#109 of the end of the road! (on)

    Compared with Eboden, Beijing Wen sewer to more narrow golaud, complex... More dark.

    This is the first idea for lauren.

    Feel the foot hard rock bump, the sight of the place is full of darkness; I can hear the sound is very complex -- a torrent of sewage, mice, cockroaches and various reptiles, along the pipeline of the wind......

    Of course, there are unbearable stench.

    Black haired wizard squinted his eyes to the dark in the sewer, the right hand fumbled uneven walls, tried in the noisy but dead environment can find a place to stay.

    In his head, the most elite hundred Empire watchman are around to kill yourself, there are hundreds of agents, plus numerous, from the chamber of Commerce, the nobility and the Church of the holy cross old killer.

    Half an empire... No, after the imperial trial should be all hate myself deep into.

    They must have found the summer twilight courtyard "change"... Sent after is granted; it came to this step, even if only in order to kill the watchman could not let go of their own.

    If exposed, the only end is suicidal.

    Intense darkness without light, icy, silent as night, dark......

    The darkness is everything to see in this sewer of my own.

    Really and "dumb and dream like.

    In the dark Lauren couldn't help chuckling, but still did not stop, where groping forward, any hesitation or back are deadly.

    He is not light nor the use of "firefly curse"... This dark place, a little extra sound and light source will expose their own position, will lead to bloodthirsty beast door.


    Right hand gently knock bright silver in the rock, leaving an imperceptible mark; Biluolun expected capital drain narrow and bumpy, apparently for a long time have not been repaired.

    Hard in the darkness of the shuttle, Edwards to map had been dark wizards even have personally destroyed, spiritual palace, memory beyond the ordinary wizard, can barely remember about the direction and position, of course can not be 100% sure.

    Every step, Loren have to go carefully, very carefully.


    Bright silver blade second knock on the wall, heavy rock, crash the quiet sound.

    Loren was deadpan, as if unaware that their hands error "".

    He should do now is to grab the vigil before being aware of, as soon as possible to escape from Wen golaud, everything else is secondary.

    The darkness does not feel the time, only by virtue of their own pace and distance to infer, should have been in the past about two hour.

    He had been walking for two minute, in other words... The rest of the way is There is not much left.

    Not far, soon.

    Imperceptibly, Loren has felt the palm is slippery, heartbeat is accelerated.

    Only the dark eyes, still as at the beginning of the general peace.

    To pass the end of the tunnel sewage stream of sound, it is proved that Lauren and not going in the wrong direction; water is increasing, and is already close at hand.

    Export is in sight.

    According to the map of the route, look back at the next corner and then turn right, and then go straight, finally left, can......

    "Root Infinit."

    As Gabriel is likely to mean to frighten him, suddenly appeared in the tiny head behind Loren, come from the shoulder.

    "Well?" Loren doubt snorted, but still faces forward, as if there is no attention behind him carrying a burden "".

    "Dear Loren, now you can not escape in the air." The young up the corners of the mouth, threw him in a puddle and jumped in the dark before the wizard, the light fell on the ground:

    "You find a secret base in the night watchman... Even the Mr. Edward, to remind you to do that."

    "Tell me."

    The black wizard unexpectedly did not refute, just shrugged eyes had calm indifference.

    Has white blonde hair boy handsome face showing a sly, red pupil Yingying flashing, a pair of very enjoy this "game" expression.

    "Mr. Edward gave you the map......" Aas Muriel's tone was slightly higher, the left hand behind the back, the index finger of the right hand in his cocked lips:

    "If he had known that he was being watched, why trouble will this important thing with me?"

    "Well... Perhaps it is because he is my friend, care about my life." Black haired wizard Staveley, like the same as Gabriel chatting with pleasure:

    "Provide escape routes to a friend in that this should be An important juncture of life and death, the normal way of thinking?"

    "Of course not......" As Gabriel grinned, denied the black wizard speculation: "language is a human invention of the most interesting puzzles, even the poor as Gabriel is happiness within!"

    "Mr. Edward, he is in the most critical moment will be sent to the hands of the map and the Loren, again and again remind my dear Loren don't believe him, warned Lauren don't let anybody know your escape route, best not to leave from the sewer......"

    "Why?" Junior high raised mouth, eyes flashing scarlet gloss:

    "He is hinting that dear Roland, he is trying to tell you... He found the secret base of the night watchman, in the imperial sewer!"


    "My dear ~ lauren......"

    As Gabriel pondering expression, like singing tone up:

    "I've never seen you so reckless, the Laurent Turin did not fully grasp as Gabriel impression, not easy to do it; will not have in the dead beat state, raided the watchman's headquarters!"

    "As Ariel, a bit like suddenly......"

    "Are you afraid of?"

    The black wizard suddenly turned to let the young froze on the spot, inadvertently eyes flashed a hint of fear, subconsciously dodged those calm up to kill heitong.

    "I... People... The... As Gabriel was not against Loren just revenge......"

    "Don't worry, I'm not crazy."

    Loren grinned, just a smile in the eyes of youth is hideous, almost mad.

    "On the contrary, I think this thing for a long time... Edward promised me from that moment, I will plan this." Loren's voice with a smile, the eyes are intended to kill:

    "I was very careful... Because the imperial Wizard of which there are many people who are loyal to the watchman and royalty; especially when the sky palace, Eyre Byrd, the cautious attitude to the Tarot too, let I suspect there may be good at eavesdropping and reading wizard!"

    "Imagine" investigation type of mental horizon "so unreasonable high order curse... Not impossible!"

    So, even I could not find you...... As Gabriel opened her mouth, but did not say what.

    Over the past few years he has hinted, stirred up, and even take the initiative to seduce temptation, can let Loren express his feelings and real crazy ambitious side.

    But when really see, but what seems to make him feel wrong......


    Just a second, refined and courteous boy revived a soft mouth, eyes flashing red.

    He raised a little white hands, gently hold the black wizard holding hilt's right hand, like the morning dew refined and courteous touch the flower, or the value of gold, thin porcelain.

    This time, the bright silver hilt didn't knock sewer walls, but Aas Muriel had already guessed.

    "You this way has been the base for, in the wall behind... Right?"


    "Ready to give Root Infinit a surprise?"

    "Otherwise?" Loren never like this moment like unsuspecting, calm and young looking at.

    "Let me take you directly next to ask...... I'm not crazy, but I won't let them -- Root Infinit this kind of person, he will not give anyone the opportunity to betray him, so he certainly There is not much left. people around."

    "I will give him a deep enough" impression "as much as possible, I will make him pay; if I fail... Well, dear as Ariel, you won't leave me right?"

    Voice down, eyes shining Loren youth; as it is slowly brought back Gabriel smile and nod, with hair standing on end, left behind, right hand raised -- standard noble salute action.

    "Come back early, I wish you a happy voyage."
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