#86 the meaning of Justice (under)

    The pale little priest, breathing becomes more rapid.

    Steps ahead, he could not stand the people are shaking, shaking unconsciously: "no, not, not so......"

    "No... That is, is such a simple thing." Lauren's expression is calm, but the tone of the attitude and even allow all doubt on the throne as Victor Huges cumei:

    "Sir Webb... You just said that life is priceless, one person died and ten thousand people dead weight is equal on this point......"

    "I very much agree with!"

    Black Witch voice down, shuddered little priest suddenly looked up, eyes look to his old friend.

    The silence of the town hall, silver floor... Still extremely elegant and valuable.

    Elbert Tarlow sighed a heavy sigh, the judges still look very ugly church.

    The remaining few cabinet ministers have the same face color.

    Gloomy hall, oppressive atmosphere becomes more and more treacherous.

    "And I also believe that this is the same for the master of lussac corvo." Lauren eye: "because he has been to this point everything and even life, isn't it?"

    "In order to cure has never seen the plague, in order to promote the development of pharmaceutics... His money, he ignored the patient's death, his age is not forgotten in the guild within politics!"

    "In his eyes, those who live, and even his own life is not real" living beings ", but a cold data; for the soul in the plague and the experimental front, name and life all meaningless!"

    "Comfort patients, cry for patients broad-minded toward others... These may be a good doctor, but not enough to be born thousands and thousands of people to live in front of the miracle of the plague."

    "Only immediately for treatment of a patient, with hundreds of thousands of people can do the experiment!"


    The young monk who took a deep breath, pale: "in order to save, don't let tens of thousands of innocents die?!"

    "It is so... To save only the first." Loren suddenly stared: "only in so doing, to avoid more unnecessary death... This world every living life, so we are!"

    "How about the innocent dead?!"

    Remember them, for them to pray, honor their sacrifice... This is the only thing we can do for them."

    "This is the only?" The young monk who was startled.

    "This is the only!" Black Witch solemnly bowed his head: "that is cruel, but this is a fact... Without their sacrifice, we will never find the real cure problems, and may never be completely eradicate plague and the specter of death."

    "In order to let more people live, in order to let the Empire, sacland, and we can continue the human race... Sacrifice is always inevitable."

    "Heroic blood, the blood of the innocent, the victim's blood, the blood of grievances... The victim falls in the progress and development of a meeting in the same!"

    "Because our pharmacy, our medicine, our generation all living in the world of life... These are made of bleached bones!"

    Loren sighed, dark eyes also began to blush: "now the sacland Empire, now we are enjoying such a variety of alchemy, brought about by the development of pharmaceutics and even the entire wizard class benefits, but never thought of it all... Are established on the basis of sacrifice; all our achievements, is in exchange for the sacrifices!"

    "No sacrifice, no progress at all, no pains, no gains;" black haired wizard muttered: "everyone is aware of this truth, isn't it?"

    "That's why when the sacrifice of people into their own, into all your care, cherish all the time; usually enjoy the benefits you will suddenly turn the original behoove things... As someone else is wrong?"

    "I am why sacrifice?"

    "Why not he dead?"

    "Why is this cold-blooded monster and face alive?"

    "Let me tell you, Santa Croce church weber...... Kill those poor people not lussac Corvo is the world, that is, it still lags behind, still do not equal to anything but the sacland empire!"

    "Bless our soul of the Holy Cross maybe equal to anything can save, despicable, but weak, incompetent and ignorant, only our own!"

    Nonsense, "!!!!" A small piercing roar.

    "This is the evidence!" As the roaring Roland, red scrolls will hit in the small arms.

    "You can blame lussac's incompetence, you can blame the indifferent lussac you can blame lussac, snob, greedy, timid......"

    "But you have absolutely no qualification, accusing the life cost of pharmacy master, said he did not do!"

    "When you say these accusations, say these nonsense; the trouble is conscience, ask yourselves......"

    "He do things, you can do it?!"

    "You! Do! Well! To! ?!!!!"

    Hoarse roar, echoed over the dead hall.

    A death grip bloody hands, already face small priest Zhang mouth tears, did not say what.

    "When we say these things, about who to who wrong, dead lussac corvo." Black Witch bite a tooth, then look to the small every single word or phrase.

    To see the remains of conscience, and also for justice and ideals and tangled friends.

    Want to beat him, can not rely on force, power, violence and bribery.

    Of these, only let him thrives, keep on fighting... As for his defeat and pharnaces like, and use unscrupulous divisive tactics and price.

    For a justice to boast, for the ideal even dedicated moralist and fanatics, can beat him......

    Only his own perseverance, and the bottom line.

    "The master of the top pharmaceutical Empire, dead... But this time no one can save him, no one can give him 3/4, or even one percent chance of surviving."

    Said tough lauren:

    "No matter what we do, we are forever who went to a pharmacy empire may give hope to patients, to tens of thousands of masters... We are, we are all incompetent... Kill him."

    "If we want to punish him, the indifferent butcher executed, we have to do... Isn't it?"

    Tears is a small hard priest looked up, in the eyes of the tangle has gradually turned to despair.

    Without these nobles, the former cabinet ministers told himself, whether they make any decision......

    Small cleric Webb can really feel the pale cheeks became increasingly bleak.

    I lost.

    Thoroughly... Lost to Turin laurent.

    In a quiet voice to the crowd, small eyes staring at the priest shaking black haired wizard.

    As if nothing had happened.

    Two people... Still can understand each other's friends.

    As a friend... In order to win, I will give you a fatal blow... Loren stern, just look in more than a hint of other colors.

    "Webb, you do not have the last cards?" The black wizard lowered his voice, only 2 people can hear: "beat out... Otherwise, you will not be willing to, right?"

    The young monk who silently looked at him, seemed to do not understand why lauren.

    "We are friends, so I never have to strive for the ideal because you blame you." Faint smile on the face of the Loren: "but also... As a wizard, I will drive my last resort, the defeat you injured all over the body!"

    "The priest... Lord Webb, help me please!"

    Shuddered, surprised but calm little priest slowly turned around, look more firm:

    "Sir Victor Huges......"

    "I request the summoned the last witness, miss Lena Desaliang!"

    In the hall, the voice of an uproar!

    Loren slowly turned his head and looked across the numerous There were many discussions. Gentry; outside the gate, a black glasses appeared at the end of his line of sight.

    The girl still pushed his glasses, gave him a look of a contemptuous disregard.

    My arms tightly "arrogant" wand.
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