#82 evidence (below)

    "He is here?"

    With his hands behind the church judge Troels Luf stared at the stand at the door of the royal bodyguard, cold tone.

    "Yes, Lord judge." The face is very ugly. "Sir, here is the palace, in accordance with the law of the empire......"

    I want to go!"


    "No but!" The church judges rudely interrupted allowing no explanation, ferocious eyes let the guards go, watched the cabinet minister in the temporary detention of criminals.

    Dark and narrow cells, tied to the chair of the juvenile grey eyes drooping head, full of blood, there are a few bruises on the cheek was an indifferent look as if he is not at the moment; trespass house sky was arrested, and was a senior restaurant cloakroom rest.

    "The road does, Wirtz's illegitimate child, bounded mountain fortress... For the most willing to juggle the dog."

    Cold voice let the grey pupil boy raised his head, but just shrug my shoulders.

    "What the hell are you doing?"

    The Church of the judges who color dark, overlooking was tied to the chair of the road: "stern covered all over with cuts and bruises took so much effort, to make a wizard can sneak into the house?"

    What you said, "what was found?"

    Roslyn up the corners of the mouth, dark blood let young face smile become warped.

    "Don't try my patience... Even if I am here to kill you, no one can say what." The church judge frowned, looked more sinister:

    "The royal bodyguard sky intrauterine 3000, all the Empire's elite... Your friends and how long do you think the wizard, and then they will be alive as his assassin assassinate and kill on the spot?!"

    "If so, why ask me?"

    Grey eyes young sneer, without the slightest tension on the face: "yes... The only reason you judge church adults here, that is until now you still do not know the wizard......"

    The voice halted, a powerful lightning withered hand grabbed the road stern neck, suddenly forced!

    Silver pupil suddenly stare big, strong sense of suffocation let Lusien blushed, open mouth is not always a tiny bit of air suction.

    "I warned you, don't try my patience......"

    The judge's right hand more church hard, eyes could not see a tiny bit of emotion: "I know from where you out... Not surprisingly, you already in the damn lab lussac!"

    "Loka......" Grey eyes juvenile body violent convulsions, the throat does not stop moaning sound came.

    "I think you don't have to get your hands dirty, but... I don't mind personally strangle you." The judge's tone more horror: "I'm not Innocent and that he loved the boy... I did not expect it, I personally killed."

    "Wegener... The wizard, Innocent the old things which have the guts to kill, I was under command... Personally killed him!"

    "The pharmacist guild, is my people... This group of believers on the day to send false!"

    "Sixty years ago, thousands of followers of Le Mans riots, a traitor was sent fire burned the bodies of the pillar, one after another, from Ai Le Mans to Wen Road endless golaud... So far! I have visible before the eyes!"

    "Today, the church, the innocent and pure... What was the trial sentence pseudo believers courage?!"


    "So now hear every word I say, or you will feel the enemy off and Santa Croce church!" The judge's right hand force, gray eyes have begun young pupil turned white:

    "Tell me, what is your plan?!"

    No other way does respond rudely pushed almost to the judge he fell to the ground; the young pupil gray trance Dakoutaikou panting, dramatic ups and downs of the chest and let him coughing, panting as if to lungs cough out.

    "Said!" A voice with a murderous look with hair standing on end:

    Tell me -- "!"

    The dying Roslyn head hanging in the chest, constantly loose shoulder also gradually calmed down, the bloody mouth once again brought a sneer:

    "Oh... Ha ha ha ha ha ha... Haha cough cough cough......"

    The indifference of the church judge pulled hair Lu Sien, forcing him to himself and looked at each other:

    "You still challenge my patience."

    "But you are deceiving yourself... Tellus Lu Fu adults."

    Grey eyes juvenile difficult breathing, his face still without the slightest fear: "from the start I seize the moment, you will really understand what this is all... Isn't it?"

    The judges look hard to see twisted.

    "What is that we can choose this way to throw the helve after the hatchet... Will the intelligence to Laurent Turin adults? Guess... Guess what?"

    Look, the dying young grey eyes are with the most weak tone, saying that the church was "Declaration of judges":


    "It is... Destined to evidence will let you fail!"


    "This, this is?!"

    The dark pupil shocking looking at the hands of the parchment, Loren's face was full of surprise: "where did you get these?!"

    The black haired wizard suddenly looked up and let the countess unconscious back half a step, a frightened look in the solemn and elegant face flashed, pretending not to care a HMF, slightly proud chin, exposing the white swan like slender neck:

    "You don't need to know."

    Froze for a second, come to understand the black eyed wizard hands parchment, thoughtful nodded.

    To get the important information of laboratory lussac at this time also, to the hands of their own people... In addition also has second AI Yin outside?

    In addition, there is another thing.

    After the start of the trial before the royal royal guards have cordoned off the entire sky palace... Although no doubt a good friend, but really want to hold out the little wizard, how did she do it?

    In addition, these data......

    Suddenly a bright eyes, dark haired wizard!

    I looked back, anxious to see Loren still standing on the side of the countess: "in addition to this, she ain... He also did not say anything else?!"

    A Dark Wizard is almost abruptly put the "she" to play back.

    Sherlock Turin eyebrow tiny Cu eyebrow, under the eye flow, and lips: "only one sentence."

    "Lussac corvo... Is not an ordinary agent and master alchemist, more than an ordinary doctor."

    The black wizard lifted his eyebrows and looked confused.

    This is not nonsense?

    No... Wait!!

    The man suddenly starts to be calm, take a deep breath, trembling hands tightly clutching the parchment scrolls not loosen.

    So that is what it is... I see!

    "What do you understand?" Still confused the countess was slightly raised eyebrows, some poor: "this information... Is the key?"

    "No... It is very important, even it can directly decide to the imperial trial!" Loren that tone: "we will win decisively --!"

    "Well... Yes, the Earl of Sherlock... Ain in now?"

    "I say, you don't know... It is best not to know." The countess's expression remained impassive, just slightly embarrassed: "remember... No matter where your friends are, can be in the sky palace!"

    "I see......"

    The hint of the Dark Wizard nodded slightly, mouth revealing a meaningful smile: "in any case, thank you very much for your help... In the future, we will also come back."

    "No, I will not give you the opportunity... Turin family descendants never owe the opportunity!"

    The arrogant cold to hum a, pace light turn back, leaving a Dark Wizard back: "I'm just in compliance with the covenant... Don't forget, don't get to the Royal wizard school, Turin family will never admit that you are the Lord Brandon."

    "Well, this nature."

    In addition, there is one thing."


    "Turin Laurent sir, please pay attention to your name and honorific." Said the countess coldly: "you should call me" Earl of Turin ", rather than Sherlock."

    "We are not so close!"
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