#88  Root Infinit (below)

    Sell yourself a good price...... This argument can be very familiar.

    Loren took up his glass covered his face, he kept the Root Infinit looked at each other, you should be a wizard, and a spell of Dalton Kandeh and be roughly the same division, and may even be worse than tutor.

    In such a narrow place if he was given a chance, it's hard to say that they have no chance of winning.

    But just hold your hand from the other point of view, at least he should not own fast; as long as the sealing holding his left hand he used the spell, the blink of an eye of Kung Fu, you will be a dagger in his throat!

    Loren "casual" arm against the table slightly forward, hiding in the left hand, right index finger gently touching the sleeves of the dagger, eyes never let their gaze out of their sight, just a moment......

    "If you want to kill me, it won't have a choice."

    Smile Beirut expression suddenly cold down, stiff and Dalton look almost as like as two peas: "if you really can succeed, you can protect other people?"

    Lauren stopped, looked calm and his gaze: "I don't understand."

    "I said, we are a group of glory, and I'm one of them - if I die, Wim Parr, Dalton will reveal to the public things, Kander die, your friend Isaac Grantham, Byn Rand...... Even the elf woman and a little boy called a hat, all will die."

    He was a threat to its own!

    Suddenly clenched hands shivering, Lauren teeth desperately to calm down, barely squeeze a smile: "you...... What else do we know?"

    "A lot, and no fee what strength." Root Infinit bland smile: "I am not against you, Dalton's apprentice, I'm telling you, impulsive and reckless consequences."

    "Now let's start again, I need you to do something for me, this task is supposed to give you the teacher finished, but now only for you. So, look in Dalton Kandeh's face, I allow you to open a good price."

    "My mentor and Dalton par, you can really see me high." Laurent shook his head: "I'm just an ordinary wizard just."

    "But in terms of efficiency and excellent task level, have shown that you are qualified for the mission." Where the expression did not change: "and whether or not to overestimate this point depends on me, rather than you, let us return to our price up, Laurent Turin."

    Hesitated for a moment, suddenly Loren ale gulp, staring at each other: "in answer to you before, I have to know what is going to work for who?"

    "It is a good question, is a good start." Beirut smiling again: "we called the watchman, but some enemies are more willing to call us the" black hand "-- of course, this is also some relationship and" caster "."

    "We are not a church's congregation, and not what the wizard underground organization, object of our allegiance is only one of you at the foot of this land, the eternal sacland empire!"

    Serious Root Infinit muttered: "now in front of you only two road. Or kill me, if you really have the ability, you can win a brief respite for yourself and your friends, but in the end you will die; or choose to cooperate with us, you can get, far more than a little wizard to consultant!"

    Black witch put down the glass.

    "You give me choice." Laurent shook his head: "but actually let me no choice."

    "So, you are not willing to promise?" Beirut to see his eyes like a dead man, look with pity.

    "No, if you don't eat your words, I am very glad to help you." Loren Schmidt: "but now the initiative is completely in your hands, no matter I am not willing to, the result is the same."

    "What do you need?"

    "I want to see Dalton and mentor." Hold out with a subtle smile: "you must also let him. If I have promised, you must ensure that the school safety, at the same time can not let people aware of my left, in the Lu Wen flieder count there must have at least one plausible explanation."

    Root Infinit did not answer immediately.

    Lorente does not require too much, even sounds reasonable, is also consistent with his current situation -- but only looked at each other face is that have ready plans to meet a situation, there is a sense of doubt.

    Where is his purpose, and just to see Dalton? Of course, the lute was only for a moment of hesitation. As Loren said, the initiative is completely in his hands, or promise not to promise, the result is the same.


    .................. "It is haven't met in a long time, Professor Dalton, you look good!"

    Open the door of the black wizard Loren, active in house with a pleasant smile, completely ignoring the other's mouth was twisted to irony.

    "I originally thought that although your talent is poor, but at least as basic literacy wizard." Although tied to a chair, but Dalton didn't look as a prisoner, is more like the owner of the house: "I really overestimated you."

    "Do you want me to watch you killed him?"

    "He won't kill me, can't do it." Black Witch expression: "behoove you should be aware of this point."

    "But I'm sorry, in the face of his mentor and friend's life is threatened, I also can not completely guarantee yourself enough reason." Shut the door, Loren helpless shook his head: "besides, I haven't promised this Mr Root Infinit!"

    "No?" Dalton gave him a mocking eyes: "after you walk in the door, but there are second roads?"

    Loren booth to reveal a brilliant smile, obviously his mentor know myself.

    "At least you haven't stupid enough to know the importance of intelligence past hope." Said Dalton blankly: "want to get the probability of the truth from Root Infinit mouth, far below the camel through the eye of a needle may."

    "...... I really did not expect, you will actually say a joke... Well, I say, please continue to."

    "Night watchman is a very large organization, get in by every opening. But the core members are very rare." Black Witch complexion is stiff: "although I once played in it, but it is definitely not what glory group; on the contrary, it is notorious repute!"

    "Just like Karan?" Lauren asked: "the assassin and intelligence organizations?"

    "The assassin, and intelligence organization." Dalton twitched on the corners of the mouth, Loren adjectives do not agree: "wandering knights, thieves, wizards, tipsters...... Most of these people by."

    The "real" night watchman "is a group of magic, tracking, assassination and latent assassin, most of them was a wizard, or received systematic training, ruthless and efficient."

    Black Witch's voice was deep and cold, people can not help but want to chill: "I don't know about you, don't want to know. If you're just going to die, but, although the watchman and dealings, the people around you will no longer be safe at any time under their surveillance!"

    "But they have to find the door, even if I didn't want to escape what meaning." Lauren looked tutor gaze, slightly raised a smile: "who let my mentor is one of them?"

    "You have asked me whether you really want to be your apprentice, I chose is to choose the price to pay, I never fear."

    "Sometimes you have no choice......"

    Dalton whispered, eyes flashed a heavy, but he soon regained control myself and Indifference: "want to ask what to ask me directly, I have plenty of time now, can not leave."

    "I want to know about the Lord Root Infinit, and the watchman's full information." Lauren smiled and said:

    "If some day in the future to defection, at least have to know how to deal with them!"
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