#105  found and invited (on)

    Candlelight swaying table, a thick parchment spread on hair in front of the brochure wizard, and dense, messy handwriting could a scalp, even in many places is blurred, or is behind the text to cover off.

    Obviously, what Isaac Grantham wrote, only Isaac Grantham can understand -- for any other people, this is a mumbo-jumbo thing, it is all the same words, the same spelling and standard, but only want to watch it. I will be crazy.

    But at the moment they read like hunger and thirst to Loren stood beside the other, before a long time, Isaac sent him as a farewell gift card with two matched notebook, "breaking" the contents of the above.

    One of these is of no interest to young, is bored lying on the side of the human way of thinking as Gabriel means nothing, not even boring.

    "What have you found?"

    "Something very interesting." Wrinkly eyebrows Lauren head also does not carry the answer, but imperceptibly the tilt of the mouth: "it seems that Isaac arrived in Eboden after it has been in a study, which is only a small part of the fragment."

    "For example......" Boy with his hands behind his head, a yawn.

    "For example...... Meditation, he seems to be from me to get some inspiration." Loren gently read notes, automatic speaking mutter: "look Ayn for his stimulus is indeed not small."

    In the first three people began making "bright silver", Isaac determined that something is not possible thing, but in the end he became the project designer, and to have a lot of new discoveries.

    Although only a small part of the study notes, but the light is from the above content, Isaac has studied this for a long time.

    "According to the notes in the deduction, he seems to be looking for a void directly affects the reality and possibility, rather than by other means, there is no possibility to void become a 'energy' presence to intervene directly in physical form."


    "It was like a burning charcoal, blowing windmill hurricane, but vanity than the much more advanced, more powerful, since the 'Silver' void can tear the steel blade, so why not become a rush of energy?"

    "Because there are essential differences between the two, and the void is not" energy "- this is a wrong idea, completely mistaken."

    Whisper climbed up, red pupil suddenly more than a look: "but...... This is a very interesting idea, I guess before the Wizards certainly never imagined these?"

    "Of course not! Because of this, if he is proven feasible, the wizarding world will be turned upside down, will definitely affect quite scary!"

    Dark haired wizard quietly narrowed his eyes, if the Corona family is just the "fluorite lamp" let him a little surprise, is a tracked invention, then Isaac's idea is truly amazing!

    From the charcoal and oil to coal to oil...... This idea is not "invention" level, this is the beginning of a change!

    Of course, all of this is just to stay in the "guess" stage, the light is just from the handwriting on the note is not difficult to see, Isaac himself constantly rejected the idea, and seemed to be looking for some things in an attempt to "don't".

    As for what is it can make nothing of it, after all, this note is only a small part of his research, but it may have been he abandoned.

    "But it still give me a lot of inspiration, I think the first I could fall into some kind of misunderstanding." Loren like suddenly figured out: "what is the caster level, should not rely solely on the release of the spell to reflect, in fact, there are other ways."

    "The other way?"

    "Dear as Gabriel, remember you once said, the so-called magic is the void distortions of reality?" The black wizard suddenly tilted the mouth, very interesting laugh: "vanity and powerful strength, will change the reality to a certain extent."

    "Well...... Yes." Boy suddenly hesitated, scarlet eyes blinked: "there is a problem?"

    "Conversely, if we interfere with a space with sufficient strength and void strength, though still consumes energy, but reduces the erosion of the void on the body, but also increase the use of high order spell limit!"

    In short, it is a simplified version of the dream world, a miniature "spiritual Palace" - or "magic", can let the caster can use more powerful or more times using high order spell casting method.

    And not only that, if further improvement of magic, but also through this way of using high order and no memory of the original spell!

    Although this kind of thing for almost no meaning what Loren, his own tolerance of vanity is strong enough, and the spirit of the hall did not spell high order memory limit, and if it came to that point, let the dream space more suitable as Gabriel opened.

    But there is no doubt that this is a new application method, and can be regarded as an improvement, if there really may be successful, certainly enough to make nine star wizard tower wizards to shut up.

    "If you want to do this, I need your help." Loren said Touyebutai: "I know this is not to deal with an evil, but...... Are you listening to me?"

    For a long time not to hear the echo of the Dark Wizard at the eye, noticed his sight boy carrying his hands, a just perfect smile on his face, very refined and cultured:

    "My dear friend, I found that you are more and more attractive, and always can give someone an unexpected surprise!"

    "...... Well, what can help?"

    "I don't want to." As Gabriel answer simply when.


    "This is what you find, if not personally get it, it doesn't have any meaning?" A charming smile of the young pale face, scarlet eyes engaging hook: "but as a friend, the most important thing is to trust each other, so I am absolutely wholeheartedly believe you, dear Loren, you must be a person can be completed!"

    "...... Why I'm not surprised?"

    Don't talk to this guy's hair is willing to continue the wizard, directly into the meditative state to test this new application method of lying in bed, there is no more appropriate than the spirit of the hall "local".

    Why not help Laurent Turin complete this idea, even if you don't help, sooner or later, he could not finish?

    "Maybe it is because I am very boring, and very eager to see my dear friends, what to do to what extent, and this process is very interesting?"

    As Gabriel murmur, scarlet eyes shimmering, staring at the meditation Lauren, thoughtful look some indistinct - he even felt very eager to look forward to, are not really experienced.

    But the dear friends this thing to do is not just limited to him, but can have a huge impact.

    Change the way of traditional law "? Ridiculous, in the eyes of these wizards as Gabriel, even many of the so-called "master", their use of spiritual palace and magic, all simple and rude to the extreme.

    Can really understand, only a handful of talented guy, and all are unaware of this.

    To tell him? As Gabriel suddenly hesitate if at the beginning, he is just using this alien stranger, both sides now have become offensive and defensive alliance.

    If Laurent Turin unexpected, and perhaps his way to escape, but the next step is to start a few hundred years of waiting, waiting for the next "stranger" appearance.

    This is definitely not what easy thing, not to mention...... You may have no time to wait.

    In the sense that the fall will be more and more!
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