#103 sympathy (on)

    In fact, before the moment to go out, Loren has betrayed Edward.

    Loren told his time is three days, but second days to the Countess of Sherlock a pedestrian on the left to return to.

    She didn't even notice Brandon a few days ago, ready for the carriage and luggage, is expected from a stone river way down, Ai Le Mans duchy, then directly from the nearest road to return, Byrne's blood red fort.

    The rise of the Turin family, is also the last territory.

    The purpose of the time difference is still lauren... The enemy never set the time and place of combat, which is the most basic reason; on the other side and start off guard time will be taken by surprise, to pre emptive.

    Of course, the opponent is the watchman, already do not expect to be proactive -- Root Infinit's desk must always have hundreds of copies of the program, even the summer twilight in the courtyard that cockroaches are his eyeliner, every step must be in his own are expected.

    But the more this time, more is to every step carefully... The watchman left less time, more opportunities for yourself.

    At dawn, dawn light, the entire empire was early in the morning mist;

    Four seasons green summer twilight courtyard, a delicate four wheeled carriage had stopped in the garden; eight armed Knight Sword standing around in the carriage.

    If a closer look, they can notice unusual and different guard silver breastplate and shoulder armor and dense rings woven into the armour, the lower body is countless fish scale like iron, steel and a condensing arm is the tasses casting, and the underlying substrate supporting cotton clothing, wrapped in blue color cloak.

    This has cast a technology, and be able to come armed in the whole empire is only one kind of people...... The Knights of Byrne.

    Of course, more prominent, and their hands nearly half the height of the knight sword can not shield armed assault on the battlefield, and waving his hands sword into the enemy front step battle, only Byrne knight.

    To shake sacland positive "black walls, only shouted the charge, waving a big sword Byrne knight.

    The carriage stood, and temporary rushed to Brandon and forced to Fitlona Dessalio; smiling prince his Highness The Countess of Sherlock standing in front of eyes with a pleasing.

    But the countess still did not give him a good face, it is quite a good impression of a few times did not meet princess Philippines Tero Nye, a few words two people chatted up, it is not the first formal meeting.

    "The Princess Royal, please give my apologies -- as the imperial vassal, but left without saying good-bye to your majesty, it is very regrettable."

    "Are you really worry, count." The Philippines Tero Nye rare smiled his demure smile, hands behind the back: "on your father or brother of my uncle, your brother and this is also for your peers; we do not entertain fear...... Beijing's recent turmoil, it is to let Byrne Turin family joke."

    "Where... In Wangcheng the queen to witness the imperial trial, to a worthwhile trip......"

    Two girls echoed each other, laughing and talking, let the next into the furnishings, totally not get it the prince his highness lips twitched, secretly tears.

    Why do they talk to yourself when you have never been so gentle......

    After a farewell, bowed the Countess of Sherlock finally boarded the carriage; with crisp hoofs, fluttering streamers to fade in the morning mist, finally no longer see traces.

    As for Lauren a pedestrian had boarded the carriage... Brandon and Torino family alliance is a private act, certainly cannot be the Philippines see sister-in-law Tero nye.

    "Sister and Sherlock get along well... Didn't think you two are so to talk to."

    Sitting in the carriage return sky palace, Brandon was "relieved" holding the shoulder, a very lucky face: "you are the character is so tough, I thought it would make up."

    "Do you mind how dangerous ah." The knight girl still face cold expressionless, not to regard it as right attitude towards Brandon:

    The other is the Turin family leader, and the brother is the same generation of...... Even if it is not, as an important vassal sacland Empire, respect and comfort are necessary... Otherwise, what control the Empire wild and intractable of Byrne?"

    "So go back? It is still early."

    Brandon hold the head, face to the Philippines Tero Nye intentionally: "do you want to go to the market to us to look at, or just taking advantage of it to go to Holy Cross Church to pray? I know it is not a good place to spend the night also......"

    A hand push has been on to the front of the face, the girl calmly dodged the knight and his Highness Prince harassment, said they do not intend to ignore his head on.

    "Turin laurent." Look at the pass, empty streets, the Philippines Tero Nye light.


    "Laurent Turin, he is not in the inside of the cab, nor in the return of the Sherlock Turin team." The girl's eyes flashed a knight imperceptible sharp:

    "Whether you give him what orders?"

    "Well... I don't know how to listen?" Brandon is still being stupid.

    "Brandon......" Fetter Lonnet's face showing a trace of intolerance -- Brandon the most difficult place, he is never directly told the truth... Even if it is already caught in the case, he can behave very sincerely as if everything is just an accident.

    In this case, the knight girls in the past few years have seen many times... But looked still scratching giggling brats, Philippines Tero Nye could not help but clenched fist.

    Why... Why you still can not help but want to help him?

    To become the thirteen generation successor brother, the supreme emperor's only Connaud, only he has the mind and play can become the successors of Empire, Empire dragon family and let sacland further!

    Fetter Lonnet never doubted that connaght can do this point in his rule, the old age of this country is doomed to be replaced by the governor system, the old age of glory will be ended, the birth will be of one mind, unite the emperor at the foot of the totalitarian empire, rather than divide and rule the lords!

    The connaght Brandon had not his blood, but he will be the biggest enemy.

    The face of giggling idiot eyes, still hidden belongs to his ambition... The thirteenth generation of the supreme emperor, must be on the bones of blood can go into the sky palace, with blood to wash his iron crown another Desaliang.

    I have decided to help one another, why would the Henbuxiaxin?

    The Philippines Tero Nye falls hanging first, such as flame like hair to see her face.

    "Night watchman, ready to start... Just today."

    Until this moment, Brandon's face was angry: "what?!"

    You really think that the Santa Croce church, a conservative aristocrat, and your brother connaght...... They will go to your victory?"

    Fetter Lonnet's face was cold, or had to make themselves look no feelings: "today... I have acquiesced, as long as can not be spread to the wizards, he would not interfere in this matter."

    "Hello, Tero Nye Philippines sister-in-law, you should not say......"

    "Turin laurent... He touched the bottom line of brother, almost let Santa Croce church reputation plummeted -- this is brother absolutely cannot accept the premise of maintaining the unity of the empire is the belief of unity, faith shock will cause divisions within the Empire, even if only a little, he is absolutely not allowed!"

    "Can, can throw a face in this is just the thing, but this?!"

    "In order to maintain the faith, he can tolerate the church in the Ailewang killed shihengbianye, can allow a honest talented wizard was burned at the stake because of what you think, just for the church's dissatisfaction?"

    Fetter Lonnet tough interrupted shocked Brandon: "riots or uprising or are from the beginning of every little bit...... Sparks of fire can start a prairie fire!"

    Voice down, a loud noise from the summer twilight came, in the courtyard!!!!
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