The new order of the 120th chapter of "Xiang" (under a)

    Just two days of sight, a lane pub restored, even the blood on the ground is not only a drop.

    The drunk drunk, robbery and theft of the robber, curled up in the corner of a beggar, a cloak over his face makeup, passers-by, the tavern girl giggle and flirt...... Everything seemed to be not what changes, is still here to help stick over the gang mean what one says, Eboden south of the underground order and smuggling trade.

    As for the man to die, it is already forgotten -- but here a lane, every day is not an accident is the most unusual thing, any people disappear here, what news are not worth mentioning.

    Of course, not all people.

    Van Faith Teno's corpse was hung in a tavern sign, hideous death again and again remind all passing thugs and bullies, sewer lane has not previously a lane.

    After the copper group incorporated into the south, crutches help the largest gangs, no one can shake their power, sewage overflowing alley almost everywhere can see a dog to help, even the streets also have these gangsters figure, the stately in every corner of the city.

    No guard patrol area south of civilians, gangs and all underground forces is the only order.

    Through the slightly crowded streets near the pub before, specially put on the hood rowlen, regardless of where their black hair is too loud, some never too careful.

    No one checked behind tracking after the black wizards left the alley, walked to the tavern door. A drunk drunk saw him completely drunken approaching, didn't pull out knife, drunken face appeared on the look of shock, but also mixed with a bit of fear.

    "You, you are the......"

    "Do you know me, that is really good." Lauren face more than a smile:

    "Tell Luca that I wanted to see him."

    ........................ A quiet pub box, and a spirit of "Luca" name of the scarred man gingerly sitting in the room corner, behaved like a pug, cold sweat and even dare not look up, not even to open her black pupil courage.

    Even now, van Stewart Nobel death makes him remember -- can be the man to kill the guy, and it's not easily upset.

    Sitting in the chair of the black wizards playing with the hands of a silver coin, not only full-color, even the above pattern is also very clear, is absolutely new cast.

    On the coffee table in front of him, the same "goods" have a box full of nearly one thousand pieces, at least, this is a very large sum of money.

    Even in places like Eboden, twenty silver coins can pack a best hotel room, six silver coins can buy a favorably Knight Sword, one thousand silver coins...... Can get the merchant ship to sea.

    Needless to say, these are the recent search to help cane "fruit" - certainly not all, those guys don't put anything over, but it is also the most.

    In order to please yourself, this is called "Luca" the scarred man is indeed spare no effort. Loren is not interested in money, but not what self respecting people, to the hands of no reason not to take.

    But these are not the black wizard to find the reason......

    "I have given you two days, what is the result?" Lauren tone calm not hear mood, but also let the scarred man felt a shiver: "don't tell me what are not, you should not forget Van Faith Teno's fate?"

    "When, of course, never dare to forget!"

    The scarred man hastened the table loyal, Touyebutai crouched in the corner: "those idiots have helped to find my crutches, and did not find that" people with strange gloves "." Here, he was trembling on his forehead to sweat, before the body was beaten wet floor.

    "But?" Loren deliberately dragged a long tone.

    "Some whereabouts strange guy, had appeared in the near South, but then disappeared." The scarred man quickly added: "but basically all kinds of rumors, some people said they saw a man down a dozen guards patrol, skill quick to let people see!"

    Quick to let people see? Dark haired wizard could not help but squint...... This describes the way it is a bit ambiguous. Because of Dalton Kandeh's mentor, "beyond perception" the high order curse almost became a symbol of the watchman, by virtue of this spell, even the average wizard can easily put down a dozen thugs.

    But this alone is really far fetched, light is among people who know there is a lot of Lauren can do -- such as the female spirits and the wind Lin Liya, war dancer Deepwood knight and captain of the guard.

    Now look for Isaac and potion two things gradually clues together, think of a way to contact the watchman is ebden granted.

    "Only these, you will not let me down?" The black witch grinned, showing a bit of meaning to kill naturally or half unconsciously in the eyes.

    "Of course not, I swear!" The scarred man suddenly rushed up, I said: "I have a very important clue!"

    "Although not know their tracks, but almost every time there are exit in a sewer near their stronghold must be in a sewer!"


    "Yes, Eboden's sewer is very large, almost throughout the whole city, it is said that every corner of the city to be from there, as long as there is on the line near the exit."

    The scarred man mercilessly swallowed slobber, in the eyes of fear more and more deep: "but there is also the most dangerous place in Eboden, is like a huge maze, do not know the direction of the people will never go out; and...... It is said that there are many, the wizard's Tower wizards were monsters!"

    This is the original...... So this is why no one can find the reason the night watchman? I don't know how they do it, but it is very clever.

    Not only can disappear, and can help sewer network through the ebden even the pursuers, can easily get rid of.

    The rats in the sewers...... It is with them now is very appropriate, Loren couldn't resist the semblance of a smile.

    But this smiling face to face scar man's eyes, but also saw the monster than the cannibal thriller. The direct paralysis in the corner, low head, cold sweat like rain.

    "You do very well, I am very satisfied."

    Don't believe the scarred man raised his head, looked back to hesitate smiling black haired wizard, founder of standing in front of him: "but...... There seems to be what you did not tell me, right?"


    "Bailey, the Bellini family, Weirlo Bellini called the master wizard...... He wants to kill you." Trembling scarred man words are not clear to say: "yesterday he sent a man to look for me, let me...... Let me kill you!"

    "What do you want to do?" Loren "curious" looked at him: "I am now in front of you, and do not intend to try barehanded,?"

    The scarred man suddenly shook his head.

    "Very good, I continue -- as a small contradiction between me and the sir Weirlo Bellini's advice you, you do not continue to intervene, or Van Faith Teno is your fate."

    The scarred man suddenly nodded.

    "Now there's no you what, go." Loren "kind" patted his shoulder: "remember to close the door."

    Is almost the hands and feet of the scarred man rush from the box disappeared and was replaced by Loren chair one more a tuxedo teenager, her chin cupped in her hands:

    "What to do next? Go and Mr. Weirlo Bellini a drink?"

    "It is of course, so we went to the nine star Bushtar." Loren did not look back, hands behind the back: "and...... You do not have the cup very curious, but I know a lot of people played it idea, no success."

    "How is that." Hear this boy suddenly looked up, eyes flashed a red light: "if you haven't I get something."

    "Don't think your words have a problem?" The black wizard suddenly made him a look back.

    "Oh, I'm sorry, I was wrong." As Gabriel froze for a moment, a semi open mouth:

    "There should be no" we "can't get things!"
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