#71  face the fear of (on)

    "It is...... The past is too long, for a long time that I almost forget you. Dear Maizika, we finally meet again."

    The dark void as Gabriel stopped, look very interesting, with his hands behind staring at the front of the monster, red pupil even showing a trace of miss look.

    "Aspen...... Gabriel......"

    Hear "toot" of the wind, in a dark void becomes sound.

    "Even now, you are so stupid, dear Maizika." The young smile: "fear, terror, greed...... But stupid, poor Maizika."

    "As gabriel... Stupid... Aas Muriel......"

    "Yes, in front of the will, we are foolish. Otherwise, how will be reduced to such an extent, how will "fall"?" Young calm and calm, the scarlet pupil exudes a strange gloss: "but you and I are different, I am very lucky."

    "If you don't have enough patience, I am afraid I would be you this ugly look, rotting, crumbling, dying, dying body, to maintain their existence in this world, distorted and strange monster."

    "Although that is not appropriate, but let me be you this shape, I would disappear." As Gabriel light said: "after all, the monster, is ultimately to be killed, and Maizika, today is your day!"

    "As gabriel... Impossible... Kill me......"

    "Yes, I do, compared with you, now I'm too weak."

    A smile showing young delicate face: "but he can, he does not belong to here, fully integrated the spirit and substance of the Laurent Turin, you can be completely from two aspects completely obliterated!"

    "I was very sorry, but I have never wanted to get back to the cellar, do not want to come to the point of dogs. Everything will be a threat to this point there must be rejected." Aas Muriel's voice is more and more cold: "and you, dear Maizika, you are the serious threat!"

    "As gabriel... Stupid... False... Aas Muriel......"

    Sighed, young eyes exudes a little pity: "looking at once companions erased the last traces from this world, is really sad!"

    With a smile as Gabriel, gently hisfingers.

    ........................ The darkness of midnight, the collapse of the towers and walls, the edge is simply to see the end of the abyss, the tall Wim Parr castle.

    Of course, there is the sky burning black sun, this is Lauren deep unconscious after reverse invasion of realistic picture!

    It is a familiar sight. Slowly opened his eyes, stood up from the ground to the mouth brought a helpless Loren: why his heart is such a dream...... A tragic picture?

    The right hand holds a "heart" Lauren slowly forward, a bit towards the castle near the central, "Maizika" black and huge body covered half the castle, in the black sun shadow is ferocious and strange.

    It is a similar looking humanoid, or that ogre tree, huge trunk already corrupt, pus thick still epidermis broken down; leaves have withered, only broken trunks and rotten branches.

    On both sides of the tree like "body" deadwood, but did not support the huge trunk is still discharging; and under the canopy near the head position is three dilapidated and black hole, like being forced to drop out, into the "eyes" and "mouth".

    If you ignore the obvious parts of the mutation, "Maizika" is entirely a corrupt cloud was forcibly twisted on crown of a tree, near the ogre shape.

    "It is very ugly." The black wizard face more than a sneer of disdain: "I still think is what results, than a guy is disappointing!"

    Although his face a relaxed and enjoyable appearance, Lauren upper and lower body was already taut, cold sweat * * left hand held "bright silver" to the hilt, heart beats faster.

    No matter how the mouth looked down upon, confront an evil, he may not be a little bit to really have no -- the enemy and vampire or ogre mutated creatures, are different in essence!

    Only the large size, it has been difficult to really hurt it, even if they can use the "Turin fire" burned it onto the branches, I am afraid it is only hurt a little superficial, never really fatal.

    Twisted, horrible, hideous, disgusting, fear...... This is Mr. Rolon now feel emotional, even just looking at it, will make you from head to foot very uncomfortable.

    This is born of the gods have the face and the atmosphere of terror!

    Always in place of "Maizika" suddenly moves, sweaty limb support between the tower and the ruins of the wall, the huge body in the castle central constantly move, tattered empty like a dark abyss like staring lauren.

    "Stranger... Kill... Stranger... Kill him......"

    The tree holes come out as shrill wind like sound, burning in the Black Sun constantly echoed, seemed to blame the souls of the dead is crying, with hair standing on end.

    "Boom -!"

    Like the palm branches drop from the clouds without warning, stepping aside almost only half step Lauren was made into pieces, with "heart" to the body balance have not been blown out.

    "Kill him... Stranger... Kill... Stranger......"

    Jump to the ruins of the tower with the empty ears Loren howling sound, the small figure in the "Maizika" front is simply not worth mentioning.

    Not until he stood, Maizika once again issued a shrill cries, whistling wind, the remnants of the tower in the palm Maizika instant collapse, the fragmentation of the rubble of a shower has time to dodge the drop from the clouds!

    "Turin fire" --!

    Boiling the fireball into the sky, in the air around to splash a golden red fireworks burst, explosion of all the bricks melted, like rain falling from the sky!

    "Arm" lit Maizika howling, with fire again toward the Dark Wizard smashing down. Do not hesitate to hold immediately hide at a wall behind has not collapsed walls.

    "Boom -!"

    The vibrations of the earth along with the sound of the eardrum puncture, as if he had been crushed on the earth in a cloud of smoke, huge waves instantly destroyed him hiding in the wall.

    "Kill... Stranger... Kill him......"

    It is really a hothead ah, some pathetic Loren stood up from the rubble, Alice mouth looked still loud cries of the Maizika, the huge figure is slowly moving towards their.

    I'm afraid the ogre has come out, began to attack the night forest valley?

    In other words, you must as soon as the end of the battle...... In order to survive, Maizika certainly will fling caution to the winds the ogres surrounding the mobilization of the expedition over, how long.

    Go all out for kill this guy in the shortest time!

    "Kill the stranger... Kill... Stranger......"

    Mczka is just like suddenly wake up like, move faster than just much faster, just a moment will have positive to lauren.

    Scratch the scalp is debris ripped a hole, the right hair dyed dark red hair. Black haired wizard slowly raised his wand.

    "You know, the wand is called the" tree heart "- in fact, this name is very good, after all, the name of this kind of thing I do not very good."

    Moreover, it is the fool's work, also should take the power to the people...... Unfortunately, I begin to think it is a good name, result in the end is useless, it is regrettable."

    Stand in situ Lauren whisper murmur, he pulled out behind the "bright silver", it will be firmly fixed on the end of the wand -- in a wink, the original wand into a spear.

    "So I had to settle for second, the name will be used here." Hung gun head, gray and blue light as flames spit from silver blade, black haired wizard mouth revealing a smile:

    "It's called" dragon "!"
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