#84  news (below)

    The sun shines into the room, there are a few flowers outside the window has green vines, welcome the coming of spring, let the last winter figure, also in the morning star birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers disappeared in the forest.

    Hold some difficulty against a chair sitting in the window, pale face was a bit more bloody. Although the pace has some superficial, but at least you can own land without the help.

    At this rate, there are at most a week they will return to the golden state. Of course, there are certainly some body injury, but he was still young, did not cause much impact on the action.

    "See you alive I trust, Laurent Turin!" Sitting in the Dark Wizard on the opposite side of the small priest, don't pray, eyes also somewhat excited: "thanks to the Holy Cross blessing, did not let me lose a bit like you, not only brave and pious friend!"

    Hear the word "pious", Loren just smiled, and did not do what response.

    For the small. He also is a little impression, when Gu Mu Zhen for their help, and in understanding the beliefs and teachings of Be Fa Hei Sith and other priests is much more forgiving -- he even believed that witches, are devout believers in the church there, which is simply an offbeat.

    "I heard the elves say you led an expedition into the forest, defeated an ancient evil pagan gods!" The young monk who was more and more excited: "this must be holy will, it will be its divine sustenance in your body, which makes you have extraordinary power over this terrible disaster!"

    "I'm from long before you see the potential of your Turin laurent. You will be able to become disseminators of the doctrine of the Holy Cross, and even become a model for those who do not believe people who open my eyes, even in the wizard, has been blessed with holy people!"

    "You are really flattering, I just made some contribution not worth mentioning." Loren faint replied: "no elves sacrifice, hundreds of thousands of Ogre has already stepped on the ancient wooden forest, into the land of."

    "This is undeniable, although these elves are not holy people, but against evil creatures really made an indelible contribution." The young monk who solemnly nodded: "we must thank them -- even if we're not afraid of sacrifice, but if there is no elves, we would not be in peace in God's light bath!"

    "On this point, I heard some rumors......"

    Loren suddenly changed the expression, some "curious" look to the priest: "is small of the alliance Prince Lothar and Chen Xinglin."

    "Yes, if there is no Luwen count to support, it may not be so quickly." The little priest nodded, look somewhat proud of: "in order to support the war, Croce church also took out 1/5 of the pension, also provide a large amount of drugs, and most of them carry the spontaneous organization, many elves soldiers so alive!"

    "It is an act of kindness." Loren Schmidt: "but I want to say these are not, but do not accept the conditions about the alliance of belief in the Holy Cross, the Duke will not and ELF alliance, is it?"

    The small priest's face immediately a bit more embarrassing.

    "Whether the duke or church, want to do so is the reason why I can understand, after all, the dissemination of the teachings is the highest honor." Black haired wizard slightly shook his head: "but it is now the best time to do it, now we actually need this spirit, it really protects against each other?"

    "This is actually......"

    Small priest suddenly looked around, in determining the near nobody was listening, only some embarrassing low voice, looking at the small opening Loren said: "in fact is the additional requirement of pharnaces adults, rather than the bishop and the duke!"

    "Pharnaces?" Hold the right eye slightly raised one of his.

    "Yes, pharnaces adult said if were reluctant to cross the channel, they did not really aligned with the Duke, certainly don't have to." The priest nodded: "the little prince flieder adults also feel very reasonable, so I promise."

    "But this is just an additional condition. The Duke did not mind -- otherwise here is not my ordinary priest, but adults pharnaces himself."


    "You don't know this is normal in Santa Croce church, if a priest can open up a new Parish, then he will immediately become a local church priest; and as big as the eastern part of the forest where the church may even set up a bishop!"

    The young monk who look very helpless, and like some regret: "although it may not be appropriate, but I'm an ordinary trainee priest, is impossible to shoulder the responsibility of the."

    "And the eye Brion has the older Bishop method, at any time may be affected by a lot of Mongolia as holy cross, the priest and Bishop's adult competition for pharnaces position, this involves a new parish thing, how he assured to others to do?"

    Right hand holding the chin, dark haired wizard in the eyes of more than a glance.

    Remember when Fa Hei Sith Loren is how even the church in high and vigorous spirits, to guard his service, and now, it has been critical to the point where he must use this method.

    Obviously Wim Parr college events make pharnaces's prestige and influence by some trauma, so that he dares to challenge the other priest bishop heir position.

    Now he needed to get some opportunities to compensate for their losses, so it will be the target to the elves who -- if we can take advantage of this opportunity, the forest or even eastern forests all star elf settlement, all incorporated into the embrace of the Holy Cross, the light is with this merit he qualifies as a new bishop!

    But even if there is no success, he has also been tried, and proved his piety and the Holy Cross is very loyal, also won't have what loss, so Why not??

    Therefore, the "missionary" event, a no risk is the gamble pharnaces win lose naturally good, there will not be much loss, and do not appear in person, not a casual assignment. How interesting it.

    For example, the front of myself......

    "I will try pharnaces orders possible execution, but will not force the elves." The little priest shook his head: "forced even blackmail kidnapping of others, that is absolutely not a believer of the doings of holy cross!"

    "But I'm here today, is to another thing you said, sir Turin laurent."

    Small priest's face suddenly became dignified again: "in fact, again before I once met a Dalton Kander sir, you should know?"

    "He is my mentor." Loren nodded, not a very good feeling in my heart: "what's the matter?"

    "He...... An accident."

    The young monk who was smoke smoke throat: "I know that it is very strange to say, because he and I are just once, but he really was missing -- after I visited Wim at Parr college, from the day after he never went back!"

    "That is how you determine what happened to him?" Loren squint eyes: "maybe he just out of a long journey, he often need to travel."

    "Because someone told me this thing, then let me give you his apprentice, Laurent Turin."

    Small. More and more nervous, apparently no small shock: "Sir Dalton Kandeh and the person being caught, the only condition and detained -- let the other put people, is that you go in person, otherwise......"

    "Or what?"

    Otherwise he will make some...... Not too sensible things -- this is what he said!" The young monk who look very tangled: I was going to wait until you return almost to tell you, but......"

    "No, very suitable!" Hold hold each other, mouth slightly tilted, just in front of the small even the priest could feel that he intended to kill them all.

    "I just need the patient exercise!"
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