#86  in the shadow of traces (below)

    Gently hold tightly clenched, frowning, opened with "caster" left hand.

    Is the third day, recovery rate of the body is still lower than expected, and even did not reach the original standard, only about half of its heyday, this continues to recover completely, will have to wait a week.

    But according to Aas Muriel, he can now have a miracle, if normal wizards suffered more than his burden alive, and even battle in the void was totally distorted in the cave, long from head to foot collapse into a pool of minced meat, or simply crazy.

    Concentrate on your fingers gently, even if it is a "Hover Charm" will make the head feel slightly. I have this feeling, or after the end of the battle and the vampire, you wait three days to restore normal.

    Wait for three days?

    Loren gently sighed, let some impetuous heart gradually calmed down. Staring at the left hand "caster", looked thoughtful.

    For his mentor Dalton Kandeh, Loren has been very curious, he is good at Lian Jinxue, occultism, herbology, spell learning...... For a variety of monsters also have a broad understanding. Even at his age, but also can be quite knowledgeable and talented.

    So far, Dalton Kander should be regarded as a very standard, and is good at study and practical application of the master wizard.

    But in fact from the tutor to his notes, he is also proficient in swordsmanship and martial arts, the use of small scale combat spells have a set, "beyond perception" is his original high order spell, and Loren "Turin fire" is also the number of draws another low order spell in the notes.

    Actually what kind of guy in case no one noticed he will seize the mentor, even in captivity -- and most importantly, the other goal is actually his?

    The church?

    The black witch shook his head, if you really have the ability to catch Dalton Kandeh, that why should they hold again make an unnecessary move yourself this powerless wizard?

    In addition also envisaged a lot - Loren Karan's wandering wizard, pharnaces trap, as a real do not tell their idols......

    Loren can clearly smell the breath of the trap, rather than the other has been obvious to tell myself it is a trap, and look forward to their jump.

    No matter who he is, this person must know a lot about myself, and clear the relationship between Dalton Kandeh and himself, and was sure he will go to save his mentor.

    This is really...... Helpless shook his head, slowly stood up in the "bright silver" Lauren behind. Take a deep breath in the right hand on the side of the wand.

    At the moment he was soon to touch the other hand stopped abruptly from the hold hands will "the heart" - away slowly raise head, Loren view more of a same staring at him female spirits.

    "Your injury has not kept good, now can not go out." Leah frown, tone tinged with no doubt: "back to the room to lie!"

    "Who said that? I have now recovered almost. But people recovering from illness should go out for a walk, exercise what...... Contribute to health!"

    Think for a long time to come up with such a word, Loren, barely a smile.

    "Where are you going?" Female spirits or tightly gripping his wand he's really not letting this go, don't let it go.

    "Well...... Let me see." Loren affectation pulled at the corners of the mouth, eyes kept around each other's eyes: "I am the Earl of Ruben Frider's wizard consultant, so I must go to Deepwood; and also on the Duke alliance thing, and I have the priest talk about, as long as topush, can let him......"

    "I already know." Leah suddenly said, interrupting Loren incoherent gestures.

    She is very clear, this guy can push himself to what extent -- no matter how tired, how painful, as long as you can stay awake, he could make himself look what things have happened; not until the last moment, not even let people pay attention to his weakness.

    Although it is said not to export, more reluctant to admit. But Leah understand, I started some care about this liar, if she do not want to see him.

    Gently sigh, black haired wizard thought for a moment: "Ai Yin told you?"

    The little witch is also Dalton Kandeh's apprentice, Loren does not intend to keep her, and even if you do not say, the priest has already told her.

    The female wizard nodded, it is the default: "little wizard said you would definitely save your mentor, and even if they have no block."

    "You see, or Ayn know more about my personality." You like Alice Alice mouth, Loren directly extended her right hand: "so... Please give me back my wand."

    "And so on!" Leah suddenly wand behind the back: "that you should seize the tutor who don't know what you look like to you?"

    "Probably, should not be someone I know. You really want to do......"

    "I go for you!" Elf woman full of gas replied: "to me, no matter who it is, I will be back with your mentor's safe and sound!"

    "Or you don't believe me? If we can not fight now, see who is more powerful!"

    "You are a good elf how......" Wry Loren murmured.

    "What do you say?!"

    "Not what, just like you." The black witch shook his head: "this matter Never mind and each other, but no matter what the reason, I have to go, and only i."

    "But you have not yet recovered!" Leah fierce retorted: "you this is to send......"

    "This is going to die, the other party has dug traps waiting for me." Slightly up the corners of the mouth, look indifferent Lauren to each other's words down: "this is what you want to say, right?"

    The silence of the elf woman staring at him, still he's really not letting this go.

    "Although it may very strange, but when do you think I want to be active person to commit suicide?" Right hand gently hold the other's shoulder, and Leah didn't resist: "there is no sure thing, I won't do."

    "That would let me go with you!" Female Elf tone is more and more weakness: "at least can increase your chances of success - even if there is a trap, I can help you to lead them away!"

    Mouth slightly trembling, Loren cheek a faint smile.

    "Look down upon me?!" Sensitive Leah react immediately.

    "No, in fact I am very touched, really." Has some regretses hair witches and female spirits gaze: "I didn't know you would be so concerned about me, completely beyond my imagination!"

    "You are my friend." Said: "the female spirits behoove like so I have to protect you, at least not watch you die!"

    Although said very confidently, but still feel Liya their shoulders trembling, heart more and more quickly, a nameless anxiety gathered in the chest, as if she will melt like.

    "As a friend, you should not trust me?" Lauren asked: "first, I could not go; secondly, as an elf you in humans is too obvious, I'm afraid I haven't to place, they found us!"

    "It is not right, I can do your bait, then you can quietly sneak in." Elf woman immediately replied: "you said I in humans is very beautiful, it will certainly attract more attention!"

    Black haired wizard terrified.

    Not because of female spirits so "enthusiasm" attitude, but the first time he actually couldn't find any excuse to refute the other, even if it is not a fake, don't even know how to refuse.

    Because Leah said makes sense, the two person is definitely better than a man to facilitate a lot, also will certainly make your move home with some. But......

    Long sigh, Loren gently hugged Liya shoulders, slender female figure elves did not resist, he took her wand.

    "Please, Leah, believe me one more time?"
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