#91 apprentice (on)

    In the evening, the summer twilight courtyard.

    Standing in the hallway of the little wizard Loren look outside the eye, look bleak AI Yin did not speak, just shook his head, not to utter a single word.

    Well, what does not seem to have a miracle.

    This is not in the dark wizards even when contrary to expectation, the dead lussac guessed that there may be such an end.

    For a wizard, lost his mind is simply the most terrible things, this means that your consciousness in the void before the power will not have any protective measures, beyond common sense and understanding the forces will make themselves thoroughly into the world without end of chaos, and ultimately lose self, become out and out.

    This situation is not uncommon in the wizard, even more profound study of the void master, this situation is likely to trigger high.

    The increasing age, will make their physical endurance is getting worse;

    More and more rich experience that they cannot change more and more stubborn, accept new things, resulting in the "front can not understand the truth in the world without end chaos.

    Therefore, many wizards would rather let himself into a "Crazy", "the reason is not willing to lose".

    It sounds strange, but the actual practice is similar to "reshape the world outlook, outlook on life, values and methodology" process.

    If further simplified... Make a very appropriate analogy, is to establish their own inner "faith", as opposed to "confusion among the unreal cannot understand the truth".

    All the "faith" and self incompatible "chaos truth" will be rejected, and the acceptable part will hold as part of the "faith", build a new system of thought.

    When the "faith" system gradually perfect, means that a new theory will be born; by this step of the wizard if want to further research, it is necessary to break his own set of "faith", once again re build a new system "".

    So the reciprocating exploration, search for more knowledge in the confusion of the truth ", is a mystical wizard continuous research and learning process.

    Loren if not mistaken, Isaac's record should be...... Twenty-seven, this is just the number of his own admission.

    Mysticism is the cornerstone of all disciplines and wizards, center source theory and ideological system, is most likely to lead people into crazy discipline.

    Compared with alchemy were more important for practical use, establish a "belief system" are not very concerned about; like so far used little wizards, all theory and research system proposed by Isaac Grantham, Ai Yin's is the only perfect he conceived, and truly realize.

    Whether it is the earliest "bright silver", or later "blood agents" are so.

    Of course, even the alchemy of which will exist all the offbeat genius... Lussac Corvo is such a figure, to create a new theory, new research program, even at the expense of doing experiments in the patient, and Heathcote this big man who hughes......

    In his design of "belief system", regardless of the superior Empire chancellor or a plague of the poor, are just a bunch of data, a similar but completely different data, the meaning of their existence... It is proved by the experiment of his theory, and then the final results obtained.

    That's it。


    "I am master of lussac lab, his research data are finishing out."

    The little witch look very tangled, eyes mingled with a faint: "lussac corvo... He is a master of pharmacy is elusive, perhaps my life is not up to his height."

    Loren "can you imagine? Isaac's arrogant "blood medicine" creative, actually lussac ten years ago has been tested, and only a little bit to success; he also improved the imperial plague cure, the mortality rate down to only about 1/10."

    Black Witch eyes looked at the complex AI Yin, hesitated for a moment decided to keep silent.

    "But these... All trades with fresh life."

    Ayn gently opening eyes with a hint of fear: "I see... Those files... Each one, each one, are very detailed records of all the experimenter time physical changes and health status, time even accurate to within a quarter of an hour!"

    "I have done similar experiments... It is sometimes unavoidable, especially in the case of illness cannot be determined; but then detailed records are not serious in two words, I am afraid......"

    Sound suddenly, the little wizard suddenly looked up, blue eyes are full of fear of color:

    "What he had done, far than imagined crazy cross church!"

    Loren narrowed eyes.

    "I really don't want to see poilly Corvo lost his father, but now in retrospect these is simply unimaginable; Loren, I was really wrong......"

    If not finished, the little wizard was not react directly by Loren hold lips, his right arm pulled her to the front, the dark pupil and blue sapphire four back:

    "Hear clearly... Ayn, it's over, everything you do is truly good, didn't do what;"

    "Maybe lussac Corvo really do what heinous things, maybe he didn't... We are not omniscient and omnipotent existence, but not Croce, the truth is exactly what has no one knows."

    "The most important point... Lussac Corvo is dead, no matter what made mistakes, he has used his own life to make up for all this; we do not in order to save him, but save poilly Corvo, and the entire empire was implicated innocent wizards."

    "This is the real purpose of what we do, forever... Never sacrifice yourself to regret, understand?"

    A small smoked Red Wizard nodded, just gently "Melody", anxious busy Dodge's black eyes.

    A moment of peace, but not heard a little voice in the room. The black haired wizard look indifferent slight frown, subconsciously looked at the door.

    The door... It was locked?!

    Lauren complexion changes!


    A loud noise, without hesitation the black wizard broke the door, until the moment he saw the room, open the pupil suddenly shrink a little.

    The empty room, open the window, the messy everywhere......

    Saran Corvo had already disappeared, sitting on the bed is another guy.


    "Now I found you... You become dull, Laurent Turin."

    Cold night watchman slowly rise, the cold unfathomable eyes, hands with a sword sitting on the bed:

    "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

    Loren did not do, first stopped behind the little wizard, narrowed eyes: "I want to... I should not ask again "Saran Corvo where" the stupid thing, right?"

    "This is true." Edward slowly open, cold tone can not hear his voice: "but I can tell you... Let him come back to."

    "You watch people so love blackmail?" Loren sneered: "you don't really think I will obediently go with you?"

    "Of course not... I'm not threatening you mean." Cold night watchman shook his head: "but want to let you come to hold vigilance, this is probably the most simple and most direct methods."

    "I can tell you right now, where is Saran Corvo...... But this is not necessary, because when you come back, he has everything back safe and sound, summurset courtyard, and also be able to become a wizard."

    "You lie."

    "Why should I do that?" Edward's tone seems quite helpless, he rose slowly, the sword scabbard back: "I just want to tell you, this time he came to see you... With the sincerity."

    "Who?" Dark haired wizard deliberately asked.

    "Really want to make an unnecessary move?" Edward could not help but asked, still answer the question lauren:

    "Root Infinit!"
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