#111  caster "Ain Rand" (on)

    From birth to the shape may be both wizards learn incantations of the oldest discipline, is also the youngest one.

    Because before the wizards, in this world there have been many fairies and demons, gods of every hue...... The vanity of life and so on appeared, many ancient spells are also appear in that period.

    But the real curse is use until it is too late, because of the emergence of the incantation needs two premises: the occult and ancient literature.

    No mystery no theory of strength and void of cognition, not the ancient wizard to create runes, even the spell does not exist.

    So although the forming time is late, but as a separate subject, science has established pattern spell it. Now hold to do is break this pattern, jumped into the a new framework.

    And not only that, according to his statement and theory, this new "magic" can not only enhance the high order spell power, reduce the load, even if fully formed, also can record those not high order in the hall of the spirit of the curse!

    This new framework will break the spell of the Shackles -- science void power burden and memory limit!

    Although Lauren once discussed and as Gabriel memories and magic, "dream world" is completely different, and not a real breakthrough in memory limits, only increase it, and use far not directly to the convenience of memory.

    The principle is similar to the "compression" and "fold", the "magic spell" memory, only through the magic to use -- but in any case, it is a progress.

    It is precisely because of this, so when the Dark Wizard opening, the presence of the wizards will be amazed to like this, even forget the Lothar wizard is not through their evaluation, expression serious gaze with Loren Dowling, even a word can not miss.

    "...... To sum up, this is actually a very 'tricky' means, but is still very effective -- of course, my theory is not perfect, it takes a long time to gradually let the "magic" really sound together, now there is only a very rough prototype."

    Slowly the end of his paper, see around the students look shocked, surprised Bird Lyle and Loren secretly looked at each other, smiling at each other.

    Obviously, their achievements have greatly exceeded his expectations.

    Review the wizards are silent, not even fully recovered from the shock of the just. Fleiss Walker's yellow eyes sparkled with a strange light was sucked from the gray smoke pipe, along the mouth spit it out:

    "It is really a...... Creative theory."

    The evaluation made on both sides of the wizard, and Lyle bird couldn't help looking back one eye -- to give Fleiss the master Walker was "creative", or a spell of scientific research achievement, it is difficult to be incapable of further increase the point.

    The old man with the evaluation are given, the surrounding students are no longer silent, talk up each other in hushed voices argued, stand right in the middle of the Dark Wizard pointing.

    No matter how the contents of the discussion, can be completely positive evaluation of master Fleiss Walker, in front of the lotario village down the wizard is one hundred percent sure to pass the test.

    This has attracted a lot of envy - even in the nine star wizard tower, so the young wizard is still very rare, most of them are coming to the age of twenty-five, in order to have a tutor in the light of day care.

    Of course, some people are extremely special exceptions, such as Arto Bellini.

    "Fleiss master Walker said yes, this is indeed a creative theory, even it is wonderful!"

    Looking ugly Weirlo Bellini suddenly open, sidelong distrust stood there staring at the Black Witch: "but this theory is really his original? A just adult, even just as wizards caster, how can think of these?!"

    "Even if it is not my original, but the research results of inheritance, nine star wizard tower also will recognize." Looking back Bird Lyle glanced at him: "this is a precedent."

    "If it is inherited, they should be given the real incantation master, not a parrot; not to mention may not inherit, but the result of plagiarism!" Weir Lo Man is cold to hum a mocking voice: "Nine Star wizard tower is a sacred place, can not tolerate this depends on the success of others."

    Carter, Bird Lyle and two other wizards at almost the same time with strange eyes looked at him -- the Wei Pirlo Bellini you, he is the typical rely on the success of others "".

    Weirlo seemed to pay no attention to it, still maintained the "lotario hayseed" disdain, as if he had discovered other tricks, that black wizard is just a fradulent liar.

    For his shameless, Bird Lyle only shook his head, after all the Bellini family now Masamori limelight: "so your charges against Weirlo Bellini and point of view, what else you want to add?"

    The image has always been indifferent mean Bird Lyle deliberately "very serious allegations" this word, is apparently going to Yin Wei Pirlo a.

    Of course, Loren could tell him - if he can produce evidence, then Weirlo will be back on the "malicious slander and disinformation and infamy; if he does not get out also never mind, because Bird Lyle has never been a good tempered wizard, bitter is the norm.

    Although Bird Lyle and Weirlo Loren is not clear. However, he didn't mind a little favor, not to mention the master Weirlo has put at the top of the fingers on his nose, said he was a liar by name.

    I'm sorry, but so far to call yourself, or Ayn Rand a personal privilege.

    "I think...... Practice is the sole criterion for testing truth." Lauren smiled and raised the hands of the "tree heart" to see the four wizards in front and behind Bird Lyle: "it is better to use a demonstration and I have no memory of high order spell out."

    "And so on! We haven't decided yet......"

    See the black wizard full of confidence that looks like, not the end of the sudden Weirlo tried to prevent him, but it was too late.

    Turn into "the heart" will open in nine star magic Lauren feet, a modelling complicated rune is lit up between two layers of ring.

    See this picture of the Wizards instantly held their breath, desperate eyes. Even Fleiss Walker is also put in the hands of the pipe, like a child staring at the front of this scene.

    "This, this is?!"

    Weirlo is Agape and tongue-tied could not finish a sentence after around the wizards are arranged in nine star ring saw outside the rune, is immediately aware of what a magic.

    At the same time is spent in Fleiss Loren Walker collections tower in two days, only the harvest results.

    High order spell, "rock" will!

    "Boom -!"

    Loud moments of magic array disappeared, replaced by the surrounding suddenly rising star pattern with nine columns, the ground with a sunken!

    The stone row upon row of a next one, around the courtyard constantly sticking out of the ground, but perfect to avoid the apprentice all around, no injury to any person.

    The opening of the Weirlo Bellini in place, and not because he be struck dumb and surprised, but a moment in the stop words, a pillar suddenly appeared in front of him, almost is sticking out of the ground nose!

    Only one difference, the stone pillar can be his whole head off!

    Bang, around the apprentices have fell to the ground, even the normally placid Bird Lyle was surprised, but Fleiss Walker laughed and held in the mouth pipe, staring at the eyes looked thoughtful lauren.

    This power has gone beyond the "rock" will the original level!

    "No, no, this is wrong!!"

    The real one after another blow, let Weirlo completely lost the last bit of calm, piercing roar: "how could he know that the high order spell - it's nine star wizard tower only spell, an alien Wizard cannot be used, must be stolen out of this guy!

    This damn thief arrested, this bad behavior must be punished to deter others, absolutely can not easily let go of him!"

    "I'm very sorry, but this is not my high order spell where stolen."

    The face of Weirlo Bellini's hysterical, black wizard calmly slightly bowed, salute to the other side of the old man: "thanks to the respected Master Fleiss Walker, I was in the master home library tower guest, inadvertently found."

    Look again on Weirlo's face...... Instantaneous solidification.

    Like being in front of a hard slap!
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