the first and second, is a "compromise" of the product, it also needs some spiritual palace space, can not change the spell itself form; but without chanting, and magic itself also to spell power increase, and low down force against the great void.

    Lauren to do as much as possible to find a balance, which is compressed the space required between the two, but also increase the efficiency of application of law.

    This is not what a hard job, but can increase their cards, also can use this reason to let oneself can be in and out of nine star wizard tower, looking for all the information they need, is very cost-effective.

    With a proper identity, so that they can sneak into the Bellini family's summer feast to...... Of course, the premise is you really can get an invitation to.

    "The Bellini family's summer festival banquet...... Have you heard of that?" Just as Peter Farshal continues to work in Gabriel, suddenly turned, is full of curious sight: "Professor Bird Lyle has been an invitation, but he does not seem to go. You?"

    "Me?" Loren once, chuckle: "I'm just a stranger to the caster, they couldn't give every wizard to send a invitation?"

    Peter Farshal paused for a moment, then often sigh, a dead face:

    "I was more difficult to understand, you these geniuses humble up is really unbearable, really, if you are not eligible to go to school, then the spell and wizards, at least more than half are not eligible!"

    "But it seems to have this possibility. After all, you let Weirlo Bellini adults lost so much face, he's not what broad-minded person, but also a mentor to Arto Bellini, if he insists on objection......"

    Talk for a moment the door was open, a serious look, dress is quite simple young man came in, his hands behind his back: "here is Ain Rand your lab?"

    Although it is a question, but the light is already very relaxed mood, is undeniable attitude.

    "What can I do for you?" Not moving look up, black haired wizard to walk in front of him: "I am the person you find."

    "I am here to send invitations."

    Deadpan servant an exquisite workmanship, with ribbon seal in to Loren: "Corona family, miss Lil Corona, invite you to go to the theatre tonight ebden -- although some abrupt, but please answer now, whether to accept the invitation?"

    No notice has been behind Peter Farshal looked terrified, the hands of the invitation, Loren face a bit more readily a faint smile on one's face expression, an envelope in the arms:

    "A lady refused to invite us not a gentleman is, right?"
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