#62  is determined (below)

    "In Laurent Turin, a human wizard from the Duchy of Lothar, the Earl of Deepwood was sent here to the messenger, is here to assist you to resist the invasion of the ogre friend."

    Put on robes, Lauren foot trunk with "tree" wand, who is hunting beach, gathered from all sides to war dancers, hundreds of thousands of Douding eyes on him.

    Suspicion and confusion, shocked, surprised, don't trust...... Every kind of eyes, facing the first initiative to help them resist the ogre of humans, elves do not even know exactly what to think.

    The black wizards can aware of that, gather ourselves in the countless eyes -- these proud war dancers will according to their every action, every word, every look and look to judge, what is worth to trust them.

    "I believe that you must hear from the elders in the forest of Morningstar, why am I the human will appear here, and I what to do."

    At this moment, but hold a little nervous, can't even feel my heart in a violent tremor in the steady flow of blood, mental state is hitherto unknown clearer, sharper than usual.

    Calm and rational spirit, heal the restless heart, now own completely in peak condition.

    "But the fact is that I did not come to persuade people, there is no need for this because you have seen war dancers, ogre...... Exactly how the "cannibal"!

    No, not even in this, this just came to you than I know more about the ancient wooden forest human scary monsters, you most and they have a bloody fight!

    You have met with friends and relatives, fellow brothers and devoured, into the meat! Such a dreadful sight, you must have seen countless times, countless times also angry!

    After all...... After seeing them into the ogre in the mouth 'meal', who can be in a calm mood?

    So, I am not to persuade you to join me, I will give you a chance, an end to this disaster, and revenge!

    We will stay away from the tree wall to collapse a few decades ago evernight forest expedition. The only way to end this time ogre invasion, and let them lose the power of resistance!

    I can not hesitate to tell you, this is absolutely no return, perhaps the whole expedition of ten. There won't be a come back alive.

    We will encounter the ogre crazy resistance, because in this is their point, only their weaknesses!

    Lost "Maizika" the Cthulhu guidelines, the ogre is never lacking spirit of cooperation, to organize such a scale invasion, will not damage the tree wall!

    You might think I'm crazy, a man came to agitate the elves for him to die? No, of course not, because I know that behind the ancient wood forest, Lothar's duchy, human land.

    I do not want to live in the land I suffer the same disaster, absolutely don't want to; but more importantly, I know that I have the ability to end the invasion.

    So, I will not retreat!

    This was destined is a hopeless gamble, but still worth lives, try to get the not worth mentioning possible, because this is the only hope!

    I will not let go, even if only I a person to go to the night forest, I will never let go!

    But, I also know the presence of all who are burdened with too many responsibilities, so I can't get any one of you. This is a voluntary to participate in the expedition, I don't even guarantee that you can come back alive.

    If you have too much burden, then please leave; if you have relatives waiting for you back, then you stay; if you think I lie...... I don't feel any explanation.

    But if you think it is worth a try, you deserve to die, then please be prepared to sacrifice!

    Maybe most of the expedition bones will always in the tree outside the walls of starch, even by eating ogre, this is bound to happen.

    The only thing that I can assure you the hope: whether or not, as long as I'm alive never give up - I swear to you, as long as I have the last breath, the flame will ignite the whole night forest, it is the ancient wooden forest fire has never been!"

    The voice still echoes, Loren eyes overlooking the presence of war dancers, gently raised his right hand wand "heart", with all strength throw down, wand firmly fixed on the central ground under the tree.

    "If you really believe in front of the human, can bring you victory, bring you to end the invasion of hope, please trust my judgment, and then join the expedition, I will give you what you want!"

    The black wizard words did not fall, the pace of calm female spirits has gone from a dark elf warrior central squeezed out, do not hesitate to lift up his spear into the wand beside, also with a provocative look behind.

    Two dozen of Chen Xinglin's war dancers who have to go under the tree, his spear inserted in the mud.

    Soon, more and more war dancers come out this piece of "pike jungle" is more and more flourishing, soon more than one hundred root, and there continue to rise.

    There are a lot of hot blooded Elf Warrior came, but all was Luca stopped -- he knew this expedition how dangerous, can not let these young war dancers to die.

    Stand in the tree and the leader of war dancer Loren far tacit nodded, now the number has reached, even beyond his expected to continue to increase without any meaning.

    The expedition is not to stab the enemy is take cities and seize territory, it is the heart of the spear, hidden in the shadows of the sleeve sword, too bloated will only make the whole team difficult action.

    To have never had much experience involving command, one hundred war dancer is his limit, it can be absolutely such arms ordered, experienced and they can make up for their deficiencies.

    Across from the tree down in the battle Loren dancers, Leah unceremoniously came to his side. Look calm Loren from that face to face one by one sweep, try to remember their looks.

    Soon, they will be because of their own decisions, because of their own words to die. He didn't want to wait until the war dancers died in ogre even when Maizika hands, oneself are still not clear who it is.

    Loren also didn't want to come to this cold.

    "In any case, you are very grateful to join the expedition." Loren's voice is very slow, and her face was no longer a formulaic smile, every bit lines are extremely dignified.

    "You are willing to trust your life to me, that you have well prepared mind, then I will wholeheartedly trust you, will not have any concealment of the entire plan."

    The surrounding elves immediately with a serious face, gathered around Lauren listened carefully.

    "Our initial location in the tree wall cracks, where we will meet the first and the last one is the reinforcements, the wind Lin war dancers; they will launch a raid before we start, in order to protect us."

    "After that, we will be in the tree outside of the wall thirty days trek will encounter, no matter what the situation, you have to rely on."

    Loren slowly sigh: "our goal is only natural forest, it should be possible to avoid war and ogre; but if it is unavoidable in the case of the situation, we need to stand up for the victims of the expedition after...... If really can't avoid it."

    "I can be very cruel. In order to win, I will sacrifice any one of you without hesitation among." A sincere man, slowly stretched out his right hand.

    A thin, slender, full of scars...... The palm in the layers together, without the slightest confusion.

    In order to win "." Lauren looked at them.

    In order to win -- "!!!!"
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