The new order of the 119th chapter "gutter lane" (on)

    It is a calm and peaceful morning.

    Back to the hotel Lauren enjoying a hearty breakfast, although some regret not little wizards, but thanks to him, the landlord also took out the best exhaust all the skills, make a table of "rich multicolored decorations".

    Just overnight, to help the leader of crutch substitutions!

    No one knows who did it, the sewer lane and Eboden south there were fantastic rumors, really have a fake. But some things do not absolutely false -- Van Faith Teno's body.

    The ferocious, but disguised Van Faith Teno was hung in a refined and courteous Pub Sign sewer lane, if not the clothes, no one can see from the ravages of to a kind of face, this is actually a gang boss!

    No matter who it is, can quietly stick to help the leader of murder, are sufficient to prove that this person is more terrible, extremely cruel and merciless to what extent.

    The hotel owner does not know whether the wizard you do, but he accepted Van Faith Teno's invitation, unharmed back then that Van Faith Teno was killed!

    This may not be a coincidence......

    Such a thing happened, but a crutch to help lane but did not appear many waves, a guy named "Luca" took over the gutter lane, and merged with "copper group" overnight, crutches help forces bujianfanzeng, total control of all around the tavern and underground casino.

    But these and not what Loren relationship, he just want to quietly run out of the breakfast.

    Fresh carrot with small white apricot, with moderate taste of butter and coriander, add sugar and boiled water temperature, is a pure cream carrots - if you stir a small fire, add black pepper, with a white Wine that is more perfect.

    The staple food is featured in Eboden's Griddle Cake - mixture with warm fried, fresh vegetables and some diced chicken, add vanilla flavor, not only smells fragrant abnormal, pickled products more suitable with light taste of food and meat, food can be rolled after incision on the inside, very convenient.

    With a cup full of sincerity pink Wine, charming scent seemed to close your eyes can see a pretty girl sitting opposite, with her little finger gently reminds you of the upper lip, chin down gently with the mouth throat and clavicle, the food taste buds bloom, nose breath so she seemed within reach......

    Loren has been very enjoy the process. For Aas Muriel's sake, often hovering in the void between him and reality of the two were gradually began to blur, while the food is to live this thing more real.

    No more can feel their existence than "eat".

    Sitting opposite him is certainly not what the slim girl, but a face always hung that unknown smile, a pair of scarlet pupil Blond - like enjoying like bonsai enjoying leisurely look dark wizard.

    "So now and the spirit of the same name, called 'Luca' guy, and a crutch to help Xiang have is your people?"

    "No, I usually speak a little cautious." With a little proud, satisfied Lauren put down his knife and fork: "it should be said that...... They are almost my people."

    Although not one hundred percent sure, but at least in the short term, the scarred man is not easily betray yourself -- or in the presence of more brutal than themselves, or are willing to spend lots of money to buy him to appear before the cane help is their eyes and ears, and become an important source of their self.

    Lauren some of their savings account, but this world is always enough to spend money. Not to mention a lane not only can get the money...... Gently touched the gold plated ring originally belonged to Van Faith Teno, his mouth inadvertently flashed a smile.

    "Dear Loren, you pretended modesty is really interesting." Aas Muriel shrugged his shoulders, face a little playful smile: "in addition to the gang, there are other harvest?"

    "Indeed...... There is something else." Look at his eyes very interesting Loren: "but why should I tell you?"

    "Because we are good friends?" The boy's face shining with a pair of pure big eyes: "and...... You should not forget it? Two of us is the spirit of interaction, dear Loren, you simply can't hide me."


    "A secret, should not be friends right?"

    "It is as expected, kidnapped Isaac, and you want to kill me is Bellini's family - who is not clear, Van Faith Teno is just a tool that is responsible for."

    At this stage, but also directly when Loren simply said: "but what Isaac was sent to where, and now in what place no one knows, they are only responsible for bringing out Isaac."

    "It is said and went into a dead end, clues broke again?"

    "No, on the contrary, it should be said that everything is clear." The black wizards look surprisingly calm: "whether it is Isaac or potion, all related to the Bellini family, clues and directions for all in the family who, as long as the next step to be close to the Bellini family."

    "As it happens, recently there is a great chance to meet this demand."

    The Bellini family's summer feast, will be an important opportunity to own, may be able to take advantage of this time to find two things turn - if your luck is really so good.

    But the premise is...... You really can find opportunity in the party to do.

    It has successfully obtained nine star wizard tower recognition, but also is just a field to the wizard, Bellini family can not free to give yourself an invitation sent, especially the folded himself face Wei Pirlo Bellini wizard, his chances of success were slim.

    Of course, if only there are many in the party now, and not necessarily to get an invitation to the room, servants, kitchen helper, or disguised as an original of the guests for the dinner......

    But before that, you need to prepare and plan to deal with. The earlier time, he had the opportunity to prepare for, rather than rush to fight.

    This is not a pastime and entertainment to enjoy the journey, but can not see the smoke of the battlefield, all kinds of sense.

    In addition, there is this ring."

    With the gold plated ring left by Van Faith Teno, the black wizard and put on the table, the inner ring with a ring of carving runes, although do not know what the spell, but he can be as the last card, is obviously not what ordinary goods.

    "This is probably the source of Van Faith Teno's strength is very weak and void." Do not care about the young Tan tanshou: "and what the" fluorite lamp "about it, what is the problem?"

    Of course, if I'm not mistaken, Eboden is fluorite lamp in less than a year ago, and the ring spell than "firefly spell" more advanced."

    "Well, the low order spell." Staveley Aas Muriel disdain: "what does it show?"

    "This shows Eboden's Alchemy and incantations school level, is the rapid improvement, in other words, is nine Star Tower witches and wizards, there are a lot of strength and no real performance."

    The powers of the void will affect the reality, so that the original ordinary life will be distorted by its power into a monster, ghouls, ogre, vampire...... Are the same, only different degrees of influence.

    Since animals can be affected and distorted, inanimate objects can't be affected?

    Playing with the hand ring, eyes full of curiosity among Loren: "yes, they are only the low order items in a spell engraved above, then create a more powerful" the weapon "how long will it take?"

    Aas Muriel's face was slightly above a little surprised...... It is only that only, still not interested in what these things.

    "Yes, I have told you, nine star wizard tower has a very interesting cup?" The black wizard asked suddenly: "is said to belong to an ancient" Fairy "things, and you seem to have a similar strength."

    Are you saying that the "golden cup...... The above is not just to have a nine star imprint?"

    "Oh, have you seen?"

    The lazy boy face suddenly appeared stunned expression, scarlet eye blinking unpredictable gloss:

    "My dear friend, you can always bring me surprise!"
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