#96  doubts and temptation (below)

    "You mean the car?"

    The caravan was suddenly Lauren startled, swallow spittle stared at him: "no, not what, just some words and spice, nor what in particular, what is the problem?"

    "Not what, just ask." Slightly shrugging, dark haired wizard and no further: "you are not what you told me."

    A few dead moose, impossible attracted hundreds of head ghoul, or even attack humans for food - camp there must be something in what attracted these monsters.

    Which can cause their attention in addition to the car thing, there should be no other. Now they have left the Duchy of Lothar, can actually encounter Ghoul attacks, that these monsters are a way to catch up, rather than somewhere near their nests.

    But continues to ask not what meaning, Loren slightly glanced at the caravan, the other was wary of looking at myself, even if you ask, I'm afraid he is not open.

    The caravan and myself are not the same, it seems to hide a lot of secret. Black haired wizard gently sighed, starting from a long time ago, my long journey no one is the Everything is going smoothly.

    What is really a bad luck as Gabriel, Cthulhu, or others will suck lucky odd elves?

    "Dear Loren, how can you so slander me?" Not too happy young voice in his mind.

    "Can you hear what I think?"

    "No, you probably never noticed that every time you want to complain about me, all is an expression."


    "What do you think, now what we should do?" The caravan hope to see Roland, around the caravan guards who have gathered up. After a few juvenile entanglement, Loren was quickly opening:

    The ghoul is a social creature, so it must be near their temporary nest, if we can find it will be able to wipe out all of their time.

    Of course, it would be more dangerous, it is almost dark, this monster has very powerful night vision, if we are not careful they will be a catch to eat, after all they have for hundreds, is our number several times.

    Another way is our overnight, leave here as soon as possible. These monsters do not adapt to the outside environment of Lothar, after a section of road will not continue."

    Here, look at the caravan leader naturally or half unconsciously hold, deliberately raise the voice: "moreover, since it has been found that the reason they chased us, as long as these moose bodies discarded on the line."

    "Yes, as long as these bodies lose good." The caravan nodded, it is a pity to see a few head of a dead deer horn, malicious heart bite: "the angle of their breaking down, the rest of the carrion lose it, it is not worth the money!"

    The caravan guards were relieved, and these damn lucky that I didn't have to fight the monster -- even know their fear of fire, but that is not to say these monsters are not terrible.

    It is possible for Loren "Turin fire" directly to the ghoul joint nest fried with God, but since the other side is not required, he is also happy to idle. Beat Maizika sequelae, let him use the high order spell is somewhat difficult.

    What's more, since even as Gabriel felt some danger exists, a certain degree of vigilance is necessary. Hide some strength when not necessary, probably at a critical moment to save his life.

    In the Dark Wizard's suggestion, determined the caravan finally chose overnight. Folks around the servants and immediately began to pack up, just after the battle the caravan guards also did the tent away, carrying luggage ready.

    Although a busy afternoon all the work and waste, but compared with a group of cannibalistic monsters to fight this sweat is not what. After cleaning the camp and caravan braved has hung in the sky the moon, once again set off.

    As the night deepened, riding a horse caravan guards who have lit their torches around the truck on both sides, and that a sophisticated four wheel carriages in the way.

    This makes Loren somewhat surprised in general, the owner of the carriage caravan is not near the middle position? Walking in front of it, accidentally caught in a pit, how to do?

    Not until he asked, four suspected lamp decoration suddenly bursting out of the carriage roof bright white, originally the dark road immediately as the day.

    "The curse"?!

    "You probably haven't seen it, this thing called fluorite lamp, something new appears only more than a year ago." See Loren dismay caravan rode a horse up, face is smiles: "now is an important commodity in the Corona family, many foreign nobles to our workshop under the orders."

    "Even including the flieder Archduke Lothar, this time we came here to give him the delivery, including a full twenty fluorite lamp lamp!"

    Look at each other and the proud look, Loren's attention was completely attracted by the light of fluorite lamp: a low order spell lock in the above items, even in a new way, it is like opening a new model!

    Although Lauren in alchemy, but it is certain that the makers of things is in some way, the lamp is completely void distorted, and even has formed a set of "incantation", as long as some simple trigger conditions can be used.

    In a sense, his "bright silver" is the same principle, only the use of the form is very different.

    "It is a masterpiece!"

    "When you come to Eboden, you can see more strange and eccentric. Who knows this months those wizards have created what stuff?" The caravan was waved excitedly: "Oh, I really don't have a good memory. Now you go to that thing is certainly ebden, right?"

    In order to "...... Things like that?" Loren pretended to be puzzled.

    "Don't keep me in suspense, Laurent Turin sir, this is not in the ebden what happens until the next full moon, also is the Midsummer Festival, the Bellini family talented alchemist Artaud, will hold a party in the finance book tower before and countless witches are going to come. Visit the genius of the handsome face!"


    "Well...... In fact is to curse him and defeating also almost, after all he's half the ebden wizards than down, the rest of the early into the soil, ha ha ha ha ha ha......" This kind looks plump middle-aged people laughing.

    "But to the Artaud Bellini hosting this banquet, should not for what academic exchanges, but would like to take the opportunity to show off, and then sell his agent." The caravan suddenly began to heave great sighs:

    "This is a good stuff, the Bellini family is sure to make a lot of money, and perhaps also what the church royal connections, that I was trying to please them. Oh...... Who can have such a genius successor, also hit the Grand Canal made the agent to do!"

    Black haired wizard admittedly smiled, echoing the plump middle-aged people, then to another topic: "excuse me, we have what Eboden a few days away from?"

    "Ebden? In fact, not far." The silvery moonlit night, the caravan pointed to a distant towering tower on the opposite side of the road, the top of the tower to see the faint glow faintly.

    "See the lighthouse -- we got there in the territory of the road will go ebden, more, we can follow a road pavement to the city!"

    Spoke, expression is very exciting to see the middle-aged Loren: "you are so anxious, because there are friends waiting for you?"

    "Yes, I have a friend in." Like what is remembered, Loren smiled pondering expression:

    "Can't let him wait."
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