#118  "find amusement when the occasion arises (below)"

    "It's already started."

    The same is hiding in a pub near Van Faith Teno, face a smile, just now, the alley next to the sudden fire, should have sneaked into the wine museum that Ain Rand shows the wizard.

    From this moment, this guy has become into the cage of rabbit, no matter how frustrating will not escape the palm of her heart that full dozen barrels of oil buried below, can put the whole pub to blow!

    To deal with this difficult and can easily put down his dozen thug guy, more people are not what meaning, so simply use the simplest and most direct way, even if he really has "the adult" said so much, could not escape from the flame alive.

    The whole plan is only one of their dog knows, he will get the signal in the light oil and the pub, the wizard you burned into coke, "copper group" fools is his!

    Targeted for assassination, poisoning dinner...... Cover only, the wizard you is very cunning, he will surely be able to guess what you want to deal with him, but never thought this way, I will kill him in order to make so big action.

    Anyway, you want to get rid of the enemy from behind, is should be by surprise?

    Van Faith Teno looked very proud, let the Zhang Ying hook nose under sin face more gloomy, revealing a kind of unspeakable uncanny.

    He can in the south of Eboden van Stewart Nobel mixed so well, of course, not only because of his skill, but because he is willing to help those who do not want to dirty hands "people" to do some "shameful" private life.

    As long as a name, a place, whether it is dead or alive, he can meet all needs, because of this, in order to occupy a crutch to help Eboden lane, become the largest gangs, but also can be the city patrol guards as if not see.

    Right hand in the pocket in the smock, touched a gold plated ring after Van Faith Teno was relieved to nod, look back on the distant pub.

    Ring is his last card, "the adult" to rely on its own -- his deposit can escape a mortal attack at that moment, your body will instantly "transformed" into a mouse, only after a few minutes until the restoration.

    Although not a wizard, but Van Faith Teno also know this "magic" how precious, absolutely not the gang leader can come into contact with something, can be entirely coincidental.

    So precious things, he usually even reluctant to carry, but hidden in a very secluded place. This is worn on the body, is completely out of caution.

    Admittedly, this is called Ain Rand the sorcerer absolutely have the ability to kill themselves, even as far as possible to avoid the risk, we can not relax our vigilance.

    "Sir Ain Rand, although I don't have what hostility to you, but who makes people want to kill you, I just act of money."

    Van Faith Teno's carefree and content bend your mouth, just he has to ambush in the pub's sent a signal, now have to do is wait to enjoy this rare fireworks "gutter lane".

    But...... There seems to be wrong. Van Faith Teno frowns, you have to wait for a minute, but still quiet pub safe and sound, is somewhat normal.

    What an accident?

    If you can, he is not willing to close the pub, but considering the power of the Lord "...... The van Stewart Nobel inexplicable tension clenched pocket gold ring, it will be worn on the right hand, quietly left the place.

    The door only a few charred corpse, the distance can see several drunk tramp. Basically all the thugs were the wizard trick to lure out. The station hesitated for a moment at the door of the van Stewart Nobel kick open the door.

    "This, this is...... What is this place?!"

    Terrified at the moment are not enough to describe Van Faith Teno surprised, he knew he should be in a lane, the tavern, but see, is a genuine goods at a fair price of Holy Cross Church!

    More precisely, it should be a ruined Holy Cross Church -- the collapse of the walls, the main altar tilt, broken Croce sculpture...... But these are not the focus!

    Now exactly where?!

    "You look surprised."

    An abnormal familiar voice, a little nervous fan Stewart Nobel staring eyes, almost immediately turned to the pieces of sculpture in the direction of the Holy cross.

    A black robe, his black hair was sitting looking daggers wizard there, a look at him, the look is like watching a jumping, dancing...... The monkey?!

    "Ain Rand, what did you do?!"

    "What have I done? This is a strange question, you should be prepared to do what." Lauren smiled, kicked the side of the scarred man was tied up, the copper group leader:

    "We have agreed, you let me take this, now is your time to fulfill the agreement."

    "Yes, this is on, I'll tell you the whereabouts of Isaac Grantham: I love this man always abide by the agreement, as long as you......"

    Pretending to be calm while Stewart fan Nobel speaks, with a gold ring right hand has been put behind, ready to escape, as long as the figure out what this strange church is going on......

    "Unfortunately, you actually deceived me -- the so-called" copper group "leader, is actually one of your hands, you use all those who want to deal with he gathered a crutch helped the gang, and then a wipe them. Don't deny that this gentleman has admitted."

    "I, I believe this matter can be explained." Van Faith Teno with his hands behind his back, as far as possible to maintain a calm and stability: "please give me a chance to apologize to you, I can tell you more things people want to kill you, but somebody or Eboden, you are very dangerous!"

    "You are their hired thugs." It is pity to see the black wizard to the front of the van Stewart Nobel: "don't do useless work, in this church that little thing you don't have any meaning."

    "I..." Van Faith Teno stared, figure slightly shocked: "I don't know what you say!"

    "You don't need to know, you will soon be going to die - and before that, you will put all the things to tell me, tell me everything." Loren Dowling's face face a smile:

    "It's already started."

    .................. "Oh!!!!"

    Lying on the floor of the scarred man was awakened by the strong smell of blood, the box is still the tavern, still only one person, Montreal blood and lees smell.

    The scarred man pushed a corpse, want to climb up, but found that familiar face abnormality......

    "Fan Stewart Nobel boss?!"

    In front of the face was startled, the scarred man and almost collapsed on the ground, his body is still hot, but the appearance is no doubt already dead!

    The neck is broken, my eyes were stripped, the tooth in the mouth of a left cheek bone, and the tall and straight nose into a lump of mud...... Even if it is killed, and more than once to kill people scarred face male, was also a "too scary face scared to death!


    The cold voice came from the side, the scarred man convulsed with fear turn attention in the past, the black wizard still sat there, playing with his dagger, smiling at him -- just a pair of big eyes......

    He feared.

    "Now walking stick to help goons on the outside, they will come back at any time, so I'll make this short." Loren said softly: "what's your name?"

    "Lu, Luca!"

    "Well, Mr. Luca, you hit the jackpot today." The black Wizards of the right hand dagger thrown in front of him: "tell me, would you like to become a crutch to help the boss?"

    "If you like, the next thing I do not need help, you will know what to do. If you do not want to, I will respect your choice......"

    Loren kicked her in the face's chest scar, defenseless man so he was on the floor, like a reptile:

    "I send you to hell with him."
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