#102  Jiuwang star wizard tower (below)

    "The Corona family?"

    Loren slightly surprised eyebrow: "may I ask why?"

    "The Corona family home is really let me give you some help, perhaps to nice to you, although I do not know what is the reason." The Bird Lyle witch chuckle twice: "but as a senior, since Peter masters students, I will try my best.

    I also just the attitude of some rough, but please understand my difficulties, because of many reasons, I can't do too obvious, otherwise it will lead to a lot of attention to the wizard. Whether it is Eboden or nine star wizard tower, the world has never been no dispute of heaven!"

    "You are really too polite." While the other side is not willing to say, the black wizard can not understand: "not even a little help, I will be indebted forever!"

    Although not very clear Corona family so "enthusiasm", and he also believes that the other party will not help but their It is without rhyme or reason., Loren never picky people -- and overcautious tangle whether to accept each other's intentions, rather than generous, to take the "scheduled", and then waiting for the other to offer.

    What's more, he should now really need a wizard tower, after all, here basically to someone who can help themselves absolutely ignorant of, collect intelligence, solve some small problems is good.

    "Well, prattling." Lyle bird clapped her hands with sharp eyes to see to the Black Witch: "what you need now?"

    "I need to become nine Star Tower wizard wizard, not just here to become an apprentice." Since the other side does not intend to explain it simply, bluntly: "some hold a proper identity, can let me free here."

    Since it is an organization, nine star wizard tower wizards also have identity level and grade, and have very strict rules.

    The bottom of the tower is a natural wizard apprentice -- most of them are local nobles, wealthy children accept closed education in the wizard tower, until to finish out the activities of the right to have.

    The other is a foreign magician, perhaps secretly wizarding family, or some foreign school, hoping to get that nine star wizard tower, is an honorary title, after all, only nominally nine star wizard tower is the only wizard organize the whole empire.

    There is a wizard's Tower mentors and all wizards college instructors are the backbone, the wizard's Tower - and some of them even nine star wizard tower managers, and senior policymakers.

    "You want to prove?" Bird Lyle frowned: "may be more difficult.

    If it is to become an apprentice, I can think of a way to let you skip the test, hang directly in my name, so secretly to help you; but if it is a formal wizard...... Want to join some difficulty."

    "It's very trouble?" Lauren: "I have some unexpected is the official wizard, and also has been recognized by my tutor and Peter Dean, a small test should be no problem what."

    "For you nine star wizard tower understanding is too deficient, Laurent Turin." Bird Lyle smiled a sound: "if it is so easy to recognize, and how is the honorary title?"

    "It is difficult?"

    "It should be said that it is very difficult to. In fact, nine star wizard tower...... Is a very exclusive place, want to make here acknowledge that other people have college wizards and their qualifications on an equal footing, you have come to take to make them completely shut up strength for the job!"

    Sighed, Bird Lyle looked very helpless: "not only that, before I was interrupted by Peter already told you, those who create all sorts of obstacles tested wizard, has become a special custom here, whether it is formal or apprentice wizards are so. Sometimes is malicious, just for taking bribes!

    Therefore, most of the field to the wizards are holding the goal here is to become an apprentice - Eboden, is the earliest wizards gathered, even though they have mastered their discipline, can also expand the field of vision here, after all, knowledge is endless!"

    Loren tacitly nodded, this situation is expected to come before. Here is the nine star wizard tower after all, he didn't expect to be able to Everything is going smoothly.

    "So if you can, please tell me the purpose of your visit?" Bird Lyle put his hands in front of him, asked the question very sincerely: "you really just want to continue to study, or say...... There are other reasons?"

    Look at each other without even the elders posture, put themselves in the position of equal attitude, the black wizard hesitated for a moment, could not immediately decided.

    Obviously, the relationship between Peter Dean is a minor, the other party will be willing to lend a helping hand basically because of the Corona family, no matter what he said, tonight Bird Lyle will tell them exactly.

    On the other hand, if you really just to study incantation learn, know that you are lying to each other.

    So it is necessary to disclose some, but not absolute trust in the Corona family, after all, do not know why they want to help yourself.

    "I need to find a person, he came to the nine star wizard tower in a few months ago here to become apprentice, but recently lost news." Determination of the Dark Wizard said: "it is likely to have an accident."

    "This is the original." Bird Lyle did not continue to ask the missing person's name, but tacitly nodded: "I understand your difficulties, if so, you must become a nine star tower to admit wizard wizard!"

    The other tone change speed beyond imagination, let Loren could not help but looked at him.

    "Although the field to study the wizard here in the high degree of freedom, not officially enrolled apprenticeship so restricted, but you won't get any convenience because of this identity."

    See Loren surprised Bird Lyle immediately explained: "if you want to cover for someone, you need to be able to say the past identity, unrestricted access to any corner of the nine star wizard tower.

    Not only that, become the nine star tower that wizard wizard, you can get some popularity in a short period of time, this to you to find someone to help too, can therefore get more noble help."

    "When Lothar, I really have not seen such a noble." Loren couldn't resist a joke: "most of the wizard as a trouble."

    "But here is Eboden, synonymous with wizards is knowledge, knowledge is equivalent to gold." Bird Lyle also smiled: "the apprentice may stand stand hand no matter, no nobility willing to annoy a real wizard, they are more willing to let the Wizards owe yourself a favor."

    The light is from the other side of the tone, Loren can hear the kind of deep confidence.

    Yes, this is Eboden, is the birthplace of the witches, Santa Croce church here useless, and paper no two, will be replaced by wizards of the strong, nine star wizard tower forces have on the port and the city, had a strong influence and the surrounding vicinity.

    If I could become a member of the wizard, not only can get an identity, is also a kind of capital.

    No matter what the Corona family to do, they are sure to understand their true level, whether they continue to "investment".

    "The general evaluation requires at least three instructors at the same time, to find the three free guy is not easy, I will try to delay the time for you." In the talk, Bird Lyle muttered: "but will not be too long, up to four days for you, lucky is the limit of five days."

    "To ask you, what is the subject of specialization: runes, herbs or astrology?"

    "The incantation to learn." Said: "I also faint Loren contact some alchemy and the occult knowledge."

    "The incantation to learn......" Bird Lyle looked almost beat, only a long sigh:

    "The only wish you the best of luck, Laurent Turin!"
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