#97  arrived at Eboden (on)

    - knowledge and gold equivalent.

    This sentence is Eboden's wizards engraved on the gate above, let each one into the gate and travelers can see. With the most simple but also the most clear way, tell the essence of all the city.

    Eboden is a city full of vitality, and the city in the fog cover and contain everything, the haizhinan, sacland Empire North Harbour City, not only control the Empire's most important foreign trade port, has the largest ocean fleet, is the second largest city in the Empire and financial source, population after the imperial golaud wen.

    Here has the most profound scholar, also has the largest number of wizards - Nine Star wizard tower is the most important is the whole empire, the one and only wizard; and beside it, lies the whole empire is the most abundant library collection sites, store a large number of books already lost.

    Most new ideas, to create the most unbelievable, the most incredible discovery...... There are wizards for the whole city every hour and moment have maintained a strong thirst for knowledge, pursuit of truth and wisdom of the pace, is ready to let you eye-opening whenever and wherever possible.

    At the same time, also to not forget that it is an important commercial port, you can buy everything you can imagine ebden, had not even imagine things. No matter whether it anywhere in the world; the alien fleet, merchants, travelers, noble...... Not in the city every hour and moment to inject more fresh blood.

    The ancient mysterious but new knowledge, flowing in every corner of the city's wealth, when the two together will form a wealth and wizard City, is also the most weak local belief croce.

    A messy but vibrant city, stood at the foot of the gate under the motto engraved with Loren commented.

    Of course, even the Church of Eboden has been unable to almost as there is no point, some necessary processes and procedures still exist. It is not Lothar's country.

    In this city if you want to have a body for the wizard's legal status, we must go to the nearest church register, a symbol of the identity of the wizard badge, otherwise all the books and the relevant agencies and the wizard tower, not to not the identity of the wizard open wilderness.

    As for some higher institutions, it must get nine Star Tower licensing wizard.

    "You have to register?"

    "Just take the form, let the Holy Cross face can say in the past." The chubby caravan listened to him: "don't worry, after I will accompany you to the caravan settled a recent Church - Corona guarantee, those priests never dare to embarrass!"

    "It is too much."

    With a formulaic smile, very sincere thank Loren tao.

    He was not worried about the church people will not embarrass yourself, but if their identity exposure, what is the attitude for Santa Croce church watchman exactly?

    Although Root Infinit claimed the vigil Human Empire service, there should be no "what sincere friendship between the Church of the Holy Cross and work in just ways".

    But from his attitude, his identity is not temporary exposure.

    "To me, uncle, I know where the nearest church." A soft voice came from the carriage.

    "Allie?!" The caravan suddenly panic: "this is definitely not the master of the house, adults have orders, to you......"

    "My father will understand."

    Emaciated girl walked out from the wagon, gray hair to a pair of hazy eyes on the Black Witch: "Okay, Laurent Turin you?"

    Surprised Loren hesitated for a moment, humbly stooped to bow in front of the girls: "pleasure, Allie and miss Corona."

    .................. The priest DOM recently felt really bad.

    Since the Bellini family the talented alchemist Artaud was born, then developed to cure all disease potion, willing to come to church to pray the rich people are less and less.

    At the same time, those damn wizards field like locusts as constantly poured into the city, let DOM every day tired for them to register, as if the light is enough to see them myself upset!

    But then again, Eboden in this "locust nest" was bad enough, in this place to the development of the faithful is Arabian Nights. Study on the rich and powerful nobles prefer to use a lot of gold and silver coins to finance something, is not willing to take a penny for himself to repair the draughty church.

    The Great Holy Cross ah, if you really see this damn place, hurried down to the Thunder God. Fried locusts profane nest!

    Lying on the main altar of the church, wish, of course it is only conjecture, because the priest DOM is a native of the local people, also belongs to the "locust nest" a member of the all complaints, only from envy for foreign peer were the envy and hate.

    If which day can Eboden a strong enough bishop, so that I could enjoy in front of the Wizards swagger before others taste the good ah......

    The creaking door was interrupted by the sound of DOM priest "fantasy", tattered church more than a man and a woman two figure, lay up to DOM priest, affectation snorted:

    "Holy child, you are to pray to God?"

    "Well...... Not." Loren revealed a "regrettable" smile, the initiative went up: "I'm sorry, just came to Eboden in the wizard, hope I can register here."

    It is damn grasshopper, you can change a place to get together and children?!

    Heart is another bar wear dome priest heart is bleeding, his face still maintained a compassionate expression: "it is a pity that the child, you are late today places have been all over, you'll have to wait until tomorrow."

    "Oh, this is the original." Lauren smiled "disappointed" that look: "excuse me, what time can come again tomorrow?"

    "You'd have to wait for tomorrow to tell you." The priest DOM brimming with heart in disgust, Loren waved his hand: "you go first, remember to come earlier tomorrow on the line."

    Obviously, it is also not easy to wait until tomorrow the priest agreed.

    "Could you please give me an accurate time? Sorry, I am really very anxious, if you need, I can pay some silver coins......"

    "In the Holy Cross, you thought I was kind of greedy villain?!" The priest DOM waved Hengmeilengdui: "please don't use these filthy things to smear a servant of the soul of the Holy cross!"

    In the Holy Cross, you a penniless wandering wizard can have much money, still counting on a few silver as you sent me?

    "Feel shy, excuse me."

    Originally stood behind the girl suddenly Loren said: "if you can help him a little busy, the Corona family will thank you."

    "I said, need to wait until the...... Etc.!" Heard that name of the dome priest but froze, staring at the front of the little girl, even the mouth stammered: "please, please, your name......"

    "Allie, Alier Corona." With a smile girl pale cheek, then slightly toward the side of the black haired wizard nodded: "I waiting for you, mr.."

    Watched the girl smiled and left the church, before the priest turned Loren DOM is still the vice terrified look: what's your problem?"

    "No, not what problem...... Cough cough!" To re face the priest DOM stared at him: "Holy Cross in bless you today also the last remaining places, what's your name?"

    Hesitated for a moment, dark haired wizard Alice mouth said: "ein, Ain Rand."

    "Very good, sir Ain Rand Eboden, from now on you is a wizard." He handed the boredom of a dome made of bronze nine star badge: "in accordance with the rules, you have to pay two silver coins."

    "...... Either way, I give you twenty pieces of silver." Lift a small purse from the waist down on the table, black haired wizard smiled at him pondering: "you forget today I saw this thing, then just put my name to find a place to register a."

    Slowly untied the purse, looked inside the brim of the silver dome mercilessly swallowed slobber.

    "Then, deal?"
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