#72  face the fear (below)

    "Maizika" is very powerful, it is no doubt that the light is squatting on the ground was nearly twenty meters, while the speed in that huge body was almost unbelievable, in front of it all too much than Loren small ants.

    If appear on the battlefield, it is invincible war machine. In addition to a handful of means, unable to come to this world of evil destruction caused by the extent of any less kill it, just let it is an almost impossible task to stop.

    This is a six storey high also, stout to dozens of people can not be surrounded by huge monster, exactly to what it means to hurt?!

    This is a completely come gods had, but it is confined within the small cave, Aas Muriel and Loren jointly dragged into the subconscious dreams, otherwise Loren might not even stand in front of it!

    But...... The Cthulhu is not really invincible.

    Yes, it is very powerful, even all imagination, great figure has destroyed the destructive force of all; but if it is a weakness, and can be "killed".

    The most direct, Maizika does not know the battle, nether gods had no real fundamental form, this large body was completely disgusting, its great strength and the distortion of the void;

    And according to Aas Muriel, "Maizika" is a stupid ogre to exist. Powerful, horrible, but stupid, is a stupid beast.

    More importantly, Lauren can clear from this evil anger, feel the fear of anxiety.

    It is really unbelievable, really think that they have the ability to kill it? Rather than if it did not think so if, when killing ogre will not hold the bait.

    "Stranger... Kill... Stranger......"

    The roar with hair standing on end has not stopped, the huge palm has been falling on the side of the ground brick Loren, the moment did not stop the bomb ground, such as car like palm and swept toward lauren!

    Do not hesitate to hold immediately reverse running, but even after the use of "beyond perception", his speed is not enough to get rid of behind the palm of your hand, just off as long as possible to find opportunities.

    Suddenly a shadow suddenly stopped the drop from the clouds, Loren dodged another shot down toward his claws, smoke hongranzuoxiang the walls remaining debris into fly ash!

    Behind the palm has been shot up, suddenly no retreat will hold "dragon teeth" inverted in the underground gold, red flames from the tip of the Obsidian like out like a fountain, instantly turned red fireball.

    "Turin fire" --!

    "Boom -!!!!"

    As the essence of the fireball instantly crack, bombs opened Maizika two claws, shrill whistling sound over the ruins of the castle constantly echoed, hands still braved the unburned spark.

    Very good, but also found an important weakness of Cthulhu, flammable.

    In almost a joke involving Alice mouth, although there are still some weakness -- enough to smile instantly into a few head ogre coke fire in Turin, the monsters are "local burn" this degree.

    But it has already achieved his goal, successfully got rid of the Maizika kill, and get the opportunity to fight back. Black haired wizard gently waved, "was" behind the cross:

    "May the void with you."

    Light silver gray blue sword EK, in the heart of a tree's blessing, originally only a meter "blade" soared more than three times!

    This is the genius of alchemist Ayn Rand's masterpiece!

    Wait until the Maizika again gave shot to the ground, Loren figure vanished.

    "Here it is!"

    The leap in the arm toward the Maizika Loren rush to face the empty hands, "was" gunpoints dragged behind him, the gray blue light of all blown into pieces!

    Howl Maizika crazy swinging arm, and the entanglement does not always fall Lauren, a section of a like chopping wood. It will arm from the central split into two parts!

    Come on, come and get me a monster!


    The other claw suddenly appeared suddenly shot in the arm of the terminal, promptly leaping Loren hands clenched a round "tooth with subduction of the momentum to just below a cleave hit!

    Blue sky Zhaxian, more of a dazzling arc, Maizika right hand and left arm was neatly cut into two segments!

    Falling from the sky from the evil mad Loren howling, like a broken line kite, just after several air force, not only fell and smashed to pieces.

    Thanks to a female elf, or even have a "beyond perception", he is now a pool of meat sauce.

    The howling Maizika fell on the ground, lost a hand at it kept rolling struggled, decayed canker on the trunk of the pus oozing viscous constantly, empty from "hum" wind, as the devils cry.

    In those times immensely proud, extremely rampant, slightly by a little pain seemed to be finished, only know cry endless on the ground.

    Just like the timid hyena, not only ugly and stupid in the extreme.

    Stupid...... As the guy really describe the real image!

    The tooth cross behind, Loren did not continue to attack, but to stay in place, waiting for Maizika rushed again once, then a result of the gods!

    This is not you die, I die!

    In this cave outside the valley, and Leah expedition war dancers are desperate to protect themselves; and in the more distant tree wall, hundreds of Elven soldiers are clinging to the last line of defense, the invasion of the ogre army before the end!

    I have not much time to delay, this battle is not solved as soon as possible, outside the cave expedition war dancers killed off, killing out is only a matter of time, only dozens of soldiers could not keep the night forest valley.

    As long as this evil is still alive, these senseless fighting will not stop, will sacrifice slowly rise, death will only increase, will be more and more innocent lives, become lifeless bones and plasma splashed rotten meat.

    You are the natural disaster is the birthright of ancient trees in the forest, so please go to hell as soon as possible!

    Maizika stopped struggling, but also cross "Loren's tooth, the void formed in the air gun tip flicked a gun, a mouth a sneer.

    "Stranger... Kill the stranger... Kill... Stranger......"

    At the foot of the ground shaking, dark haired wizard expressions have become gradually from the sneer consternation, eyes suddenly expansion, even hold "was" on the right hand are almost all over the release of muscle tension.

    Mczka did not ask him to attack, but...... Stand up?!

    The two trees like "legs", actually support its body up from the ground!

    Was sitting on the ground is nearly twenty meters high Maizika, when it completely stand up even more than forty meters high, black haired wizard desperately head in order to see its face!

    "Kill the stranger... Stranger... Go to die......"

    A thunderous roar echoed in the air over the ruins of the castle, the eardrum is piercing sound Loren a black eye, after a moment to restore eyesight.


    The next step will be the sole ground trampled out a hole in the Maizika, almost half legs stuck.

    It is what to do?!

    The unbelievable Loren staring at the approaching monster, the left hand is ready for the "Turin fire" -- even if he could not escape, as long as it can push back the explosion.


    Boom broken ground roll up billowing smoke, raised his arm to the block in front of the Dark Wizard under consciousness. Wait until the ashes dispersed, slowly open your eyes Maizika he finally understand what to do.

    But it's too late, stand up like Cthulhu is rocking the pendulum, huge figure dumped forward, clouds of shadow like meteorites, coerced the unmatched momentum of the fall to the ruins of the castle!

    In a moment to avoid doing Loren, sounds like Earth crumbles ears rang, ground, castles, ruins, tower......

    The whole dream world, all in front of the unmatched power collapse!
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