#83 at the end of the game (on)

    "Pan -! Pan -! Pan -!"

    A uniform ring from the town hall in the corner of the hall again, All seats are occupied. again quiet... Or, into a strange silence.

    Lussac Corvo is dead.

    Step expression is not natural cabinet ministers, each with a different, only the throne of Victor Huges remained impassive as ever, clinging to the arms code, passing from everyone's face with unemotional eyes.

    "Now...... Hearing!"

    Voice down, suddenly opened his eyes to see the small table at the end of the priest, was found on the opposite side of the black wizard also in staring at myself, also resolutely face.

    The battle started......

    The excited little priest to be calm, to inhibit the increasingly rapid heartbeat to calm down.

    The more this time, the more we can confound.

    Calm... Must be calm, hold hands have no cards, even if he really can get some evidence, it is impossible to change have been destined to the situation, this battle has already......

    "Lord Victor Huges."

    The opening of the Dark Wizard softly interrupted the thinking small priest, rose slowly indifferent look to the throne of the imperial chancery:

    "This is a trial... Originally should be to me for questioning lussac Corvo; but because of the reason as everyone knows, lussac Corvo has failed to appear in court."

    "So... Please allow me also the identity of the defender, the court made an exception generation for interrogation and self questioning that trial court!"

    In the hall, a silence.

    Cold Victor slowly raised eyebrows, as sharp as the arrow pointing eyes dark wizard:


    The wizard of the black bear be neither humble nor pushy nod, countless eyes, step by step toward the stand at the foot of the pace of adjustment; use your breath for the next part of my emotions.

    Three hundred in the imperial aristocracy;

    Five representatives of the Empire's main forces of the cabinet minister;

    They sit here is to hear a tragic figure, with his rich voice, affectionately complained to them?

    They want to hear, see, is a down, has been standing on the edge of the cliff on the dance of life and death, they pray for forgiveness to poor people?

    What is, let 300 egoistic, cling to power, worship money like his life, noble adulation...... Five and a lack of coordination, stick to your guns, opinionated and stubborn the cabinet minister, not to utter a single word to listen to your own voice?

    For... Is false.

    They all know what is the truth, they all know lussac Corvo is innocent, they all know this specious "imperial trial" is the last step in Santa Croce church imperial wizards cornered.

    But... They are not going to say.

    Or bribery, or benefits, or belief, or faith, or threat......

    Too many reasons, so that they can pretend to be poker-faced, absolutely ignorant of faces, like the rest of the two hundred and ninety-nine righteous hypocrite as sitting in their seats; waiting for the great majesty Eckhart II, made him wise and in line with the interests of three hundred barons.

    If so, then you have to do......

    Is to tear their hypocritical face.


    "Before the official start, please allow me to apologize to you for the next words."

    The black wizard's voice echoed in the hall, as quiet as water:

    "So... We can not continue to go on affectation now?

    Victor Huges suddenly stare big eyes!

    In the four hall in an uproar!

    "Lord Victor Huges, Loren he......"

    "I think all people here are very clear, so this case will evolve into an imperial trial... Not only because of the death of Lord Charnley Heathcote!"

    Cold words, Loren interrupted: "priest tried to stop his little things to this point, it is because lussac Corvo is also implicated in another case......"

    "That was fifteen years ago... A motion pharmacist guild."

    "That involves hundreds, even thousands of innocent people died of murder... Is the key you are here!"

    What does he want?!

    The priest stood amazed, terrified of watching the man have no scruples.

    The steps above, five cabinet ministers look even more wonderful than small... They guess already desperate Laurent Turin will fight to win or die but he did not expect, actually directly torn!

    Loren Dowling... He really knew what was doing?!

    Victor Huges has been on the throne if the surface ice, black eyes like a razor wizard pierced his chest, hands clenched into a fist to shiver violently.

    The eyes... As if whispering in his heart the deepest fear.

    Yes, you are not as you said like that just, you have your own selfish......

    Victor Huges... The Empire of the imperial Chancery, the most willing to be Santa Croce church use, open the absurd extreme imperial trial......

    Only to "revenge".

    Originally the dead town hall, noise are connected into pieces... If every noble has become a noble representative, the embodiment of justice, to make plans of Laurent in torino.

    Shivers beside Victor, Severin Dessalio look very subtle... From the beginning of the Dark Wizard extremely curious about military affairs minister, at this moment the same surprise to the extreme.

    He is really not believe that one can come back alive from the broken circle mountain fortress of people, even so there is no reason to make this kind of offend other people move.

    Unless it is... He has other plans......


    The priest small pale, he suddenly understood Lauren what you want to do, and quickly got up and said: "you hold things and the case has nothing to do, should be......"

    "You Turin laurent."

    Calm voice suddenly sounded, let the hubbub of the hall quieted; Victor sat side minister Metternich Leopold rose slowly, subtle eyes make people cannot read his expression.

    For a moment, all eyes are focused on the old man's body.

    "You're right."

    "This trial already is not a simple command, but......" The old man looked very cold: "want to prove your point of view, first of all to come up with evidence."

    "But not with your personal view, in the central Empire alarmist talk a lot of nonsense!"

    Black haired wizard nodded slightly, the mouth is still without any reservation of irony:

    "On this point... The church judge Tellus Lu complex adults isn't our most clear one?"


    Troels's ferocious expression to the extreme, evil seemed enough to kill it.

    "The priests, priests and believers...... The empire within every worshiping Croce people, all shouting a ferocious name."

    Hands behind the back of Roland, indifferent expression to the extreme:

    "In order to punish the vicious criminals, in order to make justice to the world, all religious people believe that Croce, justice and light are united."

    "These people are just killed, the Royal wizard College tutor;"

    "These people are shouting" Holy Cross "in the name of the senior pharmacist guild let death;"

    "There is no where a devout man denounced the ferocious gangsters, not tell the people around... He has done how terrible and unspeakable crimes?"

    "The dungeon in lussac Corvo, not only is the tragic death of Lord Heathcote Chan, as well as fifteen years ago... Because he died and thousands of innocent innocent!"

    "The name of the rescue, but secretly in civilian areas the extremely dangerous potion, so that the final tragic end... Yes, everything that Sir Heathcote Chan's death is so similar!"

    "Can also be seen from this incident, the top lussac Corvo pharmacy master, how inhumane, and even vicious vicious frenzied!"

    The black wizard's voice echoed in the hall, pursed lips:


    "Is it true?!"
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