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    In a group of apprentices terrified eyes, I do not know where the black witch climbed the balcony jumped down from the sky, stumbled in midair after several times as the arrow fell to the ground force, landed firmly on the patio on the ground, fell on one knee, right "the heart" behind the cross.

    Rose slowly, look calm calm with fast moving slowly Lauren heart, deep sense of spiritual palace gradually quiet again.

    The original agitation on the ground, with the Dark Wizard this "unique" debut, suddenly become more quiet.

    "...... This, whether it is a wizard, or do not know which come out of them?!" Weirlo Bellini paused for a long time almost speechless, eyes still twitching: "Lothar's wild wizards, have this skill?!"

    Who knows, maybe." As in the past Bird Lyle looked calm, the heart can not help but feel a bit pleased -- to give Weirlo the bastard have neither learning nor skill into this picture look scared, really was too rare.

    "I'm very sorry to meet in this way with you, also please accept in apology." Restore calm Dark Wizard walked toward Weirlo and Bird Lyle two wizard bowed: "I just got the news this morning, so I have to catch up as soon as possible, I hope not too abrupt!"

    "Don't be busy saying, we haven't officially acknowledge your wizard of ID, sir Ayn Rand!"

    In the shade - Weirlo Bellini snorts, looked very contemptuous with sweat, a plain black robe wizard Loren: "before you become a wizard, should understand that this is not only an identity -- we are scholars and truth seekers, not humble tavern mercenaries and thugs!

    Perhaps in the country not Lothair what difference, but here is Eboden, nine star wizard tower is absolutely impossible to admit a liar trick!"

    The atmosphere became tense.

    Some unexpected Loren Mianbugaise smile, he didn't think this has never seen actually come up against their own wizard, even can not find any reason.

    What is Eboden's wizards have such a mocking face, or that the adult is special?

    "The wizard you, I believe that these are just a misunderstanding." Black haired wizard nodded, sincere tone: "if I do what is not consistent with the rules, hurt you, please accept my apologies again."

    "The only place you need to apologize for, is your arrogance, your AI Yin Turin." Always scowling Bird Lyle sound cold, tight face do not see the slightest expression: "this is Artaud Bellini of the alchemist mentor, sir Weirlo Bellini, you need to keep in front of the name of humility!"

    Hear Bird Lyle introduced Weirlo Bellini immediately smiled immensely proud expression, the way Qiyang cocked his flat nose, with eyes looked down in front of the "lotario"!

    Little head of Loren but to listen to the meaning of this sentence, inadvertently and Bird Lyle looked at each other, he is to remind ourselves of the wizard, identity and relationship.

    The Bellini family is to create a wizard, that can cure all diseases medicine Artaud's mentor, this is a need to beware of the role.

    "I really do not know, the original apprentice score could get out in front of others to show off!"

    A very disdain, and sonorous and forceful voice came from the crowd, just pull high Qiyang Wei Pirlo Bellini as the beast is pegged to the mouse was a quiver, timid hurried behind the salute:

    "Master Robert Freisverk!" One side of Bird Lyle turned pale calm be neither humble nor pushy, to the end of a pipe of the old man bowed, while Weirlo was covered in sweat even dare not lift up head.

    "You don't look at your baby apprentice, come here to do what?!" Fleiss Walker a sideways glance at Weirlo, his head was deeper.

    The old man arrived at the same time, the two is responsible for the audit of the remaining wizards followed, at Fleiss master Walker bowed, so that the already very tense Weirlo was more embarrassed by Bird Lyle despise what is not, but let the master in such a shame under the watchful eyes of the people is finished, his reputation.

    "I, since I want to test a caster level, then I as nine star wizard tower recognized experts should be eligible to spell......"

    "Nine Star wizard tower admitted that Arto Bellini, as well as the rich family behind you -- the level of your own you know, what can I say?!" The old man is not to humiliate the road face, a pipe end pumped two mouth: "who is the person responsible for the test today?"

    "I'm Fleiss, master Walker." Bird Lyle quietly came to me: "Ain Rand was nominated by the wizard, in accordance with the rules, I am responsible for his test."

    "You come to serve as the presiding, we are responsible for evaluation." The old man nodded, but Wang had a low head next to Weirlo: "then in the doing? Don't come here!"

    "Yes, it is!" Soon drenched Weirlo to smile to it, the right hand clenched into a fist.

    Wait, you this old thing, I ask Artaud to you sooner or later to clean up!

    When the four wizards ready, Byrd was re Lyle turned around, still look towards Loren nodded: "very good, sir Ain Rand, although due to various reasons, the test is in advance, but also hope that you are fully prepared."

    "I'm ready." Nodded slowly, black haired wizard instantly feel their eyes staring at her, gathered round the apprentices all held their breath.

    In accordance with the "Nine Star wizard tower tradition, a wizard incantation detection level, in accordance with the general high order curse each other by use of skilled and complexity to determine." Bird Lyle Cholon slightly raised right hand: "you can show her learning now, as for how to determine their own level, we.

    Of course, if you think this test can not reflect your real results, but also allows the appeal -- whether to accept, will be voted by us!"

    Then, his eyes fell in the Dark Wizard's body, although the expression did not change, but the eyes seemed to faint in anticipation of what, waiting for the answer lauren.

    This is the five wizards co chaired, and participate in the detection of master Fleiss Walker. Under the watchful eyes of the people, if Lauren can not come up with enough stunning results, it is absolutely impossible to be recognized!

    "I request the change detection of the appeal."

    With a confident look, black haired wizard deep voice said.

    Bird Lyle lifted his eyebrows, but suppressed his amazement: "tell your reason, Ain Rand."

    "There is only one - and I think it is only by virtue of the spell level is not enough to reflect a caster level. As everyone knows is that the high order spell name is actually very broad, strictly involving large spells, can be incorporated into the category of high order spell!

    If so, how can with complexity and proficiency to judge? Some high order curse may not be complex to unimaginable levels, but it has extremely strong practicability; and some spells, is designed for a special case, between the two does not have the comparability.

    So I appeal, request a change detection method."

    The black wizard voice still echoed in the central courtyard on the ground, the wizard of two judges on the bench is not at a loss about what to do, Wei Pirlo bielebiezui, no Lauren said seriously.

    A pipe smoking Fleiss master Walker squinting, as if he knew the black wizard will do the same, do not see his face

    "That you want to use what kind of test?" See Loren so confident, but also somewhat anticipated Bird Lyle continued: "if, as you say, this is unfair."

    In fact, very simple......" Black haired wizard slowly raised his right hand "the heart", with incomparable calmly replied: "I designed a new application method."

    "What are you talking?!!!!"

    "I said, I created a new application method."

    An uproar in the sound, finally hold the tilt of the mouth: "although this time may be a bit long, but please hear me out of patience......"
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