#87  Root Infinit (on)

    This is the third visit to the ancient town, lauren.

    The spring rain xixilili, originally is not a sunny day with a layer of gray. The cold rain outside the pub will be penetrated with black wizard under the hood, revealing a pair of obsidian like eyes, staring at the door in the breeze sways signs.

    This time is almost dusk, had deserted street is invisible few pedestrians, misty rain let the tavern business or a lot, a fireplace and a blanket under the eaves of the at least one more cup of drink ale.

    "Are you sure that you, guy here?" As Gabriel stood beside a very old Lauren, holding the shoulder and asked: "the priest does not seem to tell you the location?"

    "He has told me, though he was not aware of." Open light lauren.

    Guess each other here is not at all difficult -- at least for Lauren is concerned. The priest is small in ancient town, met Dalton Kandeh, has been missing in the tutor before starting, the same day the gentleman has to let him himself, about the disappearance of tutor.

    More than three times is not accidental, and Loren never believe any accident.

    The rest is to inquire about the recent emergence of the face of ancient town. Here is a small village, there were not many foreign visitors and caravans, even more than a stranger would be very awkward. As long as the intention to find, certainly can dig into each other's trail.

    But if you can't find...... The two problem. First of all the other good concealment and rarely travel; secondly, he certainly did not leave, but also in the place of one group gathered together, so that we can avoid the sight at the same time, can determine whether they appear.

    There is a natural disadvantage at this point is really black hair Loren, stick out like a sore thumb.

    As for the pub, he in the first time to visit the town of wood had come back, in order to find clues to the ghoul event. At the same time, only a village like the pub.

    The left hand gently hold, the way he always take "caster" gloves, never take off; and "bright silver" is not in the right waist belt, could have touched in the crowded pub, long arms like "heart" is not very practical, they may also not essential staff have been killed.

    "Your spirit palace hasn't fully recovered, now I can't help you." The young "good faith" reminds, scarlet eyes glanced around Loren: "if in like last time, I am afraid you will be directly killed."

    "How much to me some confidence ah, we are not friends?" Black haired wizard slightly tilted mouth: "anyway, I don't expect you to always help, is also somewhat worried that you will take the opportunity to do what should not be done."

    "That you were painful, but our most intimate friends."

    "I think of each other, it is between the two 'close friends' should do things." Loren Tsoasrael gave a smile: "after all, who can guess the other will not suddenly betray yourself?"

    "...... You are more lovely, dear Loren, I would think that you had."

    The young disappointed sigh sound. Fine face is exposed somewhat pondering smile: "but now more grace and confidence, is considerably, it is' special charm '?"

    No physical meaning he went straight to the front door of the pub rowlen, followed by Aspen Gabriel turned into a shadow, a pair of red eyed Black Hawk appeared in the Dark Wizard's steady shoulders.

    No notice around the carnival drunk, drunk or had sounded flushing pub regulars. Found a drunkard has become unconscious Loren pushed toward the building, the boss gave the silver fingers on the table.

    "You ale, master wizard." The tavern keeper lifted like silver, please put the glass in front of Loren: "the town of wood during is to what?"

    "To see a friend." Black haired wizard smiled, the tavern owner ask no more, weigh the hands of the silver coins went away.

    Dark yellow wine gently swaying in the pub, the dim candle light is very beautiful. Loren drink wine, drank drinks along the rim of the glass.

    Touch into the throat cool, but from the chest down is a kind of warm feeling, even the rain soaked body does not seem so cold.

    When he drank ale, the cup back to the table opposite has more than one person is smiling looked at herself.

    Brown wavy hair temples have some pale cheeks, but without a beard; leather jacket robe, black bottom lining with good silver buckle, let this person looks very energetic, very dignified, especially against those under the golden pupil.

    It is like the sun flares......

    The other doesn't seem to mind Loren also looked at him, even with interest to drink a cup of ale, waiting for Loren to speak first.

    "In Turin laurent." The black witch offered his right hand, "said passion": "you do not know what is......"

    You know who I am, and I have been looking for." He smiled even more, but did not hold Loren's hand: "yes, Dalton Kandeh's Apprentice?"

    Tutor "where is he?" Since the other side also pointed out, the opening of direct lauren.

    "In Root Infinit, an old friend of Dalton." He is also the "passion" said: "as a wizard, do not shake hands with the left hand some more sincerity?"

    For a moment, do not react to Lauren was he a "holding" live, black haired wizard eyes suddenly suddenly winced, and then immediately returned to normal.

    The other hand, it also has a "caster as like as two peas"!

    It is interesting, slightly narrowed her eyes lauren...... It seems not tell his mentor, not just his identity.

    "Since you are old friends and mentors, why do such a thing?" Loren yanked back to the left hand, looking at him coldly: "you tell me where he is now, or I try to pry it out from your mouth?"

    "You don't have to worry about, he's safe, not just freedom of action." Beirut didn't care about words Loren threat: "the tavern room upstairs...... Well, is that you've been dead, one of a mercenary."

    It seems that the other party is indeed very careful investigation of myself, even have been to what places are crystal clear. Loren gently rubbed his hands, all eyes staring at the eyes of Luwen golden eyes.

    "You just answer me a question, sir Root Infinit." Lauren to said: "what do you want?"

    "Of course you are, your Turin laurent." Lu Wenduan wine pot on the table, filled the initiative for Loren: "I believe that Dalton Kandeh never said, on your hand" caster "what it means?"

    "This is not just a special" magic wand ". It also represents a glorious group, and a only death can end the oath, a need to maintain lifelong responsibility -- and your mentor Dalton Kandeh, who is a member of the group to be heavy."

    Root Infinit's face showing a bit of nostalgia: "when he is in the same age with you, was our best to complete the wizard, too many very difficult task, even once saved my life!"

    "And you are now in this way, to return to his benefactor?" Lauren all sarcastic asked: "put him under house arrest for his apprentice?"

    "If you can, I will not do so, but the current situation is not allowed." It is a pity that the lute shook his head: "I need you to do something for me, but I must guarantee that you will agree, so will this plan!"

    "...... I want to do something?" Loren eyes narrowed, ironic smile more brilliant: "what are you blackmail?"

    "If you are willing to promise, it is not." Beirut smiled and took up his glass, towards Loren greeting:

    "I suggest you sell yourself a good price!"
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